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The War Over the War

The final chapter of The Winograd Report makes no difference whatsoever. Olmert will not resign. Livni will not resign. Resignation from office would imply honor, dignity—and conscience. It would also admit to shouldering responsibility for grievous errors before, during and after the Second Lebanon War. Olmert and Company are unable to take responsibility for any […]

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Made in Israel

When Israel expelled 9,000 Jews from Gaza, we were assured that the Arabs would build a productive society, and the border with Israel would be peaceful, afterall, the so-called occupation of Gaza was at end. That’s what the liberal narrative promised. Reality intruded. Hamas told the truth. Their terror tactics drove the Jewish pioneers from […]

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Learning From Ariel

Karen writes: The fifth anniversary of Ariel’s (A”H) petirah, is coming upon us. The word “anniversary” seems inappropriate, since it connotes celebration, a kind of renewal. The measure of time is irrelevant for me in any case. As I’ve written countless times before, the more time passes, the deeper my pain, the more I ache […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere # 151

Haveil Havalim #151 is up. This edition is being sponsored by Jameel’s Waffle House. This is the first Post Soccer Dad edition, and Jack’s first time out of the gate. By the way, Jack and I shared pizza together here in Los Angeles a few months ago and his thoughts are anything but random. Anyhoo! […]

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Kibbutz Love Story

Okay, it’s definitely time for some good news, and hey, how about a real life love story from Israel. It was a case of East meets West in the Middle East Thursday night when Shoshana Rebecca Li, a descendant of the Jewish community of Kaifeng, China, married Ami Emmanuel, a new immigrant from Florida, at […]

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Know Your Enemy

The Hamas government’s Covenant, Article Thirteen: [Peace] Initiatives, and so-called peaceful solutions and international conferences, are in contradiction to the principles of the Islamic Resistance Movement. Abusing any part of Palestine is abuse directed against part of religion. And further down: There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad. Initiatives, proposals and […]

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Sinai Terrorist Alert

Immediate fall-out from the Gaza-Egyptian breach. As always, it’s Israel who has to be on alert. This from Andrew Cochran at Counter Terrorism Blog: The Israeli government has issued warnings against traveling in the Sinai Peninsula in the wake of Hamas’ destruction of the Egypt-Gaza Strip border wall and the elimination of any effective border […]

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Gaza and Egypt: The Big Silence

Make no mistake about it, the bombing of the wall between Egypt and Gaza by Hamas is a major event. Hamas have, in effect, declared war on the Egyptian government. Mubarak is in a difficult position. He despises and fears Hamas and all the transnational terrorist gangs who have taken root in Gaza. Yet at […]

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Wallace Reid: Hollywood Shooting Star

Wallace Reid He was one of Hollywood’s leading male stars. Young, handsome, with sex appeal and talent to burn. But he died young, and apparently drugs were involved. The year was 1923. The actor’s name was Wallace Reid, and he was a huge movie star—sadly now all but forgotten, and many of his films lost […]

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Those Whacky Gazans

I don’t know about you but I need some comic relief, and really if you examine the Israeli-Gaza situation, it is pretty nutty. The Gazans overwhelmingly voted into power Hamas, a terrorist organization whose Islamist, Jew-hating covenant explicitly calls for the elimination of the State of Israel, and of Jews everywhere. And yet Israel supplies […]

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The Death of Education and Torah at Hebrew Union College

Seraphic Secret has many friends in many corners of the religious world. We have formed close friendships with Christians of numerous denominations. We have also developed warm relationships with Jews who are active members of the Conservative and Reform branches of Judaism. Several of these friends are deeply concerned with the radical leftists agendas of […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere # 150

Haveil Havalim #150 is up. The Post of the week is Helpless, in which My Shrapnel recalls the homicide attack in which she was injured. Essential reading. We thank Soccer Dad for including Seraphic Secret’s Barely Awake on the Radio in this week’s round-up. ******* Today’s Links You know how Seraphic Secret has been agitating […]

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Israel’s Fifth Column

Peace Now, which has nothing to do with peace, is an organization dedicated to handing victory to the jihadist enemies of the Jewish State. They are lavishly funded by foreign governments. And they are suspected of setting up a financial scam to mask the source of their European funding. Well, of course they did. The […]

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Living Under Terror’s Shadow

If you read the mainstream media, you rarely hear about those who live under constant attack by Gaza’s terrorist jihadist gangs. In fact, the MSM is unnaturally focused on the, ahem, innocent civilians in Gaza; never mind that the Gazans overwhelmingly voted Hamas into power, thus discarding any pretense of innocence. The true innocent civilians […]

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Stopping Iran

An important article in Commentary Magazine by Norman Podhoretz on why America must bomb the Iranian nuclear facilities. Up until a fairly short time ago, scarcely anyone dissented from the assessment offered with “high confidence” by the National Intelligence Estimate [NIE] of 2005 that Iran was “determined to develop nuclear weapons.” Correlatively, no one believed […]

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Lights, Camera, Glamour!

This is the museum to visit if you’re in Los Angeles, though be careful if you’re modest, there are some nude photos in the exhibit. SANTA MONICA, CA.-The California Heritage Museum is pleased to present “Lights! Camera Glamour! The Photography of George Hurrell. ” As studio photographer for MGM, Warner Brothers and Columbia, Hurrell shot […]

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Seraphic Secret Contest Winner

Thanks so much everyone. This was really a tough call. The entries were on such a high caliber that we had a hard time deciding on a winner, but ultimately this extremely clever sentence by YF emerged as the clear favorite of our judges. Ted Kennedy, a jehu if there ever was one, found his […]

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Say the Word: Contest

Okay, we haven’t done this for a while. We’ve been sidetracked by world events: Olmert’s appeasement negotiations with the Fatah terrorists, Iranian gunboats in the Straits of Hormuz, Hillary’s deeply moving tears as she was about to lose another primary, and oh yes, the Writer’s Guild Strike. Sigh. The sheer weight of world and national […]

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Israel: Not an American Colony

Listen to this interview with former UN Ambassador Dorey Gold. The other day in my radio interview with Shalom USA, I said that the Israeli government is responsible for the recent rush to appeasement, not President Bush. Soccer Dad, who was sharing a microphone with me, told me later that he doubted the wisdom of […]

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Settlements are Legal

Seraphic Secret’s position on the so-called settlements is simple: Jews have the right to live anywhere in the world—especially in Israel. Currently there are 22 Arab/Muslim countries that are more or less Judenrein. For some reason the international community finds this ethnic cleansing perfectly acceptable. Wait, make that 23 Arab/Muslim countries, let’s not forget Gaza, […]

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