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Casualties of War

Thirty million civilians died in World War Two. No war has ever been fought without civilian casualties. Civilian casualties are to be regretted, but nations do not refuse to go to war because there will be civilian casualties. If this was so, only tyrannies would rule for by definition, they care nothing about the lives […]

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Hizbullah’s Launcher’s Wilt

The IDF assessed on Monday that Hizbullah’s rocket launching capability was significantly compromised by the fighting that took place in the past three weeks. Read the rest of the story here.

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Never Forget

Watch this Video It is powerful. It takes a few seconds to load, but be patient. And never forget that the barbarians who perpetrated 9/11 are the exact same savages Israel is fighting every single day. They call themselves PA, Hamas, Hizbullah, but they are all Islamic jihadists intent on destroying Jews, Israel, America, Christians, […]

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Jaws of Defeat

The United States and Israel and every sentient being in the path of the Islamist crusade are teetering on the brink of a massive defeat in Lebanon and thus in the war on terror. Lest it be forgotten, this is a war that began with the Ayatollahs’ revolution in Iran in 1979 which established the […]

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The Good Guys

By Jeff Katz (Israeli tour guide) Shalom, I am writing this note on Monday afternoon. Yesterday wasthe unfortunate incident in Kfar Kana. I am feeling a little calmer now. You should have seen melast night and this morning. It has to do with the bombingin Kfar Kara and the 48 hour “no air strike” truce […]

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Bad Omen

It seems to me the inescapable lesson of the current conflict is a depressing one for Israel and the United States. It ain’t about land. In the 1990s, we were repeatedly told that Israel’s problems could be solved via a geopolitical swap-meet. Everyone get together in back-slapping fellowship and trade land and, abracadabra, we’d have […]

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Atlas is my Hero

Atlas is in Jerusalem. Follow her happy-go-lucky adventures as she passes through security a check-point just to eat a salad, meets Muhammed in the Old City, runs into Rabbi David Wolpe, and then turns on CNN, and oh my the talons are sharpened. I adore this woman. I’m going to ask her to be the […]

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Human Shields: How To

From Judeoscope, by way of a far left German newspaper, a frightening look into exactly how Hizbullah uses human shields in Southern Lebanon. Just reading this makes my skin crawl. Anybody who supports these people has a pathological hatred for Jews, Israel and America. It’s not Israel who has killed the Shia civilains in Lebanon, […]

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Seraphic Quote

” I believe that forgiving Hizbullah is G-d’s function. The Israeli’s job is to arrange the meeting.” –General Norman Schwartzkopf

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Hezbollywood? Evidence mounts that the Qana collapse and deaths were staged. As we know, there is Pallywood. Now that Hizbullah are being absolutely annihilated by the the IDF they are desperate for a cease-fire, so they are doing what they do best–lie, and stage false massacres. From Israeli Insider.

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Israeli Hospital Bombed, Yup

From Naomi Ragen I did not see in any foreign report, any picture, about thebombing of Nahariyah Hospital and the destruction of itsfourth floor and the Department of Eye Diseases, in whichArabs and Jews have been treated, and where Arab and Jewishinterns work. Israeli propaganda is poor, weak and miserable.Israeli propaganda even hides the truth. […]

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The Moral Equivalence Brigade

From All Things Beautiful, a fine essay on those whose moral compass is completely broken.

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PA Label Rice “Black Spinster”

Yoni reports how the PA official media are using the most loathsome KKK type racist imagery to defame Condi Rice. Read this article and if you don’t get sick to your stomach, well, immediately check into racial rehab.

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BBC Hires New Mideast Analyst

Police sources admit that Mel Gibson, when being arrested for drunk driving said: “The f**king Jews have caused all the f**cking wars in this world.” Mr. Gibson may be out of work in Hollywood, but he has just received an exclusive offer to be an on-air Mideast analyst at the BBC. BBC spokesperson James L. […]

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Top 10 New Mel Gibson Movies in Production

By Jake Novak 10) Shame and Prejudice 9) What Jappy Women Want 8) Schindler’s Big Mistake 7) We Were Soldiers… in all the Wars Started by Jews 6) Walk a Straight Line 5) Payback the Cheap Jews 4) Conspiracy Theory II: Just Blame the Jews 3) The Merchant of Venice II: Revenge of the Jew […]

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Who is a Terrorist?

Seraphic Friend Treppenwitz asks Who is a Terrorist?

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Don’t Tell Mom

Seraphic Friend Chayyei Sarah will be traveling to the holy city of Safed in the next few days to write a story, but do not tell her parents or they will be worried sick. But do feel free to bring her, well read the story…

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Hizbullah Executes “Spies”

“Counterterrorism Blog” reports that Hizbullah are executing Zionist spies. I can pretty much guarantee that these guys are settling old tribal scores, or getting rid of some rival Christian or Sunni or Druze or Maronite or whatever of the 17 other religious groups who live in Lebanon. These guys don’t have courts, they don’t present […]

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A Very Special Army

Take a look at these photos. This army, ultimately, can only be defeated by spineless politicians. Hat Tip: Seraphic Friend, Mordechai Schiller

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They Were Soldiers

From Naomi Regan Friends, George is one of my oldest friends. We met over 35 yearsago, new immigrants, in a religious neighborhood inJerusalem. By George M. Stanislawski, Jerusalem My younger son’s brother-in-law had a friend and neighbor,Major Ro-ie Klein, who was one of the nine Israeli soldierskilled in action last week. He was in his […]

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