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Simple & Seraphic

A few hours after I posted War and Lunch I received a lovely and generous note from A Simple Jew, complimenting me on the post, urging me to keep blogging, and drawing my attention to this recent article which I find indescribably moving.

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War and Lunch

Karen and I are invited to a Shabbos lunch at one of our closest friends in Beverly Hills. Present are three couples from our shul. We are all Orthodox, we are all reasonably successful professionals, all thoughtful and decent people. Of course, as it always will, conversation invariably turns to Israel, to the most recent […]

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A Silence Broken

In Israel, during the 1950’s, a lovely young Jewish woman and her boyfriend slung their backpacks over their shoulders and headed out for a hike in the rugged Judaen Hills. They never came back. The young lovers were murdered by Arab terrorists. The brother of the young woman was an Israeli soldier. But he was […]

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Seraphic Rachelle

Writing about Ariel zt”l brings me into contact with people from all over the world. Most wrenching is when Karen and I hear from other parents who have lost children. Some parents write to us privately, sharing their memories in profound and moving detail. Others want the Seraphic Press audience to meet their children here […]

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Me and the WWW’s

I am standing in the lobby of the Museum of Tolerance. Rabbi Berel Wein’s film The Story of Maimonides has just had its West Coast premiere. I wrote the script. This is a fund raiser for Maalot, the new college for orthodox women here in Los Angeles. I spent a great deal of time researching […]

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Uncomfortable Calculus

There is a lovely article about Seraphic Press and The Hebrew Kid in the

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Ariel and I used to talk about language, words; the way thoughts are formed by common usage. As it says in Proverbs: Life and death lie in the power of the tongue. Have you noticed that there are no terrorists in the world anymore? Ariel and I marveled at the mindset that commonly refers to […]

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Sunday Signing

I have been invited by the Conference for Jewish Literature for Children to sign copies of my book this coming Sunday, February 20 at Sinai Temple, 10400 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. It promises to be a thought provoking day featuring smart people from the publishing world in group and panel […]

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Something Happens

It hits us without any warning. Karen and I are sitting on the couch in our bedroom watching a DVD together. We are enjoying ourselves. The house is alive with the more sounds than is usual. Karen’s parents are visiting from Brooklyn and are staying in one of the downstairs bedrooms Offspring #3 is on […]

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Celia is Concentrating

My novel, The Hebrew Kid and the Apache Maiden, has finally been reviewed in a magazine that is devoted to the Wild West. Round Up Magazine is one of the premiere western literary publications in America. They devote a good deal of space to fiction and it’s a pleasure to receive such a nice notice […]

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My Best Shot

Last night, I gave a lecture to the West Los Angeles Chapter of the National Rifle Association. I was nervous before the speech. I mean, if you bomb at the NRA, what are the consequences? But I gave it my best shot, and I was told that I did a bang-up job. (You can all […]

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So, I’m sitting in a meeting at a cable network. I have been hired to write a movie about a famous conservative radio talk show host. It’s a no-brainer for the network. They see huge ratings; they see tons of publicity. I’m a safe choice as a writer because I’ve won an Emmy Award, so […]

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