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Seraphic Question

Liberals and Muslim spokesmen never tire in telling us that the Islamic terrorists who are bent on the destruction of American democracy are not true Muslims. That in fact, they have “hijacked Islam” and perverted its true message. So here’s my question: if these people are not true Muslims why are we giving them copies […]

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Seraphic Shabbos

Every Shabbos, Karen and I take a walk after lunch. We walk and talk, talk and walk. It’s a chance for a mini-date for busy people with busy lives. This past Shabbos, we went over to visit friends visiting from Efrat. The wife is in LA to donate a kidney to her brother. Karen embraces […]

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The So-called Liberal Mind

In today’s NY Times, Thomas Friedman claims that he’s not squeamish about the war on terror, yet he wants President Bush to close down Guantanamo because our allies are horrified by prisoner and “Koran abuse.” This from a liberal who, no doubt, just kvelled over Andres Serranaos’ “artwork” in which a crucifix was immersed in […]

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The Book of Ariel

For the past year-and-a-half Karen and I have been writing and editing a book of memories and tributes about Ariel. This week we finally delivered the galleys to our printer. We will be distributing The Book of Ariel on Sunday, June 19 at the “Ariel Avrech Yahrzeit Lecture”, being delivered by Rabbi David Fohrman at […]

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The Truth About Lies

One of the more insidious tactics used by the Arabs in their slow motion effort to destroy Israel is lying about history, Jewish history specifically. Since the Jewish claim to Israel is based on historical fact, the Arabs have mounted an assault on truth itself–an old and trust-worthy tactic used by generations of anti-Semites. For […]

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Mainstream Barbarians

Mrs. Bush is visiting the Kotel, the Western Wall. She rests her face against the smooth stones, closes her eyes and whispers a quiet prayer. Her religious reverie is abruptly brought to a halt by cries of, “You don’t belong here! Go away! Torah! Torah! Torah!” Security tightens because the mob of excitable, chanting Jews […]

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Seraphic Caps

People have been asking me for the longest time, Robert, how do you write a movie? How do you sign with a powerful agent? How do you write a novel? How do you make it in Hollywood? Well, my answer is simple: I wear my official Seraphic Press baseball cap. Yup, wear our cap and […]

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Seraphic Anniversary

Last night I was hit with one of my periodic migraines. This was a particularly bad one that literally brought me to my knees. When I’m in this state, something happens to my brain. I’m no longer a rational human being, but a collection of nerve endings just firing off one after the other. I […]

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Seraphic Search

Tomorrow, May 20th, marks the first anniversary of Seraphic Secret. Karen and I are searching for the right words to express what we feel. Sometimes language collapses under the weight of obligations and feelings.

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The Religion of Peace

Yesterday, Dennis Prager did the world a huge favor by broadcasting the sermon of Sheik Ibrahim Mudeiris, one of the most influential Palestinian Imams. The sermon was broadcast over the PA’s official TV station. The sermon is a diatribe calling for the desruction of all Jews. The world has not heard words like this since, […]

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Blow Dried Sedition

It is common wisdom in the Arab world, fostered by state-controlled newspapers, that the Mossad were responsible for 9-11, and that every Jew in the Twin Towers had advance warning of the atrocity and thus escaped harm. It is understood in the Arab world, again fostered by newspapers and by the Imams who preach in […]

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Someone Lied, People Died

The first thing that crossed my mind when I read the Newsweek story about dastardly American interrogators flushing a Koran down the toilet in order to rattle terrorist prisoners was: get me that toilet! I mean, I live in Los Angeles where the Roto-Rooter man is practically a member of our family. You see here […]

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Seraphic Deena

A child dies and parents are left with a pain so vast that language collapses. What to do? What can the parents do to honor and preserve the memory of their child? The Deena Motechin Jacobs Gemilas Chesed Fund was established in June 1999 in memory of Deena Motechin Jacobs, Z”L, a young bride and […]

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Pravda Lives!

The New York Times does not object to rape. On Wednesday May 11, the NY Times ran this story: “AIDS Now Compels Africa to Challenge Widows’ Cleansing.” The story, dateline Malawi, a hellhole in central Africa, details the vile practice, widespread in several African nations, of Widow Cleansing. This evil custom compels the male relatives […]

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Seraphic Sounds Part II

As a follow up to my blog about the music we listen to, let me add two wonderful CD’s by the Yeshiva of Flatbush HS Choir: Nashir B’ron, and Triumph of the Spirit. Both discs are stunning choral works with songs that cover a wide range of emotional notes. There are lovely ballads, and rockin’ […]

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Seraphic Confirmation

I have not written about the UN for one simple reason: I believe it is a gallery of rogues, a forum where corrupt sheiks and the most noxious humans rights violators on the face of this earth are given legitimacy. Kofi Annan and his son should be jailed for flagrant corruption. The oil-for food scandal […]

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Seraphic Sounds

Music. I only seriously started listening to Jewish music when Ariel ZT”L, and the girls started making us aware of the great variety that is now available. For years I stuck mainly to classical music: Mozart, Bach, you know, the usual suspects. And oh yes, my very favorite Rock group The Feelies, an obscure band […]

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Seraphic Quote

Karen writes: A few months ago, the New York Times printed an article on the Op/Ed page written by the Israeli novelist, Aharon Appelfeld. Although the quote below refers to survivors of the Holocaust, it summarizes the pull and tug, the dialectic, the inner battles and ensuing guilt that occurs in every moment of mindfulness. […]

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I am (Also) Charlotte Simmons

It’s a real treat when you sit down to read a book and it absolutely rivets you, draws you into its world–and refuses to let you go. So much contemporary writing is positively anemic, devoid of plot, and contemtuous of drawing an accurate portrait of society. The writing workshops in our universities bear much of […]

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Seraphic Hadassah

The May issue of Hadassah Magazine has a short article about Seraphic Press by the fine journalist Sarah Bronson. I love this modest piece because Libby Goldberg, a most attentive Editor, chose to run one of my favorite pictures of me with Ariel. Unfortunately, you can’t read the article on-line. But here’s a composite I […]

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