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How They’ll Be Spending New Year’s Eve

By Jake Novak 10) Al Jazeera TV: broadcasting “Aymin al Zawahiri’s Exploding New Year’s Eve!” 9) Jimmy Carter: writing a book blaming New Year’s hangovers on Israel. 8) Judith Regan: partying with Mel Gibson, then publishing his father’s books on World War II. 7) Goldman Sachs CEO Leonard Blankfein: counting his $53.4 million bonus… and […]

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2006 Favorites

Here’s a brief list of some of my favorite, um, stuff, from the year 2006. I know that critics like to make Ten Best lists, especially of movies. But I’m not sure there were ten really good movies this year, In any case, my favorite movies were not made as movies, and some were made […]

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Karen Dreams

Karen says: “Last night I dreamed that I was flying over our old neighborhood in Bensonhurst.”“How high in the air were you, above the clouds?”“Oh, no, just above the rooftops.”“That’s great, I love that POV. Were you just gliding along?”“Absolutely. I could see every street, every building, our house, even my father’s ZT’L old shul. […]

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The Enablers

Those who consider plagiarism no big deal, or tell us that we take blogging “too seriously,” are, you can be sure, bloggers whose work reflects the nadir of authorial laziness. The new media is dramatically changing the landscape of the modern information age. Not to recognize this is akin to those who dismissed the lightbulb […]

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Internet Plagiarism

“Whoever quotes his source brings redemption to the world.” The Talmud: Tractate Megillah, 15a. Tractate Chulin, 104 b. Tractate Niddah 19b. Avot, 6.6. I have just become aware of a case of plagiarism by the anonymous left-wing Jewish blogger Dov Baer. This is quite serious, for DB, apparently, has a wide readership. Further, DB is […]

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Tanakh Companion: “Book of Samuel”

Tanakh Companion: The Book of Samuel (Ben Yehuda Press, Teaneck N.J.) ISBN: 0-9769862-4-9 Paperback, $19.95 I happen to love learning the Ne’veim, the Prophets. Always have. It’s the story-teller in me. The Ne’veim are filled with great characters, epic narratives, and let’s face it, blood and guts and battles galore. A new series has just […]

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Guns or Jewels?

Actress/Model Elizabeth Hurley likes guns better than jewels. We like Liz.

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Names and Addresses of the Neturei Karta

Here are the Monsey addresses and phone numbers of the Neturei Karta Rodfim who attended the Holocaust denial conference in Iran. Yisroel Dovid Weiss SR”Y (Sheim Reshaim Yirkov)183 Quackenbush Ln. Tel: (845) 356-1737 Yisroel Pinchos Feldman SR”Y 208 Saddle River Rd. Corner ParkTel: (845) 352-3927 Dovid Shlomo Feldman SR”Y15 Old Nyack TpkeTel: (845) 426-6812 Moshe […]

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Letters from Iwo Jima Destroyed

I predicted that Clint Eastwood’s love song to the Japanese brutes on Iwo Jima would sink like a stone at the box office. The week-end grosses are in and they are dismal. The picture brought in a mere $15,000 per screen, for a total of $76,000 on five screens. That is very bad. Look for […]

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If any comparison could be made between Prime Minister Olmert and another politician it would have to be Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain. Both are guilty of believing that your enemies are just like you. Both believe that sitting around and chatting with your enemies will solve existential problems. Both follow policies of appeasement. Chamberlain ignored […]

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Olmert To Free Terrorists

“The time has come to show flexibility and largesse regarding the terrorist prisoners,” Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told the Cabinet yesterday (Sunday). “It could be that this opinion is different than that which was presented at previous government meetings, but this is my opinion.” Ministers Shimon Peres, Amir Peretz, Sha’ul Mofaz and others agree that […]

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Apocalypto, Gasp! Culturally Insensitivity!

“Filmmaker Mel Gibson has touched off a controversy with his violent epic, “Apocalypto,” but it has nothing to do with long-standing charges that he’s anti-Semitic. Members of the high-minded left are accusing Gibson of “racism” and “cultural insensitivity” for his allegedly unfair portrayal of ancient Mayan civilization. Much of “Apocalypto” revolves around the Mayan’s charming […]

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Bring Ahmadinejad to Justice

On December 14, the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations along with the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs hosted an international symposium entitled: Bring Ahmadinejad to Justice For Incitement to Genocide. Among the International Legal and Diplomatic Experts at the symposium were: Ambassador John Bolton, Ambassador Dore Gold, Ambassador Meir Roseanne, Hon. Irwin Cotler, […]

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The War of Ideas

“The domestic and international debate about the Palestinians has become thoroughly detached from reality. On the one hand there are the friendlies. These include the Olmert government, the Israeli media, the Bush administration and some European governments. The friendlies say that the “moderate” Palestinian Authority Chairman and Fatah terror organization commander Mahmoud Abbas is the […]

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Egypt Demands Eilat

It will be remembered that the 1967 war broke out after Egypt closed the straits of Tiran and strangled the trade from Israel’s southern port city of Eliat. Yet it is hardly known by anyone that Egypt has staked a claim to the city of Eilat, ever since Egypt lost Eilat to the nascent state […]

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Apple: Phone Home

There is a great deal of buzz about Apple entering the cell phone market. I have been hearing about the Apple cell phone for years. But it does seem as if Apple is, at last, truly poised to enter the market in two stages in 2007: the first phone will download music, much like an […]

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Apple, The NY Times, & Me… Really

Several years ago I caught wind of a new musical device called an i-Pod. I thought it was neat. Actually, I thought it was more than neat. I thought it was brilliant and potentially huge. Physically, it was a beautiful object: white, silky, sleek and sexy, and the entire software package, so simple to use, […]

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I’m… dreaming… of a white… Chri — ummm, holidays

I guess I’m in the group that shrugs and says, “What in the world is so wrong about your dry cleaner, and (gasp!) the evening news, and even (double gasp and grabbing of chest!) your senator saying “Merry Christmas?” I don’t get it, I swear I don’t. Ninety percent of the country is actively or […]

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Jerusalem vs. Athens

Why were the Maccabees opposed to the Greek Religion and Culture? Click here to listen to Professor Louis Feldman explain it all. Hat Tip: Seraphic Friend, Ari Kinsberg

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Letters from Iwo Jima

“The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth.” — George Orwell, 1984 ******* The critics have been falling all over themselves in praise of Clint Eastwood’s latest film, Letters from Iwo Jima. It’s a film about that horrendous and bloody battle — from the Japanese point of view. I have not […]

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