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Obscure Movies for Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend. Some people grill. Not me. No way. Too labor intensive. Some people get in their cars and drive. I’d rather bang my head against the wall for an hour. I hate driving. There are folks who bop on over to their relatives to enjoy a congenial family circle. Sigh. No family in […]

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The anti-Israeli “Hollywood” Blacklist

They use all the familiar grievances: the occupation of Palestinian lands, the oppression of the Palestinian people, blah, blah blah. But look, the Egyptians don’t give a crap about the so-called Palestinians, never have. They have them locked up in Gaza—I’m talking air-tight—and the only thing that gets into Gaza from the Egyptian border are […]

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Public Spotlight on Terrorism

Steve Emerson is, at last, on-line, with his Investigative Project on Terrorism. This is an excellent resource about world-wide jihad from New York to Jerusalem and it’s free. We strongly urge all our Seraphic Friends to bookmark this site. If you want to understand the existential battle being waged against the West by the Muslim […]

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Flight 93 Memorial: Jihad in Disguise

Someone you love is, G-d forbid, murdered. Years later a memorial for your beloved is designed, and oh my gosh—the memorial glorifies guess who? The murderer. Does this scenario sound too grotesque to be real? Well, obviously you have not been paying attention to the Flight 93 Memorial designed by Paul Murdoch of Los Angeles. […]

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Counterinsurgency in Hollywood

LTC John Nagl is a fine guest on the Jon Stewart Show. Nagl was one of the co-authors of the new “U.S. Army/Marine Corps Counterinsurgency Field Manual.” LTC Nagl is solid, really funny and deeply human. He sums up the manual like this: “Be professional, be polite, be prepared to kill.” Perfect. You can view […]

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The Protocols of Christiane Amanpour

I’m pretty sure that I’m suffering Post Traumatic Syndrome from watching the entire six hours of Christiane Amanpour’s G-d’s Warriors, and then blogging about the propaganda piece. Here’s my coverage: Watching Al Jazeera, Part IWatching Al Jazeera, Part IIWatching Al Jazeera, Part III Honestly, calling this, um—thing—journalism would be like calling Julius Streicher a nuanced […]

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Watching Al Jazeera, Part III

SCENE ONE: I’m staring at a bottle of Vodka. I really, really get. it The whole get loaded, get ripped, get drunk and just let world drift by thing. I’m figuring that’s the only way I can get through Part III of G-d’s Warriors: Christianity. But there’s a little problem. I don’t drink. Ever. I […]

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Watching Al Jazeera, Part II

I’m actually hopeful for the first few minutes as Al Jazeera lady summarizes the history of the Muslim Brotherhood and one of it’s founders Sayyid Qutb, his pathological hatred for America, his eventual imprisonment and execution in Egypt by Gamal Abdel Nasser. But I’m beginning to notice something weird about this segment, Al Jazerra Lady […]

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Watching Al Jazeera, Part I

So Karen and I sit down, flip channels, and what do you know, suddenly Al Jazeera pops up. “Since when do we get Al Jazeera?” I ask.“We don’t,” Karen assures me. Oh man, gotta call the cable company and make sure we’re not paying for this Jew-hatred. There’s all this slow mo footage overlaid with […]

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The Screenwriter’s Secret Weapon

“What’s the best book on screenwriting?” This question comes my way about ten times a month. I have several responses: 1. There are none.2. There are five pretty good books.3. There is one good book.4. Write a few screenplays before you read any books.5. There is one “best” book — but it’s not about screenwriting. […]

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EU Lights UP Gaza

Relief was on the way Tuesday for Gazans who had sweltered in dark, airless homes and choked on generator smoke during five days of power outages after European donors announced they would resume desperately needed aid. The European Union had suspended payments for fuel that powers major Gaza electricity generators on Sunday, suspecting the Strip’s […]

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EU Cuts Lights to Gaza

Gaza Strip – Hundreds of thousands of Gaza residents were forced to make do without electricity Monday as the coastal strip’s power supply became the latest victim of feuding between Gaza’s Hamas rulers and their Fatah rivals. European donors stopped paying key electricity aid over the weekend, concerned that Hamas is siphoning off revenues. As […]

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The Peace Racket

Seraphic Secret has long maintained that some of the biggest criminals on the planet are pacifists, those murderous peaceniks who self-righteously proclaim that all violence is wrong. Inevitably, these people end up enabling some of the worst dictators on the earth, and often these moral paragons end up enabling genocide. G-d forbid they should pick […]

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Studying War

Military history teaches us about honor, sacrifice, and the inevitability of conflict. Try explaining to a college student that Tet was an American military victory. You’ll provoke not a counterargument—let alone an assent—but a blank stare: Who or what was Tet? Doing interviews about the recent hit movie 300, I encountered similar bewilderment from listeners […]

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The Bumper Sticker Mind

Here’s the latest in deeply progressive political thought. Hat Tip: Seraphic Friend Yehudit, Kesher And let’s all wish Yehudit and Kesher a happy five year anniversary. Yehudit’s blog is one of the oldest Jewish blogs on planet earth and one of the very finest. Yehudit’s work is always thorough and incredibly articulate. The Jewish world […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere, Plus Jean Harlow

Jean Harlow Sunday Morning. I am not working on my latest script. I am, instead, watching one of the great Hollywood movie stars as she cracks wise: “I thought we might run up a few curtains and make a batch of fudge while we were planning on what to wear to the country club dance […]

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Tibet: The Victims You Never Hear About

We are always hearing about the poor oppressed Palestinians. Lefties can’t rush to their aid fast enough, and boy are they quick to condemn, ahem, Is-ra-eli a-ggression, while conveniently ignoring Arab on Arab slaughter. The Palis have cleverly positioned themselves as victims par excellence. In truth, they are victims of their own political thuggery. And […]

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Soccer Terror Match

The Palestinian Authority (PA) continues to glorify terrorists and to present them as role models for children. In a school in Tulkarem (West Bank) this week, a soccer tournament was named after Ziyad Da’as. Da’as planned the attack in which a gunman opened fire with an M-16 rifle at a Bat Mitzvah in Hadera in […]

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The United Nations of Criminals

I know that this speech in the UN has been posted before, but I feel compelled to post it again. There are those of you who might not have seen it. And for those of you who have seen it, well, it’s time to view it again, to see someone saying out loud what we […]

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Arab Propaganda + Mainstream Media = Slander American Troops

How ignorant are the editors and journalists in the mainstream media? How gullible? How anxious are they to believe the poison from Arab propagandists? There are no words. Cruise on over to Solomon, and have a look. This is what happens when people who know nothing — I mean nothing about firearms — work in […]

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