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War is not a Parlor Game

Karen and I are gathering our thoughts and memories for the next chapters of How I Married Karen, which should also be titled How I Married Robert. In the meantime, I’d like Seraphic Secret readers to read the words of a truly wise man. Victor Davis Hanson knows more about the rise and fall of […]

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What is Art?

The continuing saga of my loooong love affair with Karen. Actually, it wasn’t really, technically, a love affair. It was more like, um, me pining for someone who didn’t even know that I existed. It was sad. No, it was downright pathetic. How I Married Karen — Chapter 15 Robert skipped ahead in our courtship, […]

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Karen: Seraphic Samurai

The Gentle Tale of Robert-san, the Poor but Honorable Peasant Warrior and his Desperate Gonin Onna, Loving Love, for the Proud but Lonely Princess Karen, the Jewish/Samurai Lady from the Clan of Singer who Possess much Ying-Yang-Yichus. How I Married Karen — Chapter 14 A clarification. This was not our next date. In fact, this […]

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Not So Seraphic Sweden

In which the Author Recounts the Saga of how He, An Awkward Jewish Lad, Fell in Love with Karen, The Fair Jewish Lady, at age nine, and Though She Knew Not That He was Alive, the Author Surrendered Not and Strange as it Seems, the Author Met The Lady Again Under Most Extraordinary Circumstances and […]

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Migraine Date

The continuing story of how I fell in love with my wife at age nine and, well, did not give up until Karen, so to speak, gave in. How I Married Karen — Chapter 12 Karen and I are sitting in my apartment. We’re talking. And talking. I’m about to leave for Sweden in a […]

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Seraphic Shakespearean Urges

The romantic saga of how I fell head-over-heels in love with Karen. Here, the aftermath of our very first date. It took but sixteen years from the moment I fell in love with Karen to get a first date. I am, if anything, patient. How I Married Karen — Chapter 11 I take Karen back […]

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Seraphic First Date

The continuing saga of how Robert fell in love with Karen when he was nine-years old, stayed in love with her throughout high school, college, and post college. In this, our latest installment, Robert is finally going out with Karen on a first date. How I Married Karen — Chapter 10 The Lovely Girl From […]

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The Truth About Suicide Bombers

Karen and I are furiously working on our First Date blog. In a stroke of unexpected luck, Karen actually unearthed her calendar for the month we met and started dating. We have discovered that there is much that has been forgotten, and there is much that has been revealed by Karen’s cryptic notations in her […]

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David Margolis Z”L

My friend David Margolis (Dovid Yoel ben Shia Halevi v’Mirel) passed away Sunday night at 11:30 PM Jerusalem time. May his memory be a blessing. I met David and his wife Judith when we moved to Los Angeles in 1984. Our friendship continued through their aliyah to Eretz Yisroel. I sent an early draft of […]

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Seraphic Knife Rebbe II

Yesterday, I wrote about my Mississippi friend Billy “Pup” Cochran and his wonderful site, Vintage Knives. But after publishing my post and looking at Billy’s site once again, I realized that I completely overlooked the most vital aspect of Billy’s enterprise: Its heart and soul. There’s a great moment in Citizen Kane where Joseph Cotten […]

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Seraphic Knife Rebbe

Choose from a wide selection of knives at Nashville Knife Shop or make your own. Straight razors also. I’m taking a short break from How I Married Karen. Believe it or not, dredging up all these wonderful old memories can be stressful. As Karen has rightly pointed out, it is a way of removing ourselves […]

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Sunday Afternoon Around the Corner from the Park with Robert

The continuing saga of how I met, fell in love, and pursued, pursued, pursued—you get the idea—Karen until, well, it’s a megillah. How I Married Karen — Chapter 9 The scene thus far: Karen is on the couch being interrogated by my mother, AH. My father is pacing, jingling the change in his pocket, an […]

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Karen’s View From the Couch

The continuing story of Robert’s mad love for Karen. It started out in fourth grade at the Yeshiva of Flatbush, when Robert first laid eyes on Karen. Can a 9-year old dweeb really fall in love, and stay in love, pursue said love object? Read the series and find out. How I Married Karen — […]

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Karen Meets the Parents—Way Too Early

Our continuing series that tells the painful, humorous, often deeply weird, and other times simply unbelievable story of my lifelong love for Karen. How I Married Karen — Chapter 7 I have been in love with Karen since fourth grade. I have finally run into her at a Jewish street festival on the Upper West […]

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Second Yartzeit

I stand in shul reciting the Kaddish. I praise and sanctify the name of G-d. My voice is one among many mourners. Am I really saying Kaddish for my son? Is Ariel really dead? The moment is so difficult to process. Maybe if I just stop mourning and go home I’ll find Ariel in his […]

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Seraphic Blogosphere

There’s a wonderful article in World Jewish Digest by Seraphic Friend, Sarah Bronson. She writes about Jewish blogs and has some nice things to say about Seraphic Secret. Thank you, Sarah. Sarah also mentions a few other terrific blogs which I regularly read: Renegade Rebbetzin is a particular favorite of mine. My mother, AH, was […]

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Karen’s Side of the Street Festival

Robert didn’t find me, because as I’ve mentioned before, I avoided the mixer madness in front of the shul, and escaped to the rear exit. No meat market for me. The next day, I was stuck in my broiling apartment writing a final term paper and getting nowhere. Another thing that was going nowhere was […]

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Seraphic Street Festival

The continuing story, actually it’s an old fashioned romantic saga, of how I fell in love with my wife. How I Married Karen — Chapter 6 I am ashamed to admit that I do very little davening, praying, the Shabbos I spot Karen in the women’s section. Her hair is not covered, a sure sign […]

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The Book of Ariel

Because so many requests have come in asking how to get hold of The Book of Ariel, Karen and I have decided to sell a limited number through Seraphic Secret. We only printed 500 books and so we don’t have many copies to sell. The book is printed on heavy gloss paper, interspersed with vellum […]

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