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White Stone

“I visited Ariel’s grave.” It takes me a moment to absorb what my guest is saying. It takes me a moment to catch my breath. Have I heard right? We have just had dinner at my favorite restaurant, Pico Kosher Deli, and as we step outside, I am trying to explain loss and memory. “The […]

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Tajikstan Synagogue… Gone

The world goes crazy when a mosque in Iraq is destroyed by Muslims. But when a synagogue is leveled by Muslims–silence. Read this and weep. And do read Mark Steyn’s latest column.

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Fun with Fyodor – Screenwriter’s Cut, Bonus Footage

I’ve been reading Fyodor D. and oh boy, what can I say, not fun. Several of Seraphic Secret’s more literate readers, yes we have quite a few, pointed out that perhaps the translations we were using were doing a disservice to the fine Russian language. Was it Ezra Pound who said that it’s the poetry […]

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Prince Myshkin, Flying at You – The Screenwriter’s Cut

The KGB & Me “We’re going to smuggle siddurim, prayerbooks, into the Soviet Union and if we get arrested, good, they’ll send us to Lubyanka Prison and we’ll go on a hunger strike and die and then the world will know!” I’m thinking to myself: What about my favorite pillow. Will the KGB let me […]

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Iranian High

This just in from CNN. As Seraphic Secret readers know our friend and commenter, Jake Novak works over at CNN, every once in a while he runs across a story that, well, they just won’t let him run. Here’s a beauty. Lousy Iranian High School Student Blames Israel for Bad Grades By Jake Novak (Tehran) […]

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What Was Sharon Thinking? IV

In the great Japanese movie The Seven Samurai, Kambei, the leader of Samurai swordsmen who are defending the villagers against the bandits, makes a battle plan, and draws little symbols for each enemy soldier. Why? Because he’s going to kill them one by one and he wants to keep count. It’s instructive, this film from […]

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Pity the Poor Anti Semite

I’m at a book signing today here in LA at Sinai Temple on Wilshire Blvd and Beverly Glen, unveiling the soft cover version of The Hebrew Kid and the Apache Maiden. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finish Part IV in my series, What Was Sharon Thinking? to post today. However,I’d like you all to read […]

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No True Glory

This whole week, Seraphic Secret has been devoted to grand military theory. And so, to continue the theme, I’ve just finished reading the best book about the war in Iraq that has yet been published: No True Glory, by Bing West. This is an eye witness account of the ferocious and bloody Battle for Fallujah […]

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What Was Sharon Thinking? Part III

“Know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be in peril.” Sun Tzu, The Art of War Security Wall It is impossible to know when it happened, at what point Ariel Sharon realized that the conflict with the Palestinians no longer mattered. Perhaps the moment came, as it did for […]

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What Was Sharon Thinking? Part II

“To make abstractions hold in reality is to destroy reality.” Hegel Defensible Borders There is a moment in the seminal Japanese film, The Seven Samurai, when the leader of the Samurai, Kambei, played by the great Takashi Shimura, lays out his battle plan for the peasant village, and points to two isolated homes on the […]

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What Was Sharon Thinking? Part I

“War is a matter of vital importance to the State; the province of life or death; the road to survival or ruin. It is mandatory that it be thoroughly studied.” – Sun Tzu, The Art of War In the aftermath of the Gaza withdrawal, the Hamas victory–which clarifies the position of the Palestinian people towards […]

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Cruisin’ Mom – Natural Born Shooter

Randi looks exactly like Carole Landis—armed, and fashionable. “I think we missed our exit.” Randi and I are on our way to the LA Gun Club, it’s about a six minute drive from Casa Avrech, but put two bloggers in a car together, two bloggers who have been talking to each other for a year […]

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Mascot Needed for Seraphic U.

As some of you know, a few days ago we established Seraphic University. So far we have a Jousting Squad, a Sharpshooting Team, and Ladies who wave handkerchiefs from the stands. Our school motto is: “Where Men are Men and Women Have to Have a Sense of Humor.” Jake has already penned a school anthem. […]

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Muslim Sensitivity

Let’s take a look at some cartoons by those who claim that the west is trampling on their religious sensitivities. I’m looking out my office window and gosh, look at the Jewish street erupting. Not. Meanwhile: A student newspaper has published the cartoons. Yup, a college newspaper has dared what the MSM have not. The […]

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Something’s Not Rotten in Denmark

A few days ago, I wrote a piece about the great Danish film director Carl Dreyer and his monumental movie about intolerance and betrayal, Day of Wrath. I took the opportunity to point out that little Denmark was the only country that chose to save it’s Jewish population during World War II. I even used […]

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Seraphic Secret: Not So Secret Anymore

Well, it’s official. Seraphic Secret has won the Best Personal Blog category in the Jewish & Israeli Blog Awards sponsored by The Jerusalem Post. Here is the link for the list of all the winners. Karen and I are proud and happy, and we want to thank Yehudit of the fine blog Kesher who nominated […]

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The Seam, The Sword & Belle

The continuing saga, some call it a romance, of: How I Married Karen — Chapter 33 “I’ve finally found Karen after all these years, and now I’m probably going to die.” This evening Karen and I have no plans. We’re in that funny place I call: the Seam. We’re not officially in love. Well, I […]

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The Winner

The envelope, please… And the winner of the Seraphic Contest is… Wait, I’m having trouble getting the envelope open… Oh my gosh, she said she would do it. She bragged she would win. And she has. Randi. Cruisin Mom. Mazal Tov! Here she comes down the red carpet wearing a Chanel gown, cut on the […]

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The Reveal

Okay, Seraphic Friends, in reality shows this is what’s called: The Reveal. The producers in these truly loony productions, “remake” some unfortunate young woman who is chained to a terrible job, lives in a tilted trailer, and no doubt, off-camera has a restraining order against the ex. Much network money is spent surgically enhancing the […]

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Seraphic Reminder

Just a quick reminder, the deadline for submitting your answers for the Seraphic Contest is February 6, Monday morning, 10AM Pacific Time. I plan on posting the correct answers, so if any of our Seraphic Photo Contributors do not wish your names posted with your pictures, please let me know by e-mail immediately: write to […]

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