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Today I was invited Maimonides Academy, here in Los Angeles, to visit one of their classes and talk about The Hebrew Kid and the Apache Maiden. It was a sixth grade class, boys and girls, and every one of the children had read, no devoured, the book. I was nervous, not knowing how a group […]

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It is a travesty that Terry Schiavo’s husband, Michael, is her legal guardian. He lives with another woman, by whom he has two children. That this man has the final say in Terry’s life is nothing short of a crime. That his word is sacrosanct as to her final wishes is simply wrong. Why does […]

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The Masks of Purim

I cannot get the image of Terry Schiavo’s parents out of my mind. There they are, pleading that their daughter’s life be saved. And yet, the “progressive” elements of our society are arrayed against them. On Purim, children put on masks so they can hide their true faces and play at being somebody else. Those […]

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I have been tagged by my friend Jackie D. Usually, I spend hours, days, weeks agonizing over questions like these, but the internet moves at warp speed, and so I’ll just let rip. You’re stuck inside Farnheit 451, which book do you want to be? Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I read this novel […]

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Seraphic Sharers

I received several e-mails, concerning my last post, Seraphic Snapshots. One of Ariel’s best friends pointed out that in fact there are three young men from Ariel’s high school graduating class who are not married. Not just one, as I wrote. “I hope this makes you feel better,” he added. I did not mean to […]

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Seraphic Snapshots

After Shabbos, Karen and I go to the L’chaim for one of Ariel’s best friends. As we are driving, Karen says to me, “What do you think the kallah will look like?”“Um, well, she’ll definitely be of the female variety.”“I think she’ll be tall, blond and very pretty.”Karen has radar for this sort of thing. […]

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Drama, Comedy, Noir

Okey-dokey. Another Shabbos is almost here and afterwards some of you may want to sit back, relax, and watch a movie. Problem is, so many films on the New Release shelves of your local Blockbuster are just plain wretched. So I’m here, once again, to perform a mitzvah. This week I’m just going to recommend […]

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Time, Time, Time

Ariel’s best friend has stayed in touch, remained close with us. He let us know when he was engaged. And then he brought his fiance to meet us. Karen and I attended his sheva b’rachos. Last week he and his wife had a baby girl. I think that he knows that he’s become an important […]

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Questions From the Arab World

This is big. The chief of the Israeli intelligence services just gave a press conference for Arab reporters. Read it and draw your own conclusions. But one thing is clear to me: Israel is doing everything it can to strengthen the hand of Abu Mazen. They want to see this man succeed. No question about […]

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The Torturous Truth

“Outsourcing Torture!” That’s the shocked language being used by the morally confused elite who write for the NY and LA Times. By the way, Karen and I had a long talk over Shabbos and decided that “politically correct” is far too mild a description for these people. We have settled on “morally confused” instead. If […]

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Five Seraphic Movies

Several Seraphic readers are planning on kicking back this weekend and renting some films. I have received several requests for my recommendations. So, here’s my list of some of my all time favorite films. They are also totally kosher and appropriate. I admit that they are all a bit old, but you don’t need me […]

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Seraphic Rules of Screenwriting Part II

Gee willikers, how was I to know there are so many aspiring screenwriters out there. Hey, guys, you’re supposed to be learning Talmud in the Beis Midrash, not dreaming up Gwyneth Paltrow’s next project. Ladies, you’re supposed to be slaving away at three jobs in order to support your husband’s learning in Kollel. From the […]

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Seraphic Rules of Screenwriting Part I

I get a lot of mail from readers asking me about writing. More specifically, how do I go about writing a movie? The temptation is to respond with some pat answer, but I know that there are people out there with a burning desire to tell a story, yet lack the basic skills required to […]

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Jewish Librarians Go West

Seraphic Press is, by any standards, a pretty small, modest company, but one with BIG ideas. I stay up half the night dreaming up books, magazines and DVD’s that I’d like to publish. Before I know it Karen and I, in my fevered imagination, are running a vast and influential publishing empire. I try to […]

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Shrinking Tide

Yesterday, I heard from a mother who lost her only son under incredibly tragic circumstances. Sudden death is an entirely different experience than the slow wasting away that Karen and I endured with Ariel ZT”L. This woman, lovely and literate, told me that faith and belief in HaShem does not sustain her. She no longer […]

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Extreme Lebanon

So everyone’s getting all hot and bothered about Syria. The NY Times breathlessly reports that the Saudis, geographical freaks by any standard, have advised the “President” of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, to withdraw his troops from Lebanon. The subtitle proclaims: Arab nations back west. My Jewish friends are feeling all smug and self-righteous. Finally, the world […]

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The Death of Life

WARNING: This post contains a spoiler about the film Million Dollar Baby. Skip it if you have not seen the film and do not want to know the plot. I was not surprised that Million Dollar Baby garnered so many Oscars. By any definition, Hollywood is a liberal town and Million Dollar Baby addresses one […]

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