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Quick Cuts or Robert Goes ADD

Authorities just defused a huge and viable terrorist bomb in London. This comes after Tony Blair leaves office and an anti-Iraq war government moves into 10 Downing Street. Can anyone spell: Neville Chamberlain? What else? An ex-Gitmo detainee has been shot down by Russian FSB, near Chechnya. I’ll bet the ACLU is preparing a case […]

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i Phone Therefore i Shop

Okay, okay, I’m driving you crazy with my iPhone mishigas. What can I say? I’m single-handedly trying to artificially drive up the price of the stock. I wish. And you think it’s easy coming up with these dopey headlines? No really, Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal is one of the, ahem, rebbeim of […]

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Grand Slam

The Jewish people have been waiting 5,000 years for this transcendental experience. Click here to view a true miracle from Israel. I’m not kidding, this video will bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eye. If not, check chest for presence of heartbeat—or wallet for Hamas membership card. Hat Tip: Seraphic […]

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i Phone Therefore i Exist

We make no secret of being huge Apple enthusiasts here at Seraphic Secret. We have also revealed that we invested in Apple stock several years ago as it was languishing at about $13 per share. It was then that we noticed Apple’s new music playing device, the iPod. Actually, we noticed the adoration that trendy […]

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Tip of my Tongue

Okay, try and make a coherent sentence using these three words: agelastn. one who never laughs misodoctakleidistn. one who hates practicing the piano nelipotone who is walking barefoot Hat Tip: Futility Closet

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“Thing is, he’s going to kill me.” “Have you gone to the police?” “Yes, of course I have.” “And what happened?” She shakes her head from side to side, wraps her arms protectively around her chest. “I got a restraining order against Ned, that’s my ex. But you know what good that is, don’t you?” […]

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Ariel Avrech ZT’L Yahrtzeit Lecture Summary ’07

Here are Karen’s opening remarks, delivered on June 17, 2007, at the Young Israel of Century City. Last year I spoke of the bittersweet joy of hearing new anecdotes about Ariel. A recounting of the briefest of interactions, gaining the perspective of someone Ariel knew but was unknown to me, seeing a photo I had […]

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Killer Fashion Accessories

Our friends at Libertas report that Hollywood dim-star Cameron Diaz was trekking in Peru carrying a “fashionable” Mao tote bag emblazoned with the Communist Red Star, and one of Chairman Mao’s cuter sayings: Serve the People. During the Cultural Revolution this was not-so-subtle code for: Inform on your mother, your father, your sister, your brother, […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere #122

Sunday morning. I’m on deadline. I have to get to work on my script. Oh, but wait, look what’s just popped into my e-mail: Haveil Havelim. Baruch HaShem. Now I have the perfect excuse not to work. I’ve got hours and hours of reading I just have to get through. Why? Well, Karen, it’s a […]

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Call for Community Prayer

I have just been informed that a very young child from our community nearly drowned on Thursday. She is now on life support at Cedars-Sinai Hospital. Obviously, her medical condition is dire. Please daven, pray, for Batya Rafaela bat Hadassah. Thank you.

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Mighty Jihad Propaganda

The mighty Debbie Schlussel goes to the movies and, gee what a shock, discovers that A Mighty Heart, panders to Muslim terrorists, enables jihadists—and is a mighty piece of junk. And I thought Hollywood was going to be, y’ know honest and show what a hateful, anti-Semitic bunch of barbarians our enemies truly are. Just […]

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U.N. Workers Murdered by Hamas

During the final hours of Hamas’ military conquest of the Gaza Strip last Thursday, two peace activists and a pair of UN aid workers were gunned down by members of the terror group. The first incident occurred when some 1,000 unarmed Palestinian demonstrators marched in Gaza City demanding that Hamas end its murderous rampage, reported […]

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Surrender or Die

A big fight seems to be brewing. As of about noon in Baqubah on the 22nd, there seems to be a lull in the fighting. A calm. This is about to get wet. At the going rate, al Qaeda in Baqubah will soon have two choices: Surrender, or die. America’s greatest war correspondent, Michael Yon, […]

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Jake Wins!

Mazal Tov to Seraphic Friend Jake Novak for winning the LA Press Club Award for his comic strip “Shmooze or Lose.” Click here for the link, scroll down to “D$ Editorial Cartoon” for the citation and comments. Jake is a frequent Seraphic Secret commenter and contributor; his words always provide a unique perspective on all […]

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The Kesher with Kesher

Honestly, I expected her to be John Wayne tall. Reading her posts all these years I’ve been really, really, really intimidated by her incandescent intelligence and serene ability to cut to the heart of the matter in all things. “This is one smart woman,” Karen said after reading a Kesher post that dealt with Israel […]

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The Rupture

Gaza, The Brotherhood, The Dogs of War Until 1967, Gaza was part of of Egypt. The Arabs who lived in Gaza considered themselves, get this, Egyptians. The Muslim Brotherhood was active and quite popular in Gaza—and outlawed by the Egyptian government. It’s important to be aware of The Muslim Brotherhood for they paved the way […]

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Two Tales of the Past

The continuing story of the author’s love for his wife, Karen. It began when Robert was 9-years old, in the fourth grade in Yeshiva Flatbush. It’s a long, story complicated story. How I Married Karen — Chapter 39 “Look at the body on that woman.” I have just asked the famous director about his Jewish […]

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Scenes from the Weekend: One

The lecture is over. Everyone is enjoying the brunch. In the community room, I’m weak from hunger; haven’t had a chance to eat for hours and hours because I’ve been so keyed up about the lecture, the whole weekend. Now, I’m sitting at a table and shoveling a cheese blintze into my mouth. A shadow, […]

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Ariel Avrech Memorial Lecture 2007

This weekend: The Fourth Annual Ariel Avrech ZT’L Yahrtzeit Lecture will take place, AY”H, on Sunday June 17, 2007, at 10 AM at the Young Israel of Century City, to be followed by a brunch. Young Israel of Century City9317 West Pico BoulevardLos Angeles, CA 90035(310) 273 – 6954 We are pleased to announce that […]

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Waldheim: Nazi War Criminal

You have to admit, Waldheim found the perfect job: Secretary General of the U.N. Talk about typecasting. Kurt Waldheim’s record of direct involvement in Nazi slaughter of Jews and of others who resisted or were deemed threats in the Balkans was ignored by both the Russians and the United States, who both had evidence in […]

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