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Chai Lifeline Retreat Part I

The compassionate psychologist looks around the circle of men, wishes us a good Shabbos and suggests that we introduce ourselves and then say whatever it is we want to say. He nods to the man on his right to begin. I sit directly to the left of the psychologist, which means that I will be […]

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Words and Pictures

I apologize for not posting for so long. To all of you who have written asking if I’m okay, I thank you for your concern. The interval of silence has nothing to do with my state of mind, it’s just that there are a finite numbers of hours in a day. With the Chagim, the […]

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Every Succos, Ariel and I went together to the Young Israel of Century City to pick up our arba minim, the four species. For Ariel, I always ordered, Mehudar, the most expensive, for myself the moderately priced lulav and esrog sufficed. This year, I drove to shul, and stood in line. Ahead of me was […]

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