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Ariel Buys a Hat

Visiting Karen’s parents in Brooklyn was always a joy for Ariel. He loved sitting with his Saba, grandfather, and learning Torah. Being fed one delicious meal after another by his Savta, grandmother, invariably brought a smile to his lips. Ariel also enjoyed exploring Brooklyn, where Karen and I spent our youth. Bensonhurst, where Karen’s parents […]

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Meet Michal

As I have said before, some of our happiest, most satisfying moments are when readers write to us, telling us how they feel about my novel The Hebrew Kid and the Apache Maiden. A few days ago, I received an unusually articulate and moving letter from seventeen-year-old Michal Schick. Dear Robert Avrech, I read The […]

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It has been raining here in Los Angeles for two days. Sometimes, it turns into a torrential downpour. Houses are leaking all over the city. Cars are plowing into one another on the freeway. In the canyons, there are mudslides. There is flooding all over the Los Angeles basin. This is not a city that […]

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Rivka’s Review

As I’ve observed several times, our greatest joy is in hearing from young readers who have enjoyed The Hebrew Kid and the Apache Maiden. Of course, you say, what author does not enjoy good reviews? But there is something more going on here. Something much deeper. For when you read the book you’re also getting […]

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Seraphic Sniper

In this week’s issue of The Jewish Press, my opinion article, Jews and Guns, argues that observant Jews should be at the forefront of those who support the right to bear arms — the Second Amendment. As I explain in the article, this is a subject that Ariel ZT”L was interested in, and he started […]

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Four in the Morning

It is four in the morning and I cannot sleep. Four in the morning is the most terrible of times. It is no longer night, not yet morning. At four in the morning you are in a kind of limbo, still within sleep, yet groping towards consciousness. When I wake at four I sense the […]

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The True Answer

Karen and I receive, on a daily basis, many beautiful and deeply moving letters. The internet and e-mail have once again made us a nation of letter-writers and for this we are enriched and elevated. For a long time, our generation thought that writing letters was something people did back in the “olden days.” But […]

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Screenwriter Without a Screen

It’s odd, but I’m a screenwriter who no longer enjoys going to the movies. Once, it was the passion of my life. I cannot count the times I’ve seen The Seven Samuari. I cannot remember how often I’ve sat down and inhaled The Searchers. For the past few years, I can hardly bear to sit […]

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The Dream, The Walk, The Echo

As Ariel’s lungs worsened and breathing became more difficult, even with oxygen, Ariel developed a particular kind of walk, a shuffling gait that broke my heart. When I saw him from behind, he looked like an old man moving along at a snail’s pace. Occasionally, I dream about Ariel and this most distinctive walk. I […]

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To Blog or Not to Blog

Several of you who have been reading this blog/website/diary/confessional/whatever have asked me how it is done. I’m happy to tell you that enlightenment is on the way. If you are interested in blogging, and wondering how you can use your own blog to write about your life, your family, your work, even increase visibility of […]

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Not Shattering

Several days ago, Karen and I went to The Grove, a lovely outdoor shopping mall here in Los Angeles. We needed some dairy dishes and Crate and Barrel had what we were looking for. What sets The Grove apart from all other shopping malls is its quintessential art direction. Hollywood would be proud of this […]

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Sarah Reviews The Hebrew Kid

I love when people tell me how much they enjoy The Hebrew Kid and the Apache Maiden. But my greatest joy is reserved for the enthusiastic notices I get from children. I ran into Daniel P. Ben Zvi, Mediator and attorney, right before Chanukah in “613 The Mitzvah Store” a local Jewish bookstore here in […]

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Latkes Regained

Several years ago, when Ariel was healthy and home for Chanukah, he asked me to make latkes. We pulled a bunch of cookbooks off the shelves and looked through them. In truth, all the recipes were pretty much the same, but Ariel was details oriented and he studied the recipes with the same intensity that […]

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The Chinese Mitzvah

I was sure that it was a joke. One of those internet gags that spring up hourly on the web. The e-mail said: I am a Jew who lives in China and I just wanted to tell you how much Seraphic Secret means to me. Before hitting the delete button, something prompted me to read […]

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Speak, Memory

It is time for my annual physical, but because I am typically male I delay it for as long as possible. But Karen is on to my game and using her most insistent, yet soothing, Montessori-like tones, she gently calls and reminds me to go to the lab and get my blood drawn. Surrendering to […]

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Carefully, I tear off lengths of aluminum foil to line the mantle place. I try and do a neat job; preparing to perform a mitzvah–a commandment–is serious business. I trim corners and make sure edges align just so. There is a touch of the obsessive compulsive in how I go about this task–a bit like […]

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Drama on Pico

Walking along Pico Boulevard, a main thoroughfare here in Los Angeles, I recall the many times that Ariel and I used to walk this stretch together. It was not unusual for us to stop every two minutes to schmooze with friends. There were the people from shul, The Young Israel of Century City, students from […]

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Download The Hebrew Kid and the Apache Maiden

We have decided to post my novel on Seraphic Secret for those of who would like to read it online. You can download the entire novel if you want to. No filters. I’m doing this because I want to share The Hebrew Kid and the Apache Maiden with as many of my readers as possible, […]

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Another Seraphic Friend

Sara has been writing to me almost from the beginning of this website back in May. She too lost a child after a long illness and her incredibly powerful and articulate e-mails continue to strike a powerful chord. Those of us who have lost children live in a separate universe from the rest of mankind. […]

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Seraphic Front Page

Today’s (Decemeber 3, 2004) issue of The Jewish Press carries a front page follow up to my original article published on July 16, 2004, called “My Heart Unhinged.” The new essay is called, “To Repair an Unhinged Heart.” This feature is about Ariel, Seraphic Press, and The Hebrew Kid and the Apache Maiden. In essence […]

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