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You are not alone in experiencing problems in posting comments about Porn in our institutions of higher learning. Try posting here.

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Tuition Refund, Please!

When I was in college learning about film, I studied Kurosawa, John Ford, Alfred Hitchcock, you know, great writers, great directors, sublime films. But times have changed. The genuises in our universities are at it again. The people who have brought you multi-cultural studies, women’s studies, white man studies, gender studies, queer studies, middle-eastern studies, […]

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Geoffrey Typede Thes Wordes

And on a lighter note, much thanks to Yehudit of the fine blog Kesher, for alerting me to the fact that one of my favorite authors, Geoffrey Chaucer, whom I thought was no longer alive, is still with us. Is it alchemy? And imagine my surprise to discover that Geoffrey has his own blog. Here’s […]

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The Usual Suspects

And this just in from Seraphic Friend Jeremiah Duboff, who deconstructs a letter by Arab Militants that tries to dupe naive Americans into, oh gee-willikers, just read on. My first impulse was to laugh, but then I felt like weeping, realizing that this sort of propaganda plays well–especially on our Ivy League campuses. Dear Friends: […]

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Credit: Seraphic Friend, Jeremiah Duboff for the brilliant title of this post. This letter just in from another splendid Seraphic Friend, Antoine Clark: The Western Standard, among other things, the only regular mediaoutlet for free-market views in Canada, is being sued by the AlbertaHuman Rights Commission following what looks like a bogus complaintabout publishing the […]

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Seraphic Secret is blessed with many close friends who write to us regularly in the comments section, and privately. We have been corresponding with Vincent, not his real name, privately, for quite some time. Vincent has been telling us his life story in bits and pieces, and we have been urging him to tell it […]

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The Unhappy King

Kadima won, and naturally you might think that Bibi Netanyahu, leader of Israel’s Likud Party, is the most unhappy man in the world about the election. But you would be wrong. It’s King Abdullah of Jordan who’s really the unhappy puppy here. Believe me, if he could have voted, he would not have voted for […]

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Another World

It’s funny, I love novels, I love movies, and yet, perhaps my favorite book of all time is a non-fiction work that I’ve read maybe six or seven times. Perhaps I like it so much because the world it presents is so utterly foreign that it reads and feels like fiction. A Distant Mirror: The […]

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The Best Plot Device… Ever

Last week, in the comments section, in an almost throw-a-way line, I said that it seemed to me that the most common literary device in the European novel revolved around the question of: “What do we do with our unmarried women?” I received several private e-mails asking me if I was serious about this observation […]

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One True Voice & Ten War Novels

Truth is hard to find when the fog of mainstream journalism mixes with the fog of war. Loyal readers of Seraphic Secret know of our enormous respect and enthusiasm for the work of journalist Robert D. Kaplan. Mr. Kaplan is one of the few journalists who actually goes into the field and spends time with […]

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Novels were invented to be read by the common man and woman; they were written to be accessible; no specialized knowledge is needed to enjoy the pleasures of a good story. As a child I would curl up in a corner of my bed, open a book and dive into the words. I particularly enjoyed […]

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Scenes From a Wedding, Part II — Low Intensity Conflict

“Daddy, I think you’d like to meet our friend, David.” I almost fall out of my chair. Here’s the thing: I’m not a normal parent. I know this. Offsprings #2 & 3 never know what I’m going to say to their friends. Is daddy going to start waxing eloquent about The Seven Samurai to their […]

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Twelve Paces

“You are empty. You have nothing to fill you up.” In my twenty-five years in Hollywood, the most baffling people I work with are actors. They can alternately be a blessing, making my words come alive in ways I never imagined. Or they can be a curse, taking my scripts in directions I never intended […]

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Palestinians Bilked U.S. Taxpayers

This really deserves careful scrutiny. The Palis have been stealing from the US taxpayer for years. And the money stolen has not been used for “humanitarian relief.” Previously, the money has disappeared into the private bank accounts of Yasir Arafat, his greedy wife Suha, and of course into the Swiss accounts of Arafat’s “Tunisian” associates. […]

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Scenes From a Wedding Part I – Hollywood

“Hollywood. They kill you with hope Mr. Avrech, do you know that?” The elderly lady has cornered me just as I’m about to enter the banquet hall. I recognize the look in her eye, the plaintive tone in her voice. She has asked for a moment of my time, and how can I say no? […]

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Seraphic Wedding II

At the risk of absolutely boring you all to tears, here are more pictures from Offspring #2’s wedding this past Sunday night. I have been asked repeatedly: how come you keep calling your daughter Offspring #2 now that her name has been revealed on BTW, for those of you who don’t speak Hebrew, Only […]

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Seraphic Thanks & No Thanks to Belgium

Karen and I want to thank all our readers and commenters for your kind and generous comments. You have managed to make our simcha, our joyous event, even more complete and for this we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I will blog about wedding plans and the wedding, but I need some […]

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Seraphic Wedding

Behind the scenes here at Casa Avrech, we’ve been in a bit of a tizzy the past few months. Offspring #2, well, here’s the link at And more here. I will blog about being a Jewish Father of the Bride at a later date. When I recover my fragile mental health. This, by the […]

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Karen: Out of Context

The continuing story of how I met my wife Karen in fourth grade, and fell helplessly, hopelessly in love with her. Naturally, Karen did not know that I existed. And so, though technically we met when we were nine-years old, we were not to know each other until we were both in our mid-twenties. It […]

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Learning Patience IV

For our final look at Alistair Horne’s Savage War of Peace, an encyclopediac study of The Battle of Algiers, we turn our gaze upon the Jews of Algeria for they were truly stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place. The Jews in Algeria comprised about one fifth of the non Muslim population. Tragically, […]

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