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“They tried to, how to say it, wash my mind?’“Brainwash you?”“Yes, that is it, exactly.” The Doctor is in his mid to late sixties. Thin as a celery stalk, he is exquisitely polite as he simultaneously conducts a physical for my life insurance policy, and slowly, haltingly reveals his life story. Shy and painfully reserved, […]

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Coming Soon: Sharia Airlines

This is, no doubt, an opening salvo in the next offensive by Muslims on western civilization. Look for the ACLU to take up the cause of The Flying Princesses. Three Arab princesses were thrown off a packed British Airways flight after refusing to sit next to male passengers they didn’t know. The dispute — in […]

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Secret Egyptian Pact with Hamas

Egypt has quietly made a deal with Hamas. In return for looking the other way as Hamas smuggles cash and weapons into Gaza, Hamas will not allow Islamic terrorists to operate, from Gaza, against Egypt. Fatah had not been able to prevent this over the past few years. Israel is after Egypt to help stop […]

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Terrorati: Whoops

Karen says: “The most interesting items in the New York Times are the corrections, or as they are called: For the Record.” Here’s a doozy Karen brought to my attention. On Tuesday July 24, Isabel Kershner wrote an article titled: Blair Takes On New Role as Mideast Envoy, Amid Constraints. Here is a For The […]

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Images Before the Shoah

The pictures, in black and white, are softly focused, but the images are sharp and striking. These are our ancestors in Poland before the Holocaust. They are ordinary workers, scholars and doe-eyed schoolchildren; there are graves of holy Rabbis, the miraculous grave of a Polish nobleman who converted to Judaism, there’s a yeshiva for young […]

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Jane Has Nothing to Say

“I do not know what is the matter with me today, but I cannot write quietly; I am always wandering away into some exclamation or other. Fortunately, I have nothing very particular to say.” — Jane Austen, Letter to her sister Cassandra It is comforting to know — in a twisted sort of way — […]

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Dying to Write for The N.Y. Times

Seraphic Secret has pointed out that the mainstream media enables Muslim/Arab jihadists by regularly affording these Jew-haters editorial space in their newspapers, thus conferring an air of legitimacy on such terrorist gangs as Hamas and Hizbullah. Thus, we have dubbed these liberal journalists, care of Seraphic friend Ralphie, The Terrorati. Now, journalist David Paulin, a […]

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In a Word

Okay, Seraphic Friends, here’s your assignment: pick up your Number Two pencils, open your notebooks, and and make up a brilliant and coherent sentence using the following three words: empleomaniacn. one who is overly eager to hold public office unasinousadj. equally stupid scombroidadj. resembling a mackerel Hat Tip: Futility Closet

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Terrorati Strike Again

Seraphic Secret has written at length about the Terrorati, (H/T Seraphic Friend Ralphie, who coined the term) the arch liberals in the mainstream media who enable Islamofascists by giving them space in their newspapers to voice jihadist propaganda. The guardians of the MSM, no doubt, defend their editorial decisions by arguing that we need to […]

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Save John Doe

The Democrats want to kill the John Doe Amendment. The Republicans want to save it. Here’s the roll-call. The Senate Democrats are on suicide watch for this nation. Next time you get on a plane and you see someone suspicious, you’ll hesitate to report it because of course if you’re wrong, you’ll get sued for […]

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Israel and Barry Bonds

Yes, Israel now has a professional baseball league. No, Barry bonds has not been drafted by the Jewish state. But Israel does have a Barry Bonds problem, and though we all love baseball and some would say that the national past time is the life-blood of the American soul, I’m sure no one would argue […]

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Suing CAIR

New York Attorney Andrew Nitzberg has asked Anti-CAIR for assistance in locating witnesses. Please read the following and help out if you can. Thank you, Andrew WhiteheadDirector, Anti-Council on American-Islamic Relations (Anti-CAIR) ===================================================== My name is Andrew Nitzberg and I am a trial attorney practicing largely in the state of New York. I am the […]

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Present Tense: Temple Destruction

It is T’sha B’av. We remember the destruction of the two holy Temples. We fast, we mourn, we read Eichah, The Book of Lamentations: Alas — she sits in solitude. The city that was great with people has become like a widow. The greatest among nations, the princess among provinces has become a tributary. — […]

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The NY Times War Against the Jews: The Terrorati

The New York Times ramps up its war against the Jews. This time they use the most time honored of methods: a formerly religious Jew, now an arch liberal, writes a seemingly scholarly, and dispassionate criticism of Judaism. The only problem: the article by the embittered and massively narcissistic former yeshiva student Noah Feldman, is […]

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Genocide Generals

The national myth in Germany is that the German army, the Wehrmacht, did not participate in the genocide of World War II. This was, so the myth goes, exclusively the province of the SS, the Einsatzgruppen, and local fascist collaborators. Common sense has always whispered that this is nonsense. Such a division of labor cannot […]

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Farewell Britain

Yesterday, we posted an on-line petition urging British physicians not to Boycott Israeli physicians. That the British would even consider such a move is infamous. Would they boycott Arab/Muslim physicians who are Israeli citizens and routinely work side by side with their Jewish collegues in Israeli hospitals? How about Christian and Druze physicians who also […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere #126 Plus Brigitte Bardot

Sean Connery and Brigitte Bardot in Shalako, 1968 “You’re too beautiful to die.” says Sean Connery. Brigitte Bardot says— Actually, I have no idea what her line of dialog is. And neither does she. I’m watching Shalako, an obscure American western that was shot in Spain with an international cast. Bardot didn’t take too many […]

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British Physicians Considering Israeli Boycott

I have to admit, I’m at the point where I feel like throwing up my hands and letting Britain drown in their own medieval thuggery. Fact: Britain has an aggressive Muslim population who want Sharia and have convinced many British that if Israel—Jews, wink-wink—would just disappear, well, everything will be just hunky-dory. Of course, it’s […]

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Not So Great Britain

“I think I can save the British Empire from anything — except the British.” — Winston Churchill

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Global Warming: The Solution

Jihadists are blowing up innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, London, Israel, Spain; well, name a country with a Muslim population, and what shock — you’ve got Islamic terror. But the progressives/liberals/Democrats/lefties/Greenies, oh, gee I give up — are worried about, um, the weather. That way they don’t have to think about some lunatic […]

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