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Charlie Wilson’s War on History

Hey kids, let’s not go to the movies. Here’s tinseltown’s latest delusion: the cold war was fought and won by, get this, an alcoholic, stripper-addicted, cocaine snorting, Democratic congressman. Not Conservative President Ronald Reagan. The name of the film is Charlie Wilson’s War. Oh, and the screenplay is by, what a shock, uber-leftie Aaron Sorkin, […]

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The Day After Annapolis

The Annapolis Summit saga continues based on 5 misconceptions…. 1. That Palestinian society can be reformed by outsiders. 2. That economic assistance to the Palestinians can alleviate political problems. 3. That Mahmoud Abbas can become the agent for change and therefore he deserves the support of the West. 4. That Palestinian society can be quickly […]

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No Room for Jews in Israel

Reality check #1: There were fair and free elections among the so-called Palestinian people. The winner, in a landslide, was Hamas. Only a single precinct went for Fatah. So the true and legitimate voice of the so-called Palestinian people is Hamas. Reality check #2: Hamas tell the truth. It’s a relief to hear, from the […]

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Vast Nazi Archive Opens

Our dear friend Jackie Danicki asked if we had any thoughts on this story: After more than 60 years, Nazi documents stored in a vast warehouse in Germany were unsealed Wednesday, opening a rich resource for Holocaust historians and for survivors to delve into their own tormented past. The treasure of documents could open new […]

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Israel: After Nuclear War

Iran is racing to build a nuclear capability with which to tip the balance of power in the Middle East in favor of the Shia minority—and of course to threaten Israel. Apologists for Persia learnedly point out that the tyrants in Tehran have not explicitly announced that they want to destroy Israel, “only eliminate the […]

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Eliminating the Jewish State

Seraphic Secret has frequently pointed out that the only difference between Fatah and Hamas is tactics. The long term strategy of both terrorist gangs is identical; their charters mirror one another calling for the elimination of the “Zionist entity.” Fatah use a double pronged offensive: terrorist attacks, with plausible deniability built in for the gullible […]

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No Lasting Peace

Another common-sense blast from Ralph Peters, an analyst who refuses to be seduced by the mass delusions of the State Department. Short of intolerable carnage, there’s no durable solution to the Israeli-Palestinian problem. None. The best all parties can hope for is an occasional time-out. A respite between rounds isn’t worthless, of course – lives […]

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Teddy Bear Jihad

I am so relieved that the Sudanese have been invited to Annapolis. After all, we need sane, level-headed, diplomatic voices in these trying times. Okay, so the Sudanese are guilty of genocide. What’re you gonna do, it’s their culture. This is the age of multi-culturalism, right? We’ll just have to be tolerant of Khartoum’s official […]

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To Be or Not to Be

The Annapolis Peace conference begins today. And for those of you who harbor any illusions let Seraphic Secret be quite clear. The conflict between Israel and her Arab neighbors is not about land. It never has been. It’s an existential conflict. Quite simply: Muslims deny the right of Jews to live in their own national […]

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Total War

I’m going to go out on a limb and make a wild prediction—dripping irony here—that attempted terrorist attacks in Israel are going to increase during Annapolis. And after Annapolis fails, and everybody blames the Jooz, the Arabs will riot and of course the world will excuse their bloody rampages—after all, that’s their culture—and Hizbullah/Iran with […]

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The Moral Dementia of Annapolis

Warning: Annapolis is being supported by Israel’s most deep-end leftist organization Peace Now. Not surprising, Peace Now has some of their most fervent supporters here in La-La Land. If you hang around long enough you’ll no doubt them babble on about Tikkun Olam—alot. As if they have the vaguest idea what this concept truly encompasses. […]

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BBC Wipes Israel off the Map

From the BBC Radio yesterday morning: “And later in the program, after we have heard from our correspondent in Annapolis, Maryland, we will be speaking to representatives from both sides, the Palestinians and the Americans.” “Was this just a mistake, or was it a further subconscious glimpse into the BBC’s warped worldview?” Original Post from […]

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General Pershing Fights Jihadists

General John J. Pershing fought Muslim insurgents in the Philippines before World War I. His methods were politically incorrect, but quite effective. Today, he’d be hammmered ruthlessly by the press, court martialed, and thrown in the brig for G-d knows how long. But keep in mind that “Pershing is the only person, while still alive, […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere #142 Plus Peg Entwistle

Haveil Havalim #142 is up. We’d like to thank Soccer Dad for including Seraphic Secret’s Aunt Pearl, Nanny & Thanksgiving in this week’s fine round-up. Hollywood is filled with actors who crave stardom. Every once in a while I gaze up at this sign and ponder the short and very sad life of Welsh born […]

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Saving Israel

Annapolis is coming up on Tuesday and a stew of Judenrein Arab countries are going to show up in order to pressure Israel to, well, cease to exist. Yep, let’s face it, that is the end game. Here’s a revealing quote from a PLO official that lays it out nice and neatly: The Palestinian people […]

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Iraq’s Savage Ironies

Below is a fine article by Victor Davis Hanson, in which he brings much needed military/historical perspective to the war in Iraq. Recently, at a Shabbos lunch, I had a discussion with a friend about Iraq. My friend, sputtering in fury, claimed to have turned a corner against President Bush because of how poorly the […]

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Aunt Pearl, Nanny & Thanksgiving

“Your grandmother felt that the most important American holidays were Thanksgiving and Fourth of July. Oh, she just just loved America, was just so grateful to this country.” I’m speaking to my beloved Aunt Pearl, my mother’s baby sister. We’re separated by several thousand miles; she lives in Florida, I in California, but for a […]

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Oscar Worthy Terrorist Flick

Here’s a little terrorist video that will actually put a smile on your face. My buddy Treppenwitz has posted a fine little video of some Arab/Muslim terrorists, I assume in Gaza, launching what appear to be standard mortar rounds, probably c/o Ehud Olmert, from a home-made rocket launcher, towards Israeli civilian populations, in order to […]

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Open Season on Jewish Settlers

A Jew has been murdered. In the land of Israel. The terrorists will put out the fable that this atrocity was committed in order to derail Annapolis. This is a tactical ploy to force gullible Israelis to stand up and proclaim that no matter how many Jews are murdered they will sit down and negotiate […]

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Terrorist in the AP Newsroom

Further proof that the mainstream media is infected with jihadists and their Western enablers. The AP is one of the most wretched news organizations on earth. There is no transparency to their operation. Try and interview their reporters and editors about how they choose their stories, or their hiring practises, and you run into a […]

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