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The Hebrew Kid and Wyatt Earp

“So, what’s next for The Hebrew Kid?” This question comes my way, oh, a dozen times a week. It seems that people like The Hebrew Kid and the Apache Maiden so much that they crave further adventures for Ariel Isaacson and his family. Well, have no fear. I have not been idle. In spite of […]

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Brits For Terror

What do you do when your homeland is bombed, innocent people slaughtered for no reason other than they are not Muslims? What do you do when your homeland is constantly threatened by homegrown Jihadists? What do you do? Well, British intellectuals, naturally blame it on the Jews, er, I mean Israel. Read this article from […]

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My Chaplain

It was a mysterious process. An envelope would arrive in the mail. He would rip it open. Show it to his wife. Naturally, she would sigh, resigned to the orders. And he would go to the closet, reach in, take out his uniform, the necessary ribbons and signs of rank. Fully dressed, he was a […]

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Who Votes Against Israel?

The other day I urged our friends who are registered Democrats to reevaluate their party affiliation and switch to the Republican Party. I argue that the Democratic Party no longer supports Israel, cannot not be trusted with fighting the war on terror, and is sliding into the arms of the Arab lobby, into chronic AntiSemitism. […]

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Yom Yerushalayim

We don’t want to start Shabbos without acknowledging the unification of Jerusalem. Here is a fine post by Treppenwitz. There is talk by the current Israeli government of dividing Jerusalem. Have they forgotten that Jordanian snipers used to sit on the walls of the Old City and casually shoot at Jews? Have they forgotten… everything? […]

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Romper Room: Saudi Style

After 9-11, our good friends the Saudis promised America that they would revise and reform their disgusting antiWestern, AntiSemitic textbooks and schools. Sure. Let us be clear. Saudi Arabia is not a country. It’s a family corporation that was brought to power in the 1920’s by the Al Saud tribe, fanatical Wahhabi Muslims who made […]

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Cindy Sheehan Revealed

It was bound to happen. Cindy Sheehan has, gulp, written a book. My good friend Cathy Seipp is a brave fearless woman. She actually sat down and read it. Now she reveals Sheehan as the true AntiSemite she is. Seraphic Secret has said over and over again that the danger to Israel, the danger to […]

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Democrats, Republicans, and Israel

Instead of just providing a link, I’m reprinting Daniel Pipe’s entire article because it’s that important. It seems that too many Jews are still habitual Democrats, still pulling that old lever because, well, that’s the lever they always pulled, the lever their parents pulled. They don’t realize, or don’t want to face up to the […]

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The True Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore is all over the place flogging his inconvenient truth. The left loves global warming because it pulls focus from those nasty Islamofascists who really are evil and who really do threaten our way of life and who really did slaughter 3,000 innocent Americans, wish to slaughter many more, and who really do decapitate […]

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The Meathead Proposition

If you live in California it’s important that you vote “No” on Proposition 82. The man behind this proposition is none other than Rob Reiner and it truly is a meathead piece of work. Head on over to Bookworm where he eloquently explains why this benign sounding piece of legislation is, in fact, a time […]

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Swapping Films with Robert Avrech

I like to turn Seraphic Secret over to a Seraphic Friend every once in a while. I do this in order to get another perspective on some vital issue, and to be perfectly honest, I do it to give myself a rest. I am, I confess, incredibly lazy. This way I can sit back like […]

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Presbyterian Terror II

Seraphic friend EV responds and clarifies much that is going on in the PCUSA’s divestment campiagn. Read carefully and you’ll see that the Antisemites who are pushing for divestment lie to their congregations using feel-good phrases like “investing in peace” to camouflage their odious work. This is a standard tactic used by Jihadists against Israel. […]

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Presbyterian Terror I

“The death of Daniel Wultz is “a gift from Allah, and revenge against American support for Israel,” said Abu Nasser, a leader of the Al Aksa Murderers Brigade, one of the Palestinian groups responsible for the Tel Aviv Passover atrocity. Abu Nasser: “We wish this young dog will go directly to hell. Wultz was part […]

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Jews Ashamed to be Jews

Former terrorist Walid Shoebat is frustrated with the suicidal tendencies of the Jewish community. Thanks to our friend Yehudit for bringing this powerful article to our attention.

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Keeping Kosher in Saddam’s Palace

Lieutenant Junior Grade Laurie Zimmet, United States Navy is in Iraq. She’s Jewish, observant and yearns for… well read for yourself. Thanks to Yehuda Kaplan, one of Ariel’s ZT’L best friends, for bringing this wonderful article to my attention.

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It was only a matter of time. Iranian Jews, Christians and other religious minorities are going to be forced to wear colored badges identifying them as non-Muslims. The world-wide Jihad marches on and we in the west are in complete denial. The violent Jihadists attack because they sense weakness in the west. A liberal secularism […]

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Ben Franklin Award

I have just learned that my novel, The Hebrew Kid and the Apache Maiden has won the 2006 Ben Franklin Award for Best First Book, Fiction. I could not attend the ceremony but I understand that PMA executive, Howard Fisher made a lovely speech on my behalf in which he told the audience about Ariel […]

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Pride & Prejudice II – Questions of Love

Yesterday I posed this question: I’d like to ask my readers this: in Pride and Prejudice, the novel: when does Elizabeth fall in love with Darcy? This is no trick question. This not a philosophical question. There is a specific moment in the book when Elizabeth acknowledges that she has fallen in love with Darcy. […]

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Pride & Prejudice I

A country family must find husbands for five–count ’em 1,2,3,4,5–daughters. There you have the bare bones of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice. But Austen’s amazing gift for characterization and her perfect ear for dialogue persuades us that this oh-so-mundane material is actually quite miraculous. Elizabeth Bennet, the second of this pentarchy of daughters, might be […]

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Fade to Black

Before I continue with my review of Pride & Prejudice, here is a brief, one-minute and four-second commercial interruption. Thanks so much to Seraphic friend Jake Novak for bringing this loving, gentle yet sensible message to our attention.

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