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Deep Contrast

For Shabbos, I’d like you all to read my friend Rabbi Berel Wein’s illuminating article Saturday Night Live. Here he contrasts two rallies: a so-called peace rally in Jerusalem, with by the usual suspects, Jews entirely estranged from Judaism and from the very land they inhabit. And in deep contrast, selichos, Lamentations, in shul, synagogue. […]

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The Arab Heart of Darkness

In yesterday’s Wall street Journal the great Arab scholar Fouad Ajami dissects the thundering silence in the Arab world as one act of terror after another takes place in Iraq. The lack of values in the Arab world is stunning. But I, a Jew didn’t say it, read on and weep for civilization and the […]

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Required Reading

Many thanks to Jake Novak for bringing Letter to a Palestinian Neighbor, by Yossi Klein Halevi to my attention. I have to admit that I’m a bit stunned that Halevi had to go through this whole “spiritual journey” to come to what to me are kind of obvious conclusions about the Palestinians. Anybody with a […]

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Interviewed, Sort Of

I’ve had a cold the past few days and then yesterday I got hit with category five migraine. Not a good time to have an hour long radio interview, but I made a promise to the Mike Rosen Show in Denver and I just sat down at my desk and kind of toughed my way […]

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New Album

The other day, after hours and hours of writing, I stepped into the house for a break. There was a knock at the door and hermit that I am I peeked through the wooden slats. Who can that be in the middle of the afternoon? I worried. I breathed a sigh of relief and opened […]

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Seraphic Nanny

“Why is it raining!?” Yesterday morning, as I was getting ready to drive Offspring #3 to school, she looked out the window and demanded an answer to her question. Actually, she wasn’t really asking a question, she was just letting me know that she was annoyed with the weather. Afterall, this is California and it […]

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Emmy Night

How did I spend Emmy night? I was watching a DVD of the towering mini-series, Lonesome Dove. It is a great movie and I fear that that we will not see a film like this in a very long time.

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Migdal David

This book is the hardest thing I’m ever going to write. And it’s funny, because it shouldn’t be. My brother Dovid’s story should leap from my fingertips onto the page. It should be the easiest, most natural thing in the world to tell his tale, his life and how it’s affected mine. Because Dovid’s story is so much a part of my story and completely intertwined in what I’m all about.

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Permission to Marry Karen

The continuing saga of of Robert’s lifelong love affair with Karen. How I Married Karen — Chapter 25 I know that I have to do this. I know because, well, because I’ve seen it in the movies. You go into your fiance’s father’s book-lined study and you say, “Sir, I’m in love with your daughter […]

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Seraphic Replay

The weekend replay schedule for my radio interview is here:

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Seraphic Radio Interview

After my article, Help! I’m a Hollywood Republican, was published in The Jewish Press two weeks ago, I was besieged by dozens of phone calls, hundreds of e-mails and numerous requests for various interviews. Just a few days ago, I finally finished answering every single letter that was written to me in response to the […]

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Seraphic Nose Job(s)

“Rachel (not her real name) looks great doesn’t she?”“Well of course she had her nose done.” It is Shabbos afternoon. Lunch at the Avrech home. Offspring #3 has three friends over for the Shabbos meal, and so counting Karen and OS #3 there are 5 girls and one male — me. There are moments in […]

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Of all the horrendous scenes from Hurricane Katrina that Karen and I have watched, the single image that has sent us reeling is of a middle aged daughter dragging the corpse of her father on an inflatable mattress; he is tightly, lovingly wrapped in white sheets. The dutiful daughter, eyes downcast, explains to the newscaster: […]

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