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Our Friends, The Saudis

On 9/11, 15 of the 19 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia. The special relationship between Saudi Arabia and America was jolted and potentially in danger from the al Qaeda attack. By now, most Americans who have been paying attention know that al Qaeda represents the apotheosis of Sunni Muslim fanaticism and has been supported with […]

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Odd Inclinations

a·cer·se·com·icn. a person whose hair has never been cut e·loz·ab·leadj. amenable to flattery gy·no·ti·ko·lo·bo·mass·o·phi·li·an. a proclivity for nibbling on women’s earlobes Hat Tip: Futility Closet

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UN to the Rescue

After days of tortuous debate the UN has finally spoken out on the Iranian kidnapping of the British sailors. Here it is: The UN have expressed grave concern over the incident. They will not, however, deplore the incident. Um, hellooo, it’s not an incident. It’s an act of war. Just thought we should clear that […]

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British Hostage Crisis in Detail

Verum Serum analyzes the British hostage crisis in detail. The Iranians can’t even tell a convincing lie. Superb. The Mainstream Media, who get all excited about Gitmo, don’t seem terribly indignant as the Persians parade kidnapped Leading Seaman Faye Turney on TV. It’s like: Oh, doesn’t she look fashionable with her head wrapped like that. […]

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How to Win & Lose

How to Win in Iraq by Arthur Herman. Here’s a sample: To most Americans, the nearest example of a failed war is Vietnam. As in Iraq today, we came up against a guerrilla-type insurrectionary force led by ideological extremists; in the end, we were forced to withdraw and surrender the country of South Vietnam to […]

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Iwo Jima in Lebanon

Inside Hizballah’s Hidden Bunkers The elaborate network of bunkers and fortified firing positions built over a six-year period in sealed-off valleys and hilltops throughout south Lebanon was key to Hizballah’s ability to survive Israel’s onslaught during last summer’s month-long war. Israeli soldiers spoke of Hizballah fighters bursting out of the ground to loose off a […]

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Allies in War

“We shall not fail or falter; we shall not weaken or tire. Neither the sudden shock of battle, not the long-drawn trials of vigilance and exertion will wear us down. Give us the tools, and we will finish the job.” Winston Churchill “You name them. I’ll shoot them.” George Patton to Eisenhower.

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Shadow War

The very public diplomatic game going on among England, Iran, and America, masks a deadly covert war that does not make the front pages of your newspapers. Why have the Iranians chosen this moment in time to kidnap these British troops? First and foremost, Iran’s economy is in shambles. The mullahs are desperate to divert […]

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Guess Who’s Going to Deport Palestinians?

Libya’s leader Muammar Gaddafi has decided to boycott the Arab League’s summit, set to be held in Riyadh at the end of March, in response to what he considers as the Arab leaders’ plan to “sacrifice” the refugee issue in order to please Israel. Gaddafi is worried that in the framework of the Saudi peace […]

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The John Doe Manifesto

Earlier this month, six publicity-seeking imams filed a federal lawsuit against US Airways and the Metropolitan Airports Commission in Minneapolis/St. Paul. The Muslim clerics were removed from their flight last November and questioned for several hours after their suspicious behavior alarmed both passengers and crew members. Minneapolis Star Tribune columnist Katherine Kersten reported last week […]

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Embracing Jihadist “Peace”

In an open act of war, Iran Friday kidnapped 15 British soldiers in the Persian Gulf. Iran’s act of aggression occurred just as the British voted in favor of a UN Security Council resolution imposing increased sanctions against Teheran for its illicit nuclear weapons program. Several theories have been raised to explain Iran’s behavior. Some […]

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UN: Human Rights Nightmare

The UN’s Human Rights Commission has been told it is a hypocritical and prejudiced body which does nothing to help millions of people in need, due to its obsessive focus on demonizing Israel. In a speech given during a session of the Human Rights Commission on March 23rd, Hillel Neuer, Director of UN Watch, delivered […]

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Robert Steps Out

The Mission “I need a manual can opener.” Karen mimes a leveraging motion in the air: wrist held aloft, then a downward motion, like an oil derrick: pump, pump, pump. “Not electric, Robert, got it?” I rip a post-it and carefully scrawl: man can opnr. “We also need dishtowels, two red, two blue, one large […]

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The Persian Plan

The capture of British Navy servicemen by Iranian forces is not simply an incident over sea sovereignty in the Persian Gulf. It is a calculated move on behalf of Teheran’s Jihadi chess players to provoke a “projected” counter move by London and its American allies. It is all happening in a regional context, carefully engineered […]

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Prison: Just like High School

Seraphic Disclaimer: This post contains some language that is a bit, actually, a lot more graphic than is normally found in Seraphic Secret. So if you are young, under 18, religiously modest, or secularly modest, the following, which deals with life in a women’s prison, might not be appropriate reading matter for you. “We figured […]

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Quick Cuts

Here are some books I’ve read in the past few days that I’d like to recommend. As you can see, they run the gamut: Wisdom from the Batcave: How to Live a Super, Heroic Life by Cary A. Friedman. This is Batman as mussar, ethics. A slim and lovely volume that goes to the core […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere #111

Here we go, Haveil Havalim #111 has hit cyberspace, and this is the Daf Edition. Compiled by Daf Notes, our Cyber Chavrusha does a great job of digging his thumb into the cyber Beis Midrash and coming up with the best of the Jewish blogosphere. Daf Notes even prefaces with a nice D’var Torah, and […]

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Cathy Seipp’s Funeral

The funeral for Cathy Seipp was well attended, and for all, deeply moving. We spoke to Cathy’s 17-year old daughter Maia, and offered some measure of nechama, comfort. It was difficult and tragic beyond words. Cathy’s friend, Greg Critser, spoke beautifully and appropriately. He discussed death, he spoke of the bottomless grief the great Jewish […]

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Cathy Seipp

Our friend Cathy Seipp passed away yesterday after a long battle with lung cancer. Here is the obituary from the Los Angeles Times, a paper she fearlessly critiqued. Over the years, Cathy and I used to meet at Farmer’s Market, for Cathy loved its old Los Angeles ambience. We would sit and schmooze for hours. […]

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Shul Dinner: 4th Generation Conflict

SCENE ONE: Find Your Gun Shop “You know where your gun-shop is?”“Uh-huh.”“Drive to your gun-shop. But do not stop and buy any weapons, Robert. “Okey-dokey.”“Keep going along Washington Boulevard, not Washington Place, drive for about a mile-and-half and then you’ll come right to the hotel. Make a left, and pull right in.” My shul is […]

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