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Tales of Prayers, Repairs and i-Pods

We devote an enormous amount of time to simple maintenance. The house we live in always has something that needs fixing. If it’s not the plumbing,it’s the electricity. The shower door in the master bathroom needs rubber seals.I have ordered various sizes from an outfit in San Diego, each time with reassurance that this was […]

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The Name

Even now a year after Ariel’s death, I wake up every morning with a sense of disbelief. Is this my life? Did it really happen? My stomach clenches like a fist, and I have the urge to pull the covers over my head and just stay in bed–forever. I move through my morning rituals like […]

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Karen and I enjoy the coziness of our home. We keep odd hours, idiosyncratic schedules that invariably finds one of us wandering around the house at three, or four in the morning. So, it’s not easy for us to have guests, especially sleep-over guests on Shabbos. But when Yachad, an important Jewish organization which organizes […]

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Cardiac Event

Karen and I have learned to keep busy. Work, projects, errands, anything to keep the mind busy, to keep our thoughts racing along so we don’t have time to obsess over Ariel’s absence. I write my scripts in the morning. The afternoon is devoted to Seraphic Press, our new publishing company, established as a memorial […]

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Seraphic AA

Karen writes in her Shabbos note: I feel like I’ve been in a protective bubble all year. More recently, perhaps because I’m less distracted by work, or perhaps I’ve been protected because I needed to be gradually eased into the pain. But I am actually beginning to miss Ariel. Before, I felt his presence as […]

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Breathing More Efficiently

It is the middle of the night. I don’t know why, but suddenly I’m awake. Something has pulled me out of a deep slumber. I hear someone crying. Am I dreaming? No, no, it’s in my right ear. Sobbing. “Karen?” “Yes?” “What are you remembering about Ariel?” “I can’t remember what his running shoes looked […]

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