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Pioneer Jewish Photographers

The book was carelessly shtupped in the “just returned” shelf. I was browsing this shelf in my local library when the title caught my eye: Documentors of the Dream: Pioneer Jewish Photographers in the Land of Israel 1890-1933. I checked it out, expecting the usual photos of Christian holy places, Arabs on camels–G-d I hate […]

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Hollywood Republican Redux

Now that we’re at the end of the year, and because Seraphic Secret is not such a secret anymore, here is my article, Help, I’m a Hollywood Republican, which was originally published by The Jewish Press. Happy New Year. Happy Chanukah. A meaningful and lovely Shabbos to all.

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Idiot’s Guide to Victimhood

Dr. Sanity brings you her Idiot’s Guide to Victimhood. The Palestinians have obviously read this essay and absorbed it thoroughly. Yup, their ability not to take any responsibility for anything is just awesome. The Arabs are the luckiest people on the earth. Their enemies are Jews. Imagine if the Palis were facing oh, say, the […]

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Iwo Jima… Today

Thanks so much to Little Green Footballs. This is what would happen if today’s media were covering the Battle of Iwo Jima.

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Dershowitz’s Piece of Peace

The Case for Peace: How The Arab-Israeli Conflict Can Be Resolved by Alan Dershowitz. John Wiley & Sons Hardcover $22.95 The day this book arrived in my mail box a homicide bomber murdered five Jews in Hadera, Israel. The day this book arrived in my mail box the President of Iran informed the world that […]

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We’re Baaaaaack!

Okay, the software problems have finally been fixed. Thanks to my good friend Jackie Danicki for taking time out of her incredibly busy schedule to dig into the guts of Seraphic Secret and unearth the code glitches. Thanks to all our readers who kept writing in and telling us how much they missed our postings. […]

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Our deepest regrets and apologies. Movable Type is having a major technical meltdown. We thought we had the problem solved; alas, it persists. In the meantime, Karen and I want to take what little space we have to wish our Jewish readers a happy and meaningful Chanukah. To our Christian readers we wish you a […]

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No Comment

Dear Readers, Please be advised that due to technical difficulties you are getting a weird message when you try to view comments. We are working around the clock to try to fix the problem.

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Journalistic Grunt

Here’s an interview with Robert Kaplan, author of the invaluable Imperial Grunts. Thanks so much to Steve Finefrock for sending it to me. Kaplan is one of the few working journalists who actually bothers to live with our soldiers, and not in four star hotels. He knows them intimately. He loves them; hence he gets […]

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Seraphic Thanks

Want to thank an American soldier? Here’s how to do do it. I urge all my readers to take a moment and send a note to a soldier overseas. It’s hard work being a soldier. It’s mostly really boring downtime punctuated by moments of gut churning fear. It helps to know that the folks back […]

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Just Because

Karen and I have written about Ariel and what it feels like to lose a child. Many of our readers and commenters have also lost children. This post comes from that superb military blog The Mudville Gazette, from a father who lost a son in Iraq. He lost Mike, Just Because…

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We All Have the Stupids II

Karen writes: The back story of the original idea of the AIDS T-shirt is more interesting than the lunacy of those who posed with the final version. It turns out that the people who are willing to proclaim that they “All Have AIDS”, aren’t willing to individualize it to themselves, and hence, in their agreeing […]

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Nuclear Jews of Iran

The really, really good news is that when the Ayatollah Khomeini took power in 1979, he and his mad mullah buddies eventually expelled several thousand Jews from Iran. Taking their cue from European anti-Semites, the Persians “taxed” the Jews before allowing them the privilege of leaving Iran, letting them to sell their properties and businesses […]

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Karen’s at City Hall, Where’s Robert?!

The continuing saga of Robert’s life-long love affair with Karen. It’s a looooong story that started in fourth grade, in the Yeshiva of Flatbush. How I Married Karen — Chapter 29 You know that scene in the movies where the bride is left standing at the altar and the groom is a no-show? Well, obviously […]

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It’s entirely appropriate that the best Israeli film ever made is a religious meditation on faith, miracles and love. Ushpizin is a gentle and comedic story about Moshe and his wife Mali, Baalei Teshuva, Jews who have become observant after leading secular lives. Moshe and Mali are coping with severe money problems at the outset […]

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Dennis Wants to Reform the Reform

Dennis Prager is very unhappy with the latest convention of the Reform wing of Judaism. I am taking the liberty of printing Dennis Prager’s entire article because the LA Times makes you register and I wouldn’t want them to get hold of your e-mail address. It is a really lousy paper. Religious Zealots, Arranged Right […]

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We All Have The Stupids

It’s Friday night. Shabbos. Karen and I are sitting quietly in the living room, catching up on our reading. Suddenly, Karen shoots up on the couch and yelps: “We all have AIDS! WHAT!?” Karen has just seen the new publicity campaign to glamorize AIDS, the campaign created by Kenneth Cole to convince Americans that AIDS […]

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Weekend Roundup

And you thought Germany was a different country. Thanks to Marc Shulman and his excellent blog, American Future, for bringing this to my attention. I guarantee that The Assistant Village Idiot does not teach at one of our Ivy League Universities. He’s way too smart and down to earth. Here he lays out The Social […]

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Glamorizing Evil

Stanley “Tookie” Williams is scheduled to be executed in two weeks. It is my fervent hope that the Governor does not grant clemency to this murderer of four innocent people. Williams was also co-founder of The Crips, and so he is also indirectly responsible for the murder of hundreds if not thousands of people. The […]

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What is Love?

And now for something completely different. This is from one of those e-mails that just keep circulating. Normally, I don’t post things like this. But the simplicity and honesty of the answers just touched me to the core. Hey, I’m just a softie. And so I present: What is Love? A group of professional people […]

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