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Cathy Goes Public

For three years now, a close friend has been fighting lung cancer. She’s a well known journalist here in Los Angeles and has not gone public with her illness. Until now. Cathy Siepp has gone public. Cathy and her daughter Maia have had a Shabbos meal here at Casa Avrech and they shared a Passover […]

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Leaving Brooklyn, Meet Goatboy, Larry Elder

I love a good sign and what could be more approriate than this sign posted on the Williamsburg Bridge. Before the holidays Seraphic Friend Lisa sent us a present of the soap she and her family manufacture. She explained that her son Bobby was having severe allergic reaction to regular soaps and so Lisa started […]

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Have Shabbos Will Travel

Confession: the holidays are torture. Succos is supposed to be, z’man simchatanu, the time of our rejoicing. But we miss Ariel so much that joy is like a far shore. I sit in shul and watch the other men with their sons and I want to flee. Davening, praying, is a challenge, well, it’s always […]

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Bulgarian Mossad Agents!

Five Bulgarian Nurses and a Palestinian doctor working in Libya are on trial for their lives, accused of infecting children with the AIDS virus. Of the 380 children that are infected, 47 have died. The nurses and the doctor initially confessed to the charges but later claimed police extracted their confessions with torture including beatings […]

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Succos Present, Succos Past

Building the Succah is supposed to be a joyous labor, but I have to confess that for me it’s simply an emotional minefield. The year before Ariel died, his best friends from his high school, Yeshiva Gedolah of Los Angeles, came over to our house. They brought soda and pizza and they all sat in […]

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When I was seven years old my parents sent me to Camp Massad, a sleep-a-way camp. I was incredibly homesick. I was lucky though, I had the world’s most wonderful counselor: Shlomo Riskin. He was about 17 years old then, and he comforted me and took me under his wing. We have been friends ever […]

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Hebrew Kid Gets an Award

We’ve just been informed that The Hebrew Kid and the Apache Maiden is a Finalist in the USA Book News Awards, Young Adult Fiction category.

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Liberty in Hollywood

The winds of change are blowing through Hollywood. The voices of sanity are being raised in the creative community. I’d like all my readers to be aware of the Liberty Film Festival. This article gives just a brief rundown on the events but you should go to the home page and definitely buy tickets. I […]

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Seraphic New Year

Yesterday, Karen took Offspring #3 to Loehmann’s. While in the dressing room they called Offspring #2 who was, at that very moment, telepathically, in the NY branch of Loehmann’s. Totally unplanned, mind you. So when my girlses (not a mistake) shop it’s a communal affair with lots of give and take and laughter. It’s a […]

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