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Mufti: No Jewish Prayers in Palestinian Jerusalem

This is shocking, just shocking. A senior Pali Mufti speaks honestly about the final Pali Arab strategy for the Har-Habayit, Temple Mount—if Jerusalem is divided. Guess what the plan is? 1. Freedom of worship for Jews. 2. No Klingons permitted in Pali Jerusalem. 3. The Temple Mount will be Judenrein. If you answered #1, you […]

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Thugs in Charge

It’s an odd phenomenon. The mainstream media gleefully splash huge headlines whenever an Arab is killed by an Israeli. But far more Arabs die at the hands of other Arabs. It’s not even close. Sectarian murder between Fatah and Hamas is epidemic. Clan and tribal feuds in Gaza are reaching horrific levels. Do we need […]

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Fatah TV Promises Elimination of Israel

According to received wisdom Hamas are the radicals and the PA are moderates. Seraphic Secret has been saying for several years that the only difference between Fatah and Hamas are tactics. The long range goal for both terrorist organizations is the destruction of Israel. Hamas wish to eliminate Israel immediately through all forms of terrorism. […]

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Diogenes of the Middle East

A fine essay by Soccer Dad on Yosef Kanefsky’s proposal for a divided Jerusalem. In 1967 Israeli leaders no doubt thought that they’d trade some of the land they captured for peace with Egypt and Jordan (and presumably the wider Arab world.) But Israel never assumed that it would be forced to return to its […]

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Negotiations Fatah Style

This is an interesting negotiating tactic. The, ahem, moderate Holocaust denying President of the PA, Mahmoud Abbas, threatens violence if he doesn’t get everything he wants. Wow, that’s a moderate starting point. Seraphic Secret has maintained that peace talks with the Arabs are a dead issue. They have no interest in building a state, only […]

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United Jerusalem

An emergency coalition of American Jewish groups has been formed to save a united Jerusalem. In response we expect the Arabs to start rioting and killing Jews in terror attacks—and liberals to start whining about: occupation, refugees, poverty, the cycle of violence, the roots of terrorism, racism, Islamophobia, neo- colonialism, capitalism, truth and um, the […]

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The Fate of Iranian Jews

Fascinating article about the Jews of Persia. “I can tell you, based both on personal experience and on what I hear from friends, that there are places [in Iran] where Muslims have already divided among themselves the homes and property of their Jewish neighbors. They say that if there will be a war, the first […]

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Google Maps go Dark on Israel

Last week we noted that jihadists in Gaza were using Goggle Maps to target Israel. Unlike some of our more, ahem, liberal commenters, we thought that this was an atrocity and unacceptable. We also tipped our readers to the facts that Google execs were in secret talks with the IDF. Well, we are glad to […]

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Laura Bush Embraces Tyranny

Caroline Glick observes the First Lady don the abaya and does not like what she sees. And neither should we. Laura Bush now speaks the poison language of multi-culturalism. For the Muslim/jihadist world, this is a huge symbolic victory. For America, for Israel, for Democracies inclined to fight for their freedom this is another nail […]

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Targeted Killings

On the heels of the article by Lieutenant General Yaalon about Ethical Dilemmas in Counterterrorism, here’s a fascinating article that deals with real world ethical problems Israel faces every single day, every single hour. Essential reading. On Saturday morning, Sept. 6, 2003, six F-16s were waiting off the coast of Gaza. Mofaz, the defense minister, […]

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Kanefsky: Flower Child

Karen writes: Liberals like Rabbi Kanefsky do harm by providing fodder for our enemies, thus betraying the cause of Klal Yisroel. But, at their core, they are not Hamas, they are Woodstock children who never grew up. They should not be in positions of leadership or power, for they are just foundlings. They use “magical […]

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Ethical Dilemmas in Counterterrorism

A fine article by Lieutenant General Moshe Yaalon, former Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defense Forces. Over the course of the past six decades, the reason for the existential threat to Israel has remained unchanged: The refusal of many, if not most, governments and peoples in the Middle East to accept the existence of […]

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Kanefsky: Rabbi to Fatah

Normally we would ignore an article printed in the Los Angeles Jewish Journal. The circulation of this weekly paper barely reaches 16,000. This blog reaches far more readers in only two days. There’s also its editorial slant that is somewhat left of Trostsky. A recent editorial advocated that Jewish women marry non-Jewish men because y’know, […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere # 138 Plus Susan Peters

Haveil Havalim #138 is up and Soccer Dad has done a wonderful job of organizing all the entries. Yup, if you want to feel the pulse of the best of the Jewish blogosphere, this is one-stop shopping at its best. We’d like to thank Soccer Dad for including Seraphic Secret’s Google Earth Used to Target […]

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Fire: Up Close and Personal

This from Seraphic friend Karen, who has been a faithful reader and commenter for several years. Karen is a firefighter and is now with thousands of other heroic firefighters battling the hellish Southern California blazes. We thank Karen for her hard work and for taking the time to report on the situation from the front. […]

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Pull the Plug on Fatah

Seraphic Secret would like to go into Shabbat with this fine article by Caroline Glick—who really should be the Prime Minister of Israel. In this essay, Glick only strengthens Seraphic Secrets simple equation: Hamas is Fatah.Fatah is Hamas. Once this simple reality is understood, Israel’s choices are radically focused and the only open road is […]

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Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week: Columbia University

by Fern Sidman On Wednesday evening, October 24th, the tension in the air was palpable on the campus of Columbia University. In a packed classroom in the mathematics building, a panel discussion was held as part of an ongoing series of lectures in a week long event being held on over one-hundred university and college […]

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University of Delaware Campus Bigots

This is not just about academic freedom. This is about Arab bigotry and how anti-Zionism and Jew-hatred have become legitimized forms of expressions in the groves of academia. The University of Delaware have acted disgracefully. No surprise. We have no doubt that Saudi money is being shoveled into their, ahem, Middle Eastern studies dept. Yesterday, […]

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Gaza Blackout at Long Last

Israel is about to cut some electricity and fuel deliveries to Gaza. It’s about time. Seraphic Secret has been calling for this simple measure—for years. It is, literally, insane that Israel is providing electricity and fuel to an entity that is sworn to her destruction. To those who accuse Israel of imposing collective punishment on […]

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Google Earth Used to Target Israel

Google, whose motto is: Do no evil. Well, it seems to Seraphic Secret that aiding terrorists in their murderous work qualifies as evil incarnate. It should be quite easy for the clever software engineers at Google to block out the Israeli portions of their Earth Maps. Palestinian militants are using Google Earth to help plan […]

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