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Unveiling the Unveiling

On Friday, November 24, a group of loving and loyal friends and relatives gathered for the Hakamat Hamatzeva, the unveiling of the headstone, for Karen’s father, Rabbi Philip Harris Singer ZT’L. Karen and I would like to thank all those who took the time to honor Rabbi Singer’s memory by attending the service. We especially […]

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The Politically Incorrect Guide to English and American Literature

Okaaaay! Any chance to mention our favorite writer, Jane Austen — we’ll take it. Sure the Iranians are calling for the death of Israel and every Jew on the face of the earth, the North Koreans are scary as heck, the PA and their seventeen “security services” are hoping to be the new Einsatzgruppen, and […]

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Global Jew Hatred

By: Fern Sidman While the attention of the world is now focused on the latest “cease fire” agreement between Hamas terrorists and the State of Israel and the escalating hostilities in Iraq, it would appear that lurking in the periphery of the news is the dramatic rise of global Jew hatred. According to an Arutz […]

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Outrage in Tulsa

Jamal Miftah, a Muslim who lives in Tulsa, wrote a column for the newspaper Tulsa World condemning Al Qaeda and calling on fellow Muslims to reject terrorism. In return, he was kicked out of the local mosque by leaders until he apologizes for his article—and threatened with violence by other members of the peaceful Islamic […]

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The Enemies’ Children

This week would have been my daughter’s 21st birthday. She won’t be here to celebrate it, though. Five years ago, a Palestinian terrorist ended my Malki’s life while she stood in line in the Sbarro pizza restaurant in the center of Jerusalem. Fourteen other innocent Israelis, including seven children, perished with her. One family was […]

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My Breakfast With the Old Germans

“It’s a lovely morning, isn’t it?”“It is,” I reply.“Mind if I join you?”“No, please.” Breakfast in the Dan Panorama Hotel, Jerusalem. Tables groan under the weight of endless plates and baskets of food. An American group of Christians sit together, clasp hands, say a prayer to Jesus and dig in. The women all wear ankle-length […]

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Lost Tribe Returns

Karen and I are abut to leave Efrat for a day of–I have no idea. I go where Karen and Offspring #3 lead. Anyway, lest you think that all the news from israel is bleak, here’s a story that should brighten your day. We’ve just received word that a close friend from Los Angeles Alan […]

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Killing a Terrorist

“So, how’d you know he was a terrorist?” “I didn’t. I mean I knew him. He worked here in Efrat. For years.” “So what made you think he was suddenly dangerous?” I’m in shul with Karen’s brother David. We’ve just finished davening Ma’ariv. I’ve run into an old buddy of mine from Bensonhurst. We went […]

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Seraphic Secret Home in Israel

Karen and I have arrived safely and soundly in Israel. I mentioned in my previous entry that I love to be home, in Israel, but I hate traveling to get there. Look no further than this flight for validation of my fear and loathing of travel. Karen I sit in our assigned seats. We get […]

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Out the Door

Karen and I are on our way out the door of Casa Avrech. We’re headed for Israel where we will be visiting Offspring #3 who is attending seminary in Jerusalem. We are also in Israel to for the unveiling of Karen’s father, Rav Pinchas Zvi Singer, Z’TL. The unveiling for Karen’s father, Rabbi Philip Harris […]

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Time Magazine Caught Lying

“Would an editor who had never visited the scene of a photograph deliberately contradict the photographer’s account of events? Is it possible that someone would change a caption that ends up incorrectly describing what took place? Moreover, would a prominent media outlet accept the claims of a terrorist organization over that of its own photographer? […]

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Exit Polls and the Jewish Vote

“Jews remain very loyal to the Democratic Party. No one is disputing that. But the numbers this year, as in 2004, are more on the order of 3 to 1 support for Democrats over Republicans, not the 7 or 8 to 1 ratio suggested by the exit poll survey. In a very difficult year for […]

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Thanksgiving in Jerusalem

Karen and I are flying to Israel on Sunday Novemebr 19th, via a direct flight from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv. For the first few days we will be staying in Efrat with Karen’s brother, David. For Shabbat, we will be in Jerusalem. It is no accident that we will be in Israel during Thanksgiving. […]

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When Worlds Collide

Funny how things work out. Karen and I are about to leave for Israel for the unveiling for Karen’s father ZT’L. And this week, Virtual Jerusalem, the fine website serializing my How I Married Karen story, is running the very chapter where I ask Rabbi Singer’s permission to marry Karen. As they say in Hollywood: […]

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Jihad Atlas

It helps to know who your enemy is, what they are thinking and planning. Here is the Militant Ideology Atlas prepared by the West Point Combating Terrorism Center. This is a must-read.

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New Study Sheds Light on Islamist Thought

“The Combating Terrorism Center at West Point has just released a study of jihadi literature, analyzing who the most influential thinkers in the movement are, based on a year of mining the most influential texts and web writings. The New York Times did a piece on it, but it deserves much broader attention.” To read […]

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Talking to Rachel Corrie’s Parents

Seraphic Friend Yehudit, from Kesher, talks back to Rachel Corrie’s parents. It’s much like talking to a wall.

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Jewish Printers, Publishers, Peddlers

We Jews have been called The People of the Book because of our eternal covenant with Ha-Shem as articulated through the Written Torah and the Oral Torah. This extraordinary exhibition, The Business of Jewish Books, focuses on the commercial side of the book business and its three major sub-sections: Printer Publisher Peddler “Book production is […]

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Rav Singer, ZT’L Unveiling Information

The unveiling for Karen’s father, Rabbi Philip Harris Singer ZT’L will take place Friday, November 24, 2006 (Kislev 3) at 10:00 am. The cemetery is Eretz Hachaim near Beit Shemesh, Israel. Block 1 Section 8. Karen and I are flying to Israel on Sunday November 19th. I have been asked to say a few words […]

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The Gathering Storm

By Naomi Ragen Some of you have commented that I’m sending out much lessmaterial of late. This is not your imagination. As I sitin my little study in Jerusalem, overlooking the rollinghills where David once fought Goliath, I feel overwhelmed bya sense of helplessness as day after day the news gets worseand worse. There is […]

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