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Negative on the Negatives

It started when I was in fourth grade at Yeshiva Flatbush. Karen had just transferred from Yeshiva Ohel Moshe and it was her first day in school. I laid eyes on her and WHAP! That was it. The course of my life was forever changed. I was just nine-years old. What can a pisher like […]

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Munkatch 1933

Take a look at this video of Munkatch, Hungary, 1933. Look at your Jewish ancestors, how they lived and married and danced before the Holocaust. I watched this footage over and over again and found that the tears were just dripping from my eyes. A vanished world. A lovely and meaningful Shabbos to all our […]

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Who is Sylvia?

Here’s what my Nanny, Chana Gittel, taught me about America: that we as Jews are blessed to be in this country and we should be forever grateful to this great country. She taught me that ingratitute is profoundly wrong. When I was a child in Brooklyn, our family would gather together on Thanksgiving and led […]

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Stanley Kubrick Plans Our Wedding

The story of how I fell in love with Karen in fourth grade, held on to that love through grade school, high school, college, post college, and then at age 25, met her at a Jewish street Festival and a year later we were wed. How I Married Karen — Chapter 27 The time has […]

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Brooklyn Was Murder

Seraphic Secret friend, Neil Kleid is coming out with Brownsville, a powerful and original graphic novel. Neil has been working on this book for three years. Here’s some information from the publisher, NBM. BROWNSVILLE HC(Mature Themes)HC,6×9, 200pgs, B&WSRP: $18.95Diamond Order Code: DEC053126by Neil Kleid & Jake Allen Written by Xeric Award winner Neil Kleid. In […]

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Action, Adventure, Romance

On Sunday, November 13, Karen and I drove to San Diego for the Jewish Book Festival. When we arrived we were told by the organizers that they were going to try something new this year: the young adult authors were not going to make their presentation to general audiences, instead they were going to be […]

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I’m Ba-ack

I flew in late last night from my New York mini-book tour. I don’t have time to write about it now, I have to get ready for Shabbos. But it was an amazing experience and I’ll blog about it first thing next week. In the meantime, I’d like to draw your attention to journalist Michael […]

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I’m just back from the San Diego Jewish Book Festival and packing to leave for the JCC of Rockland County Jewish Book Festival, in NY. I’ll be back at the end of the week when I’ll write about both events. Until then, I won’t be able to blog because I won’t have a computer with […]

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My (Very Long) List of Sins

It started when I was in fourth grade at Yeshiva Flatbush. Karen transferred from Yeshiva Ohel Moshe and it was her first day in school. I laid eyes on her and WHAP! That was it. The course of my life was forever changed. Okay, ten years old. What can a pisher like that know of […]

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Double Feature

Believe me when I tell you that the Israeli film, Walk on Water, has all the ingredients for a film that I should absolutely hate: a guilt-ridden Mossad agent, “good Germans” and, well, I don’t want to spoil the story and give away too much but this picture has several other liberal cultural reference points […]

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On the Road

As you probably know, books do not just sell themselves. The days when authors sent in their manuscripts, then sat back and watched the publicity department do its work are long gone. And a good thing it is. For who better to sell a book than the author? True, some writers are uncomfortable in the […]

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Charles the Hammer, Chirac the Croissant

Normally, I’d just link to an article, but Mark Steyn’s take on what’s going on in France is so on-target that I’ve just cut and pasted the whole thing. I have just learned that the Muslim rioters have set fires in The Marais, the Jewish Quarter of Paris. The riots have spread to Belgium, and […]

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France: Ooo La La

Last night, clueless NBC anchor Brain Williams informed his viewers that: “French youth are rioting for the eighth night in a row.” French youth. I actually laughed out loud. If you go out and ask any of these French youth who they are, not one of them will identify themselves as French. In fact, they […]

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Liberty Redux

Here’s a complete review of the Liberty Film Festival. I wish I could have seen all of the films but unfortunately much of the festival took place over the Jewish holidays. I will make sure to get hold of the discs and screen them myself.

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The Liberty Film Festival

On the first night of the film festival, as David Horowitz was delivering opening comments, two tyrants of the left rushed the stage yelling: “You have no right to speak!” I wasn’t there for the opening night was on Shabbos, but I spoke to several people who were, read several blogs and am quite sure […]

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