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Karen is Royalty

On Shabbos evenings Karen often catches me up on important stories that I’m just too lazy to read by myself. Last Friday night I was totally caught up in Jetta Carleton’s brilliant one and only novel, The Moonflower Vine, one of the finest novels I have ever read, when Karen drew my attention to a […]

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Democrats for Throat-Slitters

Yesterday, a majority of Senate Democrats voted against a measure on the interrogations and trials of terrorism suspects. Only twelve Democrats crossed party lines to vote for the bill. The position of the Democrats is clear. They see the war on terror as a conventional law enforcement matter, to be handled by the civil courts, […]

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Babiy Yar

“Yesterday in Kiev there was a commemoration at Babiy Yar, the infamous gorge in which tens of thousands of Ukraine’s Jews were murdered by the invading German army in 1941. (Later on in the occupation, Babi Yar was also used to massacre gypsies, other Ukrainians and Russian prisoners of war.) President Viktor Yuschenko and the […]

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Breeding More Terrorists

The Democrats, cherry-picking form the NIE report, leaked by the ever reliably seditious NY Times, tell us over and over again that our presence in Iraq is creating more jihadists. I suppose the Democrats are saying that if we had not liberated Iraq from the Stalinist regime of Saddam Hussein, there would be far less […]

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Back to the Past

A wonderful site to explore: When These Streets Heard Yiddish.

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No Excuses for Terror

This You Tube Documentary is brought to you by British leftists who can no longer stand idly by and remain silent as their nihilistic comrades align themselves with the genocidal anti-Jewish jihadists. Click here to view. Better do it fast. The last time this British journalist, David Aaronovitch, posted a video piece, You Tube removed […]

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Free To Be A Muslim Jew-Killer

Ah, Islam, the religion that keeps on giving — more and more Jew-hatred to the world. For yet another example of the religion of peace grinnning and calling for the “beautiful murder” of Jews, please click here. I Have a Dream Egypt has a peace treaty with Israel, but that doesn’t mean that this barbarian […]

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Jerusalem 360°

This is a unique site. Jerusalem at night, Interactive 360° Panoramas. The tour consists of several interactive panoramic images which can be controlled by clicking and dragging the mouse (within the image boundaries) or by using the buttons. To begin your tour of the Old City of Jerusalem, click here.

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Bubba is Back!

Here he is, once again, angrily wagging his finger, running off at the mouth, practically foaming at the mouth, his Arkansas accent deepening along with his self-righteous wrath. Bubba is back in all his glory. What a delightful treat. Bubba: the gift that keeps on giving. And you just know that when The Finger starts […]

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Moral Confusion

“Take The New York Times editorial page, for example. It is written by people who condemn Pius for his alleged silence and now condemn Benedict for not being quiet. According to the Times, Benedict will only create more anti-Western Muslim violence. But that was exactly the excuse defenders of Pius XII so often offered for […]

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If I Forget Thee O’ Jerusalem

Today is the Fast of Gedalia, that commemorates the killing of the Jewish governor of Judah, a critical event in the downfall of the First Commonwealth. Here’s a lovely video that expresses our love for Jerusalem, for Israel our Biblical homeland; and our love and unyielding devotion to Judiasm–our life’s oxygen. Hat Tip: One of […]

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Steven Vincent – Still in the Red Zone

Steven Vincent was a great and courageous American journalist who was tortured and murdered by Jihadists in Iraq. Whereas mainstream journalists stayed tucked safely in the Green Zone and filed stories that were gathered and written by Iraqi stringers, Steven Vincent bravely went into the heart of the beast. He wanted to tell the truth. […]

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Rosh Hashanah – 5767

The Yom Tovim, the High Holidays, are the most difficult times for us. Ariel’s absence, always a profound presence, sprouts anew; it grows with alarming speed, it widens, it mutates into an emotional wall that feels thoroughly physical, separating us from, well — everyone but each other. I can still hear my lone voice reciting […]

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Grey Ghost

“John S. Mosby was a successful attorney, and with the outbreak of the Civil War he enlisted in the 1st Virginia Cavalry. He quickly moved up through the ranks, and eventually raised his own partisan unit. At first a battalion, his prowess and charisma allowed him to recruit it up to a regiment. The regiment […]

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Blaming the Jews

From You Tube, a pretty incredible piece of reportage from England about Islamic anti-Semitism. The ignorance, the lies, the pure evil depicted will want to make you, well, extend all rights of the Geneva Conventions to these wretched creatures. Click here for Part One. Click here for Part Two. Click here for Part Three. Click […]

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The Plight of the Canary

Seraphic Friend “ShrinkWrapped” a psychiatrist, has written a brilliant analyisis of Jewish anti-Semitism–just in time for Rosh Hashanah. “There are many reasons people have difficulty protecting themselves, ranging from confusion over what threatens them to uncertainty about what they are defending. At the moment, the West shows every indication of suffering from a wide range […]

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The Democratic Party and Jews

“The Democratic Party has been a congenial political home for many American Jews since the era of FDR. The party welcomed them into its ranks (along with many blacks and urban dwellers) and its programs comported well with many values Jews cherish. The Party was also seen as one that had offered help to the […]

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“How dare you say Islam is a violent religion? I’ll kill you for it” is not exactly the best way to go about refuting the charge. But of course, refuting is not the point here. The point is intimidation. To read the rest of Charles Krauthammer’s splendid article, please click here.

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NY to Terrorists: Welcome!

By — Fern Sidman It has been an exciting week here in the Big Apple. In the spirit of freedom of speech, New York City was the site for the UN sponsored convocation of worldwide terrorists to espouse their demonic views. As we know, diplomatic immunity was granted to the likes of Iranian President Mahmoud […]

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Thousands Rally for Israel

Atlas Shrugs has great coverage of the anti-Ahmadinejad, pro-Israel rally in New York. I searched in vain in the liberal press for mention of this huge rally. Nothing in the NY Times. Nothing in the LA Times. Yet there were between thirty-five to forty-thousand people at the rally. You would think that this is newsworthy. […]

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