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Seraphic Baby

Several months ago, Karen and I attended a Shabbos retreat for grieving parents. The experience had such a profound effect on me that I wrote a three-part blog about it. I could have written more, much more. One of my most vivid memories was hearing a fine young father talking about the death of two […]

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Another nice mention of Seraphic Press and my novel in the fine Jewish literary website I have to thank my friend in Toronto, Pearl, for bringing it to my attention.

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Seraphic Aging Fast

This story just appeared in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. I know Penny Schwartz, the writer, she’s a lovely, smart woman who already wrote one story about Seraphic Press. Everything in the story is accurate except my age. I’m not fifty-seven years old. I’m fifty-four. But that’s okay, Karen says that when people see my picture […]

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I’m No Angel

I’m taking a break from work on my next book, The Hebrew Kid and Buffalo Bill. I’ve been up since four in the morning and now, a bit past noon, my brain feels empty–a useless blob of gray matter. I decide to keep myself busy by running some oh-so-necessary errands. My first stop is the […]

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People of the Book

I’m excited to announce that Miriam Shaviv is finally ready to launch the world’s first Jewish book blog, People of the Book. I am sure it’s going to be a valuable and genuinely fascinating blog. Contributers to the blog are: Miriam Shaviv, former literary editor of The Jerusalem Post. Paul Shaviv — Robert Avrech, publisher, […]

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Seraphic Glamour

The interview last night with Rabbi Daniel Lapin on his radio show was a delight. However, I’m always amazed at how many people are obsessed with Hollywood. I want to talk about The Hebrew Kid and the Apache Maiden. I want to talk about Seraphic Press and why Karen and I have established this publishing […]

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Rappin’ with Lapin

I will be appearing as a guest on Rabbi Daniel Lapin’s radio show this coming Sunday evening, at 8PM Pacific Time. You can tune in and listen right on your computer. I had breakfast with Rabbi Lapin earlier this week and thoroughly enjoyed every minute with this brilliant, articulate Rav and social thinker. Here is […]

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Ariel’s Rainbow

When I was growing up in Brooklyn, attending the Yeshiva of Flatbush, my best friend in grade school was David. Our friendship unusual. Where David was widely accepted as The Smartest Kid in School, I was perceived, as one of the Dumb Kids. What is now recognized as a crippling math disability was, at the […]

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The Hebrew Kid in Boston

This story recently appeared in the Boston Jewish Advocate. By Penny Schwartz, Advocate Staff The stuff of a Yeshiva boy’s dreams fills the novel, The Hebrew Kid and the Apache Maiden. Mention the wild west and most folks won’t free associate yeshiva bocher. That was before Hollywood screenwriter Robert J. Avrech took up pen and […]

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Seraphic Siblings

I just received this note from my young friend Michal. I have a strong feeling that in a few years Michal will be submitting work to Seraphic Press. Dear Mr. Avrech, How are you? I have a small story that I hope you will enjoy regarding your book. My oldest brother Yosef is 12, and […]

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Long Shabbos

It was a long and difficult Shabbos. Because I’m not feeling well, I’m in bed most of Shabbos drifting in and out of consciousness. I keep seeing Ariel. I hear his voice right in my ear. I remember how little he complained when he was suffering so horribly; and so I am filled with guilt […]

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Seraphic Widow

Leah, tragically widowed at a young age, is a book-lover who recently became aware of The Hebrew Kid and the Apache Maiden. In seeking information about my book, Leah discovered this blog and wrote me a touching note. In subsequent letters, we have discussed the differences and the similarities in the experience of losing a […]

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Ariel Goes to College…Or Not

Oxygen canister slung over my shoulder, Ariel and I wandered the UCLA campus. Home from Ner Yisroel because of the fibrosis in his lungs, Ariel had decided to take a few courses at UCLA in subjects that he couldn’t get at yeshiva. He signed up for Physics and American History: The Revolutionary Period. It was […]

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A pattern has emerged in mail that I receive from children who have read The Hebrew Kid and the Apache Maiden. The issue of trust, whom to trust and the consequences of trusting the right person, comes up over and over again. I have to admit, but as I was writing the book, it’s not […]

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The Last Video

A few days ago, Karen unearthed a video that was taken at Ariel’s bar mitzvah. I did not even remember that it existed. The video is dark and grainy, certainly not one of those slick jobs that are churned out by a whole industry of bar mitzvah auteurs. It seems that someone, a friend or […]

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A Tsunami of Emotions

Karen and I receive a good deal of mail from parents who have lost children. All the letters are gut-wrenching and beautiful. I wish I could print them all. Soon after we established Seraphic Press and this blog, a friend of Karen’s, Joyce Siegel Motechin, whom she had not seen in forty years, since they […]

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Ariel and Daf Yomi

In the summer of 2001, Rabbi Yosef Furman asked Ariel to take over his Shabbos Daf Yomi, Daily Talmud class, here in Los Angeles. Rabbi Furman was on vacation for a few weeks. Initially, Ariel hesitated; modest to the core, he did not believe that he was learned enough to teach Gemara to a group […]

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Sammy Gets an A

The only subject I excelled in when I was in grade school was English. I actually looked forward to reading a book and then writing a report. My love for books and stories was formed at a young age. I can still remember the excitement I felt when I opened a new Hardy Boys volume, […]

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Seraphic Radio

Last night I was a guest on the Zev Brenner Radio Show that broadcasts in New York and Florida, though it can also be picked up on the internet, I forgot to blog about about this and let Seraphic Secret readers know in advance. Oops. This is what happens when I end up multi-tasking, […]

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