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The Honest War Blogger

In every war that America has ever fought there have always been journalists reporting from the front lines. Until now. Mainstream journalists seem to think that the front line is wherever Cindy Sheehan plants her lawn chair, and explains the war with such nuggets as: “This country is not worth dying for,” and “We’re fighting […]

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No Diamond Ring!?

It started when I was in fourth grade at Yeshiva Flatbush. Karen transferred from Yeshiva Ohel Moshe and it was her first day in school. I laid eyes on her and WHAP! That was it. The course of my life was forever changed. Okay, ten years old. What can a pisher like that know of […]

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Seraphic Rules

We’ve just had a chance to catch up on most of the comments for the past few days and we’ve had to do something we’ve never done before: censor comments. Not for content, but for language. Bad words. Shame on you, and you know who you are. Karen and I are instituting two Seraphic Rules–only […]

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Not Popping the Question

The continuing saga of how Robert fell in love with Karen at the tender age of nine, stayed in love, and Karen had no idea until many years later and you know, sometimes miracles happen. How I Married Karen — Chapter 23 How do I ask Karen to marry me? We have been going out […]

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Hollywood Republicans, Sshh…

Interesting article about being GASP! Republican in politically correct Hollywood in this week’s Jewish Press.

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Plan 9 From Bensonhurst

The saga of how I met, fell in love and pursued Karen for many, many years. All this before she even knew that I existed. How I Married Karen — Chapter 22 “Well you see, Rabbi and Mrs. Singer, I flushed the toilet and it kind of overflowed and your basement bathroom is flooded and […]

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Wake. Breathe. Repeat.

I’ve never been a strong faster. I get migraines and lack of food is a sure way of getting a heinous headache. Yesterday, T’sha B’av, was no exception. But with Ariel gone, I tend to obsess on the past. Some days I can close the various drawers in my chest. On holidays, they spring open […]

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Seraphic Evenings with Robert & Karen

I will continue my tale of washroom woes after the fast. Sorry, but I really need to recharge my batteries. Meanwhile, I’m writing The Hebrew Kid and Wyatt Earp . Five pages a day. It’s executing beautifully. Originally, I was writing The Hebrew Kid and Buffalo Bill and it was like pulling teeth. I could […]

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Flushing in Brooklyn

The continuing saga of Robert and Karen and Karen and Robert and how Robert fell in love with Karen in fourth grade and Karen had absolutely no idea and they exchanged barely ten words until—okay, it’s a long story. How I Married Karen — Chapter 21 Into the Succah walks Karen’s mother. I do a […]

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Seraphic Psycho

The continuing story of Karen and Robert. In this installment, Robert reveals that his love for Karen was so obsessive that the word obsessive actually does not do justice to his somewhat loony actions. As will be seen, Robert was doing Ben Stiller before Ben Stiller was doing Ben Stiller. How I Married Karen — […]

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Robert Enters the Closet

The continuing story of Robert and Karen’s long courtship. It started in fourth grade—actually it only started for Robert. Karen was completely unaware of any relationship. She only caught on, oh, let’s see, about sixteen years later. How I Married Karen — Chapter 19 We can’t put it off any longer. Karen and I have […]

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Seraphic Loyalty

After our post yesterday, Karen and I talk. Karen: Didn’t you sense my possessiveness?Robert: No, I never understood it that way. I saw you as someone rightly asking for loyalty. And that’s what marriage is about: loyalty.Karen: Oh.Robert: Without loyalty we’re no better than animals. I tell Karen that I love her, that I hope […]

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Robert first laid eyes on Karen when they were both nine-years-old, 4th graders in Yeshiva of Flatbush grade school. Thus began a love affair that defined and continues to define Robert’s existence. This series tells the story of… How I Married Karen — Chapter 18 It’s the middle of the night. Karen and I have […]

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How to Lose (Not so Seraphic) Friends

The saga of Robert and Karen’s life-long courtship continues. This chapter veers off into the often dangerous territory of friends and how they relate to the primary love relationship. How I Married Karen — Chapter 17 He is dirty. He chain-smokes and smells like an ash tray. His clothing has not been washed in a […]

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Seraphic Obsession Meets DePalma’s Obsession

The continuing saga of Robert and Karen’s looooooong relationship, that became a romance when childhood obsessions finally matured into love. How I Married Karen — Chapter 16 Karen and I are watching Brian De Palma’s Obsession and I’m thinking to myself, I’d give anything to work with De Palma, give most anything to write a […]

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