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Seraphic Rabbi, Seraphic Reader

She has the face of a young beauty from 17th century Flemish portraits. Alabaster skin, cheekbones sharp as snow plows, eyes shaped like almonds, the vivid color of chipped glass. She is staring at me, whispering to her female companion. Or am I imagining all this? A moment later, nervous as a bird, she approaches […]

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The Shame of the Presbyterian Church

The Presbyterian Church (USA) is planning a divestment from businesses that invest in Israel. Jewish groups have tried to talk with them, but to no avail. The divestment move is picking up steam. Let’s take a look at the world. In the Sudan there is wholesale slaughter against the blacks of Darfur by Muslim Arabs. […]

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Seraphic Blogs

The blogosphere is wonderful. It provides me with a peek into the lives of people who would otherwise remain a mystery. Most interesting and most touching are the blogs of Hasidic and Hardedi Jews who don’t quite fit in to their communities. Yingele describes his life appropriately as: Jewish + eighteen = problems. His posts […]

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Seraphic Name

How to describe our Passovers seders? Lovely but incomplete. Joyous, but tinged with melancholy. Karen gave a moving d’var Torah about the origin of Ariel’s name. The Ariel was the altar in the Temple where sacrifices were offered. Ariel also means Lion of God, or Great Lion. When we first named Ariel, some members of […]

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Not So Seraphic Passover

Performing the B’dekat Chametz, seeking out the last of the unleavened bread, we turn out all the lights and conduct our search by candle light. The guttering flame creates a wonderful and mysterious atmosphere. We step into Ariel’s ZT”L, room, unchanged since he died, and sweep up a piece of bread that sits on his […]

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Seraphic Seat (less)

I love my Eames chair. I love it so much that I have three of them. The Eames chair and matching ottoman is the most beautiful and comfortable chair ever designed. It is also indestructable. Well, it used to be — until the lunatics on the left got into the act. Allow me to explain […]

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Seraphic Presence

There are moments in life that at the time do not seem all that important. But as you look back on them, even years later, these simple moments take on an importance out of all proportion to their real-life signifigance. A few years ago, Ariel was home from Ner Yisroel for Pesach. From my office, […]

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Seraphic Tapestry

Karen and I often think about the manner in which children have died and how it affects the parents. There is the child who is sick, you spend weeks, months, years by his side, and in a sense prepare yourself for the worst. Others parents are woken in the middle of the night by a […]

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Hezbollah Drones On

There are many cogent arguments for proceeding with the withdrawal from Gaza. Unfortunately, none of them take into account the Arab view. For a taste of what’s coming, I refer you to recent statements by senior Hamas official Mahmoud a-Zahar. He told the British Times that, “If Israel pulls out of Gaza, it will rerpresent […]

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Seraphic Nechama Liba

Several months ago, Karen and I attended a Shabbos for grieving parents. There I met Glen Holman whose story of the life and death of his daughter Nechama Liba Z”L, brought me to tears on more than one occassion. It’s odd, several times I tried writing about Glen and his wife and Nechama, but each […]

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Seraphic Sleep(less)

It is 2:30 AM, and I cannot sleep because Karen is dreaming of Ariel; she moans in her sleep from wounds that will never heal. Three times before we went to bed, Karen, with tears slipping from her eyes, said to me: “Where is he? Where is Ariel?” Of course I had no answer and […]

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Another Child

Here’s a blog by another father who lost a child. His daughter was killed while serving in the National Guard. Deeply moving.

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A Book, a Song, and Two Blogs

For the past few days I’ve been reading a fascinating book, Generation Kill, by Rolling Stone journalist Evan Wright. About the Iraqui war, this book stands out from so many others because of the writer’s ability to understand and bond with the soldiers he’s with. Wright was embedded with the Marines of First Recon, an […]

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Seraphic Champions

Congratulations to the YULA (Yeshiva University High School Los Angeles) boys for winning the Red Sarachek Basketball Tournament. By now everyone in the Yeshiva high school world takes it for granted that YULA boys are a powerhouse basktball school. What’s not as well known is that the YULA girls are also a supremely talented team. […]

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Lozen Lives

Sunday: Karen and I are at the Jewish Community Library of Los Angeles so I can read and sign my novel, The Hebrew Kid and the Apache Maiden. At one point, Sylvia Lowe, the gracious librarian, tells me that there is someone who wants to meet me. I look across the room and spot the […]

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Karen: Reality Surrenders

Karen Comments: Robert speaks of a new level of consciousness, an awareness. I think of the opposite, a loss of awareness, a need to keep thoughts quashed, away from consciousness. This is the only way, I, a person who has always prided herself on assessing, looking at the big picture, being lucid and clear of […]

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Ordinary Days

It was a grim Shabbos. Saturday April 2, was Ariel’s English birthday. He was born in 1981. All day long, Karen and I glanced at one another, sharing this knowledge, this intimate moment in time that no one else appeared to recall. And if they did remember, they felt too awkward to saying anything to […]

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A Wife, A Gun, and Tokyo

It’s Friday, time for some movie recommendations. As always, my list is made up of films you can and should rent. I guarantee that these movies are ten times better than what’s playing in your local theatre. These films are also completely kosher and appropriate for even the most religious households. My Favorite Wife, 1940, […]

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