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Indictment, Part I

The Winograd Committee’s interim report on the Second Lebanese War, the IDF, and the conduct of Prime Minister Olmert, Defense Minister Peretz, and former IDF Chief of Staff Dan Chalutz, is, to put it mildly, damning. Here is the initial report in English. A few relevant passages, bold type by Seraphic Secret: The IDF was […]

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Karen Does Not Gamble

“Remember that Chinese Auction I told you about?”“Um, vaguely.”“I bid on a vacuum cleaner.”“Right, I wanted to bid on the Sony Camcorder.”“Yeah, but I knew that we’d win if we bid on the vacuum cleaner.” Karen is standing in the doorway of my office. A few weeks ago we received a mailing from Ariel’s ZT’L […]

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Guilt and Shame

In their frenzy for power and regaining the White House, the Democrats have outsourced their rational cognitive processes to their unconscious feelings and fears; they have closed their eyes to the unpleasant reality about the inevitable psychological consequences of their defeatist and appeasing appeasment and defeatist behavior; and are in the grip of a profound […]

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Ariel Avrech ZT’L Memorial Lecture 2007

The Fourth Annual Ariel Avrech ZT’L Yahrtzeit Lecture will take place, AY”H, on Sunday June 17, 2007, at 10 AM at the Young Israel of Century City, to be followed by a brunch. Young Israel of Century City9317 West Pico BoulevardLos Angeles, CA 90035(310) 273 – 6954 We are pleased to announce that we have […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere #114

It’s Sunday. You’e eating your bagel, sipping your morning coffee, and saying to yourself: Whatever am I going to do with myself today? Anxiety. Have no fear, Haval Haveilim #114 is here. Thta’s right, another excuse to plop yourself down at the computer and zone out for who knows how many hours. The lawn needs […]

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Love, Murder & Picket Fences

Eden lights a cigarette, the sleeve of her blouse rises and I glimpse thick white scars, like worms under her skin, testament to her former life as a junkie. “Here’s the thing, I’m not saying I wasn’t responsible for what I did, I was. I was a bad person filled with sin and evil, but […]

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Presidential Power & Terrorists

America’s criminal justice system is actually intended to give each citizen the maximum opportunity to fight the government and return to the streets. That’s why we have Miranda warnings, bail, the right to a speedy trial, the right to counsel, evidentiary exclusion, the rules of evidence, etc. Everything is meant to give a citizen a […]

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Jane: On Human Evil

“There is, I believe, in every disposition a tendency to some particular evil, a natural defect, which not even the best education can overcome.” —Pride and Prejudice, Chapter XI, Mr. Darcy to Elizabeth. ******* Serapic Secret has been nominated for Best Personal Blog for the Jewish Israeli Blog Awards. Thanks so much for the nomination. […]

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The White Feather

For the first time in American history the House of Representatives has informed the military that it knows more than the Commander in Chief about conducting a war. In doing so this Congress also has notified the enemy in our ongoing war in Iraq when the enemy should expect us to begin pulling out troops […]

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Is the War on Terror Over?

Do we still need to fight a war on terror? The answer seems to be no for an increasing number in the West who are weary over Afghanistan and Iraq or complacent from the absence of a major attack on the scale of 9/11. To read Victor Davis Hanson’s entire article, please click here.

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Palestinian Failure

For American lawmakers of either party, tinkering with Social Security has long been considered the ‘third rail’ of American politics, a kind of kiss of death for any politician with higher aspirations. Talk of renouncing violence is the ‘third rail’ of Palestinian lawmakers. For them, such talk is political suicide. Such talk is also considered […]

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The Media: Hizbullah’s Best Friend

While the war between Israel and Hizbullah raged in Lebanon and Israel last summer, it became clear that media coverage had itself started to play an important role in determining the ultimate outcome of that war. It seemed clear that news coverage would affect the course of the conflict. And it quickly transpired that Hizbullah […]

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Romney in Yeshiva

“What Jimmy Carter fails to understand is what so many fail to understand: Whether it is Hamas or Hezbollah or al Qaeda, there is an overarching goal among the violent jihadists that transcends borders and boundaries,” Romney says. “That goal is to replace all modern Islamic states with a caliphate, to destroy Israel, to cause […]

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Desires of the Human Heart

People talk of an Army breaking under the strain, but while there remains a sliver of hope that Iraq might avoid conflagration into full-scale genocide, out here, where bones splinter and flesh really does burn, there is a kind of clarity. And on these empty streets, a practiced eye regards the slivers of hope that […]

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No Yen for Yoga

“Get on the floor”“Do I have to?”“C’mon, just lie down for a minute.”“I don’t really wanna”“Robert, can’t you just do this one thing for me?” Karen has just returned from her Wednesday evening Yoga Minyan, an all women’s Yoga class she takes with several lovely Lubavitch ladies. Karen’s got that adorable Audrey Hepburn thing going […]

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What About Bob?

The soldiers called him Bob, and for the past several weeks, until Tuesday morning, he was the biggest obstacle to the success of an important mission in a small but crucial corner of the Iraq war. Great dispatch from Iraq, war up-close and personal, from writer David Finkel. Please click here to read the entire […]

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Why We Fight

Why and when do Americans feel compelled to pick up arms and commit blood and treasury to war? I have pondered this question for many years, studied American history and her wars, and there is one single overriding pattern that emerges. Americans make war on oppressive empires, empires that make war on liberty and justice. […]

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Israel is 59

Offspring #3 is studying at a seminary in Jerusalem this year. We speak on the phone, and with great excitement she tells me about all the programs for Yom Ha-Atzmaut, Israel Independence Day, her wonderful school has planned for the young ladies. “We’re going to go the park to have a humongous barbecue; then we’ll […]

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In the Beginning Was the Word

cac·o·graph·icadj. badly written or spelled dactylconomyn. the art of counting on one’s fingers Hat Tip: Futility Closet This is driving us crazy. Really. Karen and I have noticed that some people, perhaps in an effort to sound sophisticated, are pronouncing the silent T in the word often. This is wrong. The correct prononciation is: offen. […]

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Seraphic Secret Nominated

I just found out that Serapic Secret was nominated for Best Personal Blog for the Jewish Israeli Blog Awards. Thanks so much for the nomination. Anyway, the first round of voting is taking place right now and if you feel like voting for us, well, we’d greatly appreciate it. Click here to vote for Seraphic […]

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