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What Elephant? And Daisy May is Here!

Seraphic Friend Yehudit focuses our attention on the elephant in the room. This is something I wrote about just a little over one year ago, regarding an ugly and unrelenting bigotry in the film and television industries that is widespread and accepted. Republicans, Conservatives, lovers of Israel, and Evangelical Christians, are forced to exist in […]

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Project Valour

From Seraphic Friend John at the fine military blog Op For comes this story about Project Valour: Project Valour – IT, in memory of SFC William V. Ziegenfuss, provides voice-controlled laptop computers to wounded Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines recovering from hand and arm injuries or amputations at home or in military hospitals. Operating laptops […]

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The History of Things

“Nice bag.” I say. “Y’like? It’s a Judith Lieber, but I didn’t pay full price. No way. Uh-ugh. No, y’see, I got this great deal because they had a private sale at Saks. It was unbelievable, close to 40% off. Can you believe it?” “Unbelievable.” “Only problem is…” “Yes?” “I can only carry like two […]

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Islamic “Meat”

“Australia’s most prominent Islamic cleric will not give sermons for two or three months, but will not face censure from his mosque for a sermon comparing women who do not wear head scarves to “uncovered meat,” the mosque’s spokesman said Friday.” To read the rest of this article, please click here. And you wonder why […]

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The Dark Ages – Again!

“Who would have thought centuries after the Enlightenment that sophisticated Europeans — in fear of radical Islamists — would be afraid to write a novel, put on an opera, draw a cartoon, film a documentary or have their pope discuss comparative theology? “The astonishing fact is not just that millions of women worldwide in 2006 […]

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Our President Speaks

Michael Barone’s must-read interview with President Bush. Hat Tip: Seraphic Friend: Jeremiah President Bush is calm, reflective, and has a fine historical perspective on Iraq. Perhaps the most distressing issue to me about the current political discourse is the pure hatred directed at President Bush by members of the opposition. If only they hated the […]

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Islam: Mars & Venus

This You Tube vid on the differences between men’s and women’s brains, as elucidated by one Islamic scholar/philosopher/whatever, had Karen on the floor laughing. The presentation also has incredibly sophisticated Powerpoint graphics. Via Seraphic Friend Muquata.

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Georgetown Jihad

Just months later, university ejects evangelical Christians from campus. “The Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown University has been renamed after Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal donated $20 million to its projects. And while that may be just the tail, the dog appears to be moving away from its historic Catholic and Jesuit teaching philosophy […]

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Blabbermouth Dems

“For all the White House’s faults, however, there is no doubt in my mind that Republicans as a group are better informed, better equipped and better able to lead this country in a time of war than the Democrats. The donkey party is led by thumb-sucking demagogues in prominent positions who equate Bush with Hitler […]

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Voting Republican

“The fact is I don’t trust the Democratic Party to lead this country in a time of uncertainty and war. While the Democrats say they want to refocus the nation’s energy on the war on terror, they’ve demonstrated time and again that they oppose the most effective means of fighting terrorism. “Democrats would interfere with […]

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The scene goes like this: a citizen pulls up to a bank, slaps a magazine into his .45 automatic, takes a deep breath — then covers his face with a mask. And when a masked man, or woman–who knows what they are?–steps into a bank, if the bank guards are on top of their game–well, […]

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Britain 1932 – 1940 Redux

“The biggest single cause of British anti-Americanism, however, is Israel. Despite being the target for more than half a century of genocidal Arab and Muslim aggression, Israel is widely perceived in Britain as the regional bully, and its acts of self-defense are viewed as the principal motor behind both the Middle East impasse and Islamic […]

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NY Times Editor Recants

Public Editor Recants: Times Was Wrong to Expose Terrorist Surveillance Program. But some Times critics find Barney Calame’s mea culpa lame: “While it’s a close call now, as it was then, I don’t think the article should have been published.” Full story at Times Watch

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Prime Time Blood Libel

“Countless suicide bombers and other Palestinian terrorists have cited Dura as a justification of their crimes. For the past six years PA television has continuously aired a film showing Dura in heaven beckoning other Palestinian children to “martyr” themselves by becoming terrorists and join him there. “The Palestinians are not the only ones who have […]

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Steven Vincent Honored — At Last

Seraphic Secret has written about the wise and courageous journalist Steven Vincent and his widow Lisa Ramaci. We are heartened to learn that finally Steven Vincent is being honored by Institute for War and Peace Reporting. Our friend Yehudit at Kesher has the full story. We sincerely hope that this well deserved recognition brings some […]

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Bitter Rice

“I’ve waited to deal with the following news development because it is so disturbing to me personally, I needed to let my rage subside. “I can now speak and write coherently about the latest ghastly statements by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice concerning the Middle East. But it’s not easy. “Last week, Rice said America […]

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Caribbean Jihad

A fine article by Seraphic Friend David Paulin about the spread of Jihad to the Caribbean Islands. Deeply disturbing. Click here to go to the article at Big Carnival.

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Jihad Network — USA

By: Fern Sidman It has recently been reported that the American television airwaves will now include a 24 hour channel dedicated to Islamic programming. The new cable channel being broadcast by the Comcast Cable company is called Bridges TV, and is the brainchild of American Muslim banker, Muzzamil Hassan and his wife, Osea Zubare, an […]

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The Al Durrah Verdict

Finally, it was too much to hope that there would be justice in France. Here is the Al Durrah verdict and, yes, the French have chosen to do what they do so well, appease the jihadists and take cover in lies and dishonor. I have no hope for the French nation and let me say […]

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Here’s an 11 minute version of the award winning film about radical Islam Obession made by my friend Wayne Kopping. This is a great film that had it’s world premiere at the Liberty Film Festival last year. This Conservative film festival is growing by leaps and bounds. For more information check at their website on […]

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