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How Not to Pray

The continuing narrative of how I fell in love with my wife. How I Married Karen — Chapter 5 The year 1967 was the last time I saw Karen. Every once in a while I would spot her at a Yeshiva league basketball game, or in the local pizza shop. Once we all graduated high […]

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Ariel’s Seraphic School Friends

Posted by Ari Z. Miller: “You can go in.” With these four words I traveled back two years in time. I was visiting the home of Ariel’s parents, Robert and Karen Avrech, with my friend Yehudah Kaplan and his brother Mordechai. I had not been in the house since the shiva and found myself looking […]

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Song for Ariel

One of Ariel’s favorite CD’s was “Biglal Avos”, by brothers Eitan andShlomo Katz. During Ariel’s last year of life, Eitan paid a visit toour home and gave Ariel a private concert. Ariel sang alone and smiledthe entire time. A few weeks after Ariel passed away, Eitan sent me aCD with a song he wrote in […]

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Seraphic Secret to Marriage Part II

Karen writes: I don’t want to mislead anyone into thinking that couples have to share identical interests. That is impossibe, it is a question of balance, and of mutual respect. There is a huge difference between an interest and a passion that is all-consuming and eats into the time that your share with your spouse. […]

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Seraphic Dictionary

Karen’s hand seeks mine under the table. Our fingers entwine and we hold on for dear life. So tight do we hold on to one another that the tips of our fingers turn white as parchment. It’s Friday night and we’re having Shabbos dinner at one of our best friend’s homes. One of the other […]

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Seraphic Secret to Marriage

The other day, I was asked why my marriage to Karen is so good. Immediately, I answered: “Because I’m smart enough to know that Karen is smarter than me, and I act accordingly.” Karen adds: I could write a book on this probably, but Robert asked me to comment. I will quote Rabbi Fohrman, who […]

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Doing What They Do… So Very Well

Good news! the Israeli government and the PA have found something they can agree and cooperate on. Whoopee! I’m just ecstatic. Get this: Israel, at the behest of the PA, is going to blow up all the buildings they vacate in Gaza. Now that’s what I call progress. But wait, this is, well, curious. I […]

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Seraphic Shiva Call

When Karen and I started Seraphic Secret, our single thought was that this blog would serve as a public voice allowing us to reflect on the life of our beloved son, Ariel Chaim. But human nature and the web have a way of altering plans. Soon, I found myself writing about my novel, The Hebrew […]

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Second Annual Ariel Avrech Memorial Lecture

Today was the Second Annual Ariel Avrech Memorial Lecture. Rabbi David Fohrman used the story of Joseph and his brothers to explore the notion of forgiveness; The question he posed was whether forgiveness is possible when someone has done something absolutely horrible to you. How can you forgive an egregious injustice? He essentially proved that […]

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Seraphic Encounter

The continuing story of the author’s love for his wife, Karen. It began when the author was nine-years old, in the fourth grade in Yeshiva Flatbush. It’s a long story and this series will continue for, well, until I finish telling the tale. How I Married Karen — Chapter 4 The basketball game was over. […]

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Seraphic (Pity) Dance

The saga continues. How I Married Karen — Chapter 3 Karen’s POV: A sociological comment first. Modern Orthodoxy was very different in the 50’s and 60’s. Our culture was more innocent, hence, the barrier between the general society and our own did not have to be as high. At least that is my theory. Boy/girl […]

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Seraphic Dance

The continuing saga of my lifelong relationship with Karen. Well, actually, to be brutally honest, it wasn’t really a relationship until many years after we first met. It’s along story. Hence this series. How I Married Karen — Chapter 2 It is as if I have put my hand into a live socket and a […]

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Seraphic Shavuos

No time to write about the next great milestone in my romance with Karen now. That will have to wait a few days. We’re madly getting ready for Shavuos. Karen’s sister and her husband have just come on from NY and the house is just bursting with guests and energy. Karen and I shop for […]

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The Rabbi’s Seraphic Daughter

In which the author, a nine-year old dork, catches sight of the new girl in school and is instantly smitten. Thus begins a love, an obsession, that defines the writer’s life. How I Married Karen—Chapter 1 She crosses my vision like a moon, nothing seems to touch her. The new girl has thick black hair; […]

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Seraphic Revenge

It is years later. I am a college student, home for winter vacation. I am running some errands for my mother on Avenue J when I see a familiar figure trudging down the street carrying some grocery bags. I walk up to the old man and offer to help him. He squints at me, grunts […]

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Seraphic School Days or The Sadist of Yeshiva Flatbush

How I Married Karen—Introduction Here’s the year that made me who I am. Fourth grade, Yeshiva of Flatbush.` I spent most of my time trying to avoid any contact with the sadistic founder of the school, Joel Braverman. But there was no way of avoiding his surprise visits to the classroom. Unannounced, JB would step […]

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Seraphic Courage

I often wonder how it is that Ariel was able to endure so much pain and discomfort, for so many years with such–there is no other word–courage. Yesterday, I spent several hours in the Cedars Sinai Cancer Center visiting a friend who is undergoing chemotherapy. It was hard sitting there. Everywhere I turned was a […]

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Seraphic Grave

Yesterday, Karen and I visited Ariel’s kever. We go about once a month. Karen spritzes the matzevah with liquid soap; she meticulously wipes the headstone clean of dirt and grime. We pray and cry and hold one another. A voice inside my head reminds me that we are forever without Ariel. Forever is a long […]

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Seraphic Bookplates

Seraphic Press book designer Robert Lanphear called me up a few months ago and asked me about Seraphic Bookplates. You will notice that we are both named Robert. Which makes for some hilarious conversations. “What about them?” I asked“You’re a publisher, right Robert?”“Well, Robert, yes, yes we are.”“Publishers have personal bookplates for their books, Robert.”“I […]

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But…well… uh…um…

Tom Cruise is spending a great deal of time and energy speaking out about his devotion to Katie Holmes (no problem) and Scientology (problem). And not necessarily in that order. In fact, his mouthing off about Scientology is proving a bit awkward for the studios. Recently, in an interview with the German magazine Der Spiegel, […]

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