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The Steven Vincent Foundation

Last week was a difficult time for Lisa Ramaci. It was a year ago, on April 24, that Lisa last hugged her husband Steven Vincent goodbye and watched as he went off to seek truth in Iraq. There, this good and talented man was kidnapped with his translator, Nour Weidi. Steven was horribly tortured for […]

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Out of the Shadows

Efraim Halevy, former head of the Mossad, is in the Unites States promoting his new book, Man in the Shadows and making far too few appearances in the media. Apparently, Halevy’s simple and politically quite unPC message is not a favorite of the liberal producers who dominate the airwaves of MSM, and so he has […]

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Hollywood Gets it Right

Isn’t it nice when Hollywood gets it right for a change. Much thanks to Seraphic friend Elliot Ganz for sending me this piece. Yehudit at Kesher has a wonderful roundup of “United 93” articles at her always fine blog. And here is Debbie Schlussel’s rave review of the film. Thanks to Seraphic friend Michael Makiri […]

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What G-d Sends

“You know that I didn’t want my son to join the army.” I nod. I’m having lunch with a friend from the film industry. We’re not close friends, more like acquaintances, but Frank (not his real name) has asked to meet with me and of course I agree. Ashen, that’s the best way to describe […]

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The Voices Behind the Generals

Much has been made in the media recently of the retired Generals and their call for Donald Rumsfeld to join them in retirement. From The American Thinker, a superb and to-the-point analysis of this tempest in a tea pot.

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Yom Ha Shoah and M16’s

This fine post from WestBankMama who now handles her M16 with proper care and respect. Thanks to our friend Jeremiah for bringing this to my attention by way of Solomonia.

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A Cry From the Heart

On this Yom Ha Shoah, I want to bring your attention to an amazing article written by Orly Wiesel, an emergency room physician in Israel. It comes from a superp blog The Augean Stables which was brought to my attention by our new friend David Paulin of The Big Carnival.

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Avi’s Voice

Avi, one of Ariel’s ZT’L best friends, used to come to Ariel’s hospital room, hold my son’s hand and sing songs for him. One of my most vivid memories is Ariel’s last Passover, when Avi recited Shir Hashirim, The Song of Songs for Ariel in the Intensive Care Unit. Music lifted my son’s soul. Avi […]

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Penn State Tyrant

It’s always nice to know who is responsible for doing what. Well, in the case of the Penn State Outrage, we’ve got the man who shut down the Art exhibit that, horror of horrors, dares to display the faces of Palestinian Terrorism and anti-Semitism. Take a moment and write the good Professor a note. Don’t […]

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Penn State Tyranny II

Gather round folks: it’s Islam Awareness Week at Penn State. This story just gets more vile. Little Green Footballs informs us that a few years ago the Muslim students invited a Nazi to campus and guess what happened? Nothing. It’s clear that a double standard exists at Penn State: one that favors radical Muslims over […]

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Penn State Tyranny I

We are constantly told that our universities are places where free speech thrives; where free speech is alive and respected. Of course under this guise of “academic freedom” Israel and Judaism are under constant assault by apologists for Palestinian terrorism. Using Orwellian language, free speech is constantly invoked as if the Caliphite these savages wish […]

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Jeremiah Jumps In

One of the nicest duties here at Seraphic Secret is seeing one of our commenters as they head off and create their own blog. And of course, whether it’s true or not, I take full credit for its creation. I like to think that I’ve inspired others to do what I’ve done. So far, Pearl, […]

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Of Words

An incredibly important dispatch from Michael Yon.

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Last Days of Passover & The Fall of France

We will be celebrating the last days of Passover so Seraphic Secret will be silent until Friday. Karen and I wish you all a lovely and meaningful Pesach. Until then, this wonderful post from The Gates of Vienna. Essential reading.

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Swedish Jews — Your Turn

It’s Open Season on Swedish Jews. Hat tip to Little Green Footballs. Are the oh-so tolerant Swedes so dense as to believe that the Islamic Jihad taking root in their country will only be isolated to the land’s 16,000 Jews? Wait, I forgot, this is the “neutral” country that did business with Nazi Germany during […]

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The Last Helicopter

A fine post from Dean’s World on American Credibility.

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The Day After

In planning the Yom Kippur War, the Egyptian high command made a list of Israeli weaknesses, which they proceeded to exploit in their surprise attack. 1. Arrogance.2. Inability to sustain casualties.3. Inability to sustain a prolonged war because of economic factors.4. Sensitivity to world opinion. In that check list, only #1 no longer exists. But […]

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Passover Atrocity

A homicide bomber has brought death and destruction to Tel Aviv in the midst of Passover. This is not just an attack on the people of Israel, it is a calculated assault on Judaism. Hamas, the elected government of the Palestinian people, have applauded this atrocity. In 1938, Hitler told the world exactly what he […]

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Hebrew Kid & Ben Franklin

The Hebrew Kid and the Apache Maiden, has beennamed as one of three finalists in the 2006 Benjamin Franklin Awardscompetition, in the following category: Best First Book, Fiction. Here is a complete list of the finalists in all the categories.

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Shanghai Jews

This from Seraphic Friend Michael Jennings who recently spent some time in Shanghai and was delighted to discover that here was a place where Jews were rescued during WWII.

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