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Movie Magazines

Lily Damita—Screen Secrets, September 1929Artist: Edwin Bower Hesser In the early days of tinsel town, glossy motion picture magazines fed the public’s voracious appetite for all things Hollywood. The covers were done by brilliant artists. The circulation of some magazines reached as high as five and six-hundred thousand paid subscribers. Newsstand sales increased world-wide circulation […]

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Two Fighting Generals

General John J. Pershing The Hamas covenant gleefully borrows from the notorious Protocols of the Elders of Zion and states that Jews were behind World War I, World War II, international Communism, capitalism and, sigh, Zionism, hence, concludes the official charter of the Palestinian people, the State of Israel must be destroyed and replaced by […]

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Abbas: Moderate Terrorist

Mahmoud Abbas, Moderate Holocaust Denier, Moderate Terrorist We’re shocked, just shocked. The moderate President of the moderate Fatah, who attended the moderately Marxist Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow and wrote a sparkling dissertation on Holocaust denial, yeah a few Jews died during World War II, but mostly from y’know, disease, is whipping out some pretty […]

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Lethal Quassam Attack, Plus A Seraphic Suggestion

“Let’s head to Gaza, there’s a war to fight, jihadists to slice and dice.” The first responsibility of a national government is to protect all its citizens. Not just some of its citizens. Nor should a country, Israel, supply a proudly genocidal entity, Gaza, with the electrical power and fuel with which to kill the […]

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City of Angels for S’derot

Paula Abdul At last, some good news, and Hollywood stars with real voltage stepping forward to support Israel and the embattled residents of S’derot. Hats off to Sly, Paula Abdul, and Jon Voight. Los Angeles is proving to indeed be a “City of Angels.’” A host of Hollywood stars, including Paula Abdul, Sylvester Stallone and […]

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Movies as Moral Landscape

The Seven Samurai Yesterday, in our post, we introduced Gila of My Shrapnel and her articulate dissection, Part I, Part II, of the intellectually bankrupt notes by the director of the film A Death in Jerusalem—a film that is, at best, an ethical black hole. We said that all movies are, in one way or […]

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To Die in Jerusalem

The aftermath of a homicide bombing in Jerusalem We have often pointed out that every film, in one way or another, is a rich moral landscape. Some films are pure propaganda. The work of Leni Riefenstahl in service to the Third Reich, propped up and glorified that genocidal regime. At the same time, Hollywood fought […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere # 155

I was supposed to donate blood this morning at one of our Orthodox shuls. The local Jewish Health Care Fund runs these programs every few weeks. They contacted me by e-mail, and I dutifully made an appointment. So I go, fill in all the paperwork, assure them that I don’t have AIDS, I’m not testing […]

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Captain Joe is Going to Shoot You Tonight

From Seraphic Friend Jameel at The Muqata a story about a Jew who refuses to be intimidated by Arab terrorists, a Jew who strikes fear into the hearts of those who fling rocks and Molotov cocktails at cars traveling 55 mph. Ladies and gentlemen: Captain Joe. Soccer Dad shows why The New York Times is […]

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The Jew Haters of the Methodist Church

When an organization chooses to target the Jewish state, and only the Jewish state with one sided criticism—propaganda really—charges more suited to a totalitarian regime, then we are inclined see classic Jew hatred. The United Methodist Women’s Division chooses to ignore the terrorist entity of Hamas in Gaza, the terrorism of Fatah, the Islamic State […]

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Home Game

“I had to do something, I wasn’t sure what it was, and then I saw some home video that people from Gaza were shooting and it was just so heartbreaking and I said to myself, people have to see this footage.” Producer Avi Abelow is sitting in my office describing how his film Home Game […]

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Olmert’s Gaza Incursion Plan is Folly

The planned incursion into Gaza is not to achieve victory, but to bring in a multi-national force after a cease-fire. And we all know how incredibly effective those multi-national troops have been in the past. Just look at what a great job the UNIFIL troops are doing on the Lebanese border where Hizbullah have rebuilt […]

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Fatah Falls Apart?

This fine article analyzes the chaos that is Fatah. The fact that the Olmert government is negotiating with such a stew of thugs drives home how delusional the foreign policy of Israel, and the Western powers truly are. By Barry Rubin Rather than unite in the face of the Hamas challenge and the task of […]

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Gaza: Ground Invasion High Alert

Seraphic Secret believes that a ground invasion of Gaza is unwise and unnecessary. Israel can accomplish more by cutting power and fuel to Gaza and then mounting an air campaign against this terrorist entity. We fear that a ground offensive will result in far too many IDF casualties, and that no matter how hard the […]

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How Mughnieyha Got Dead

Some days, it’s just good to roll out of bed go to shul, daven, not check out any news until Shabbos is over and then BOOM, discover a nugget of gold like this: Nothing seemed very remarkable about the short, bearded man who mingled with other guests on Tuesday evening at a reception in Damascus, […]

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Mughniyeh’s True Legacy

The great Caroline Glick provides some fascinating analysis into the recent assassination of terrorist Imad Mughniyeh. As I wrote earlier, this was no ordinary hit, the complexity of such an operation cannot be overstated. Running foreign agents in a totalitarian state like Syria is a massively difficult undertaking that demands financing, rock-solid intelligence, agents who […]

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Agenda: 2008 Democratic National Convention

As some of you may know Seraphic Secret has confidential sources deep inside the Democratic Party. Recently this secret document was leaked to us by our source: Deep Kvetch. Yup, it’s the official agenda for the 2008 DNC Convention. The agenda of the opposition is deeply revealing—especially the last item. 7:00 pm Opening flag burning.7:15 […]

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Our Friends The Saudis

This from the country, actually a corrupt family corporation, that does not allow Jews to set foot on its holy Muslim soil. Saudi Arabia’s rulers threatened to make it easier for terrorists to attack London unless corruption investigations into their arms deals were halted, according to court documents revealed yesterday. Previously secret files describe how […]

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Jane Austen on the Dangers of Appeasement

Seraphic Secret writes frequently about the dangers of appeasement. We believe that if you give ground to terrorists, you are simply encouraging their violence. Seraphic Secret also believes that in Jane Austen’s work can be found the wisdom to support, well, most everything Seraphic Secret holds dear. Meet G.I. Jane: “There is a stubbornness about […]

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The Day After the Mughniyeh Hit

Bashir Assad is not a happy puppy. First, the Israeli Air Force shuts down his state-of-the-art missile defense system, c/o Russia, and bombs his in-progress nuclear facility into nothingness. The Syrian air force does not scramble. Pilots cower in underground bunkers. They are not going to get into dogfights with Israeli pilots. Putin promises to […]

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