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Black Religious Traditions?

Ida Kamisnka (right) ponders black theology: “Oy vey, what if Jeremiah Wright does represent mainstream black churches?” Super stars of Yiddish stage and film, mother Esther-Rochel Kaminska and her Oscar nominated daughter Ida Kaminska in the Polish-Yiddish movie Tkies Kaf, The Handshake, 1924. Jeremiah Wright performs at the National Press Club: “This is not an […]

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Israel-Arab Reader

Seraphic Secret recommends this fine volume. We received it a few days before Pesach and during the holiday read close to half the book. The original documents are real eye openers. If you care about Israel, if you care about history and truth, well, this book is essential reading. Seraphic Secret often links to Professor […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere # 163

Hedy Lamarr as Delilah, reminds you: “No haircuts, it’s Sefirah!” Haveil Havalim #163 is live. Check out the fine articles. Nothing by yours truly, I got jammed with work and Pesach. But I’m making up for my laziness by posting the still from Cecile B. DeMille’s awesome Samson and Delilah, 1949. It’s one of those […]

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Who’s the Jewish Movie Star? Take 2: Answer

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Who’s the Jewish Movie Star? Take 2

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Douglas Sirk Directs Linda Darnell or What They Don’t Teach You in Film School

Linda Darnell, studio portrait. Scan courtesy of Dr. Macro. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the best directors in Hollywood. On location and in the studio it’s always fascinating to collaborate with gifted directors and then sit back and watch as the actors breathe life into my pages. I’ve worked with directors […]

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Just Let Me Eat My Waffle!

Obama prefers eating important waffles to discussing minor issues like Jimmy Carter and Hamas. Proving once again that he’s a true leader and a fearless friend of Israel, Barack Obama was asked by a reporter what he thought about Jimmy “Jihad” Carter’s meeting with Hamas last week, the Messiah of the the Democratic Party snapped: […]

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The Battle of Algiers Never Ends

Synagogue in Algiers. “What year were you expelled from Algeria?” “In 1956, the F.L.N. told us that we were not really true Algerians.” “What were you?” My luncheon companion, a handsome man in his late 60’s, smiles broadly: “Filthy Jews.” “How long did your family live in Algeria?” My friend sits back and ponders a […]

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Passover 2008

Amsterdam Hagadah, 1695. “A few years ago, my father was in surgery for ten hours. It was an extremely complex operation for a very serious tumor.” Karen and I are paying a shiva (condolence) call to a friend in the community, a prominent physician, and as he speaks about his father his voice drops a […]

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Hamas: All Out for Obama

Hamas says: Vote for Barack Hussein Obama—Or Else! Last night during the Democratic debate, as Obama explained that his way of dealing with the Persian nuclear threat was by talking to them, my fearless wife turned to me and said: “I’m scared.” I nodded my head in agreement. Both candidates promise to surrender in Iraq […]

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My friend screenwriter David Sacks (Third Rock From the Sun, among numerous credits) made a short film in Jerusalem that’s timed for Passover. The words, for those who don’t speak Hebrew, are: “Reb Nachman Me’Uman,” Rabbi Nachman from Uman. Me’Uman serves as a double entendre: it can mean “from Uman” — Rebbe Nachman’s burial place, […]

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The Persecution of Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot in Shalako, 1968 The Orwellian persecution of the great film icon Brigitte Bardot continues. Freedom of speech is dead in France. Bardot is being prosecuted—for the fifth time—for insulting Islam. Meanwhile, Jew-hating Imams safely spew hatred and call for violence from hundreds of mosques in France and all across Europe. The gutless French […]

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Poison Plot c/o Pardoned Fatah Terrorists c/o Olmert

Last week, we linked to a story about a gruesome plot by Fatah terrorists to poison the food in an Israeli restaurant and murder as many Jews as possible. It turns out that this plot was hatched by Fatah members who were released from Israeli prisons in an amnesty deal brokered by PM Olmert and […]

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Child Care: Palestinian Style

From Seraphic Friend Jake Novak, a glimpse into Palestinian society, where abuse of children has been elevated to a religious and national duty. Palestinian Day Care Daily Schedule 6:30am: Mothers drop children off, get beaten for not watching their children. 7:00am – 8:30am: Morning prayers, followed by daily Jew-bashing sermon. 8:45am – 9am: Clean up […]

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Fatah: “Drive Them [Israelis] All Out of Palestine”

Child care, Palestinian style. Seraphic Secret has long maintained that there is no difference between Fatah and Hamas. Both are genocidal terror groups who have vowed to eliminate the State of Israel. But don’t take my word for it, let’s hear from a high ranking PLO member as he speaks to an Arab audience in […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere # 162, The Pesach Edition

This Jewish Queen of Egypt commands that you read Haveil Havalim. Haveil Havalim #162, The Pesach Edition is up. Our host this week is Esser Agaroth, who provides a lovely and precise introduction: Founded by Soccer Dad, Haveil Havalim is a carnival of Jewish blogs — a weekly collection of Jewish & Israeli blog highlights, […]

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Less Dialogue is More

Vivien Leigh, Robert Taylor, Waterloo Bridge, 1940 I’m working on a script, specifically a scene where the main character, The Hero meets The Woman for the first time. I’ve written this scene maybe ten times. The dialog is clever and sharp and, and just this side of tender. But something is wrong. This has been […]

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Eat, Drink, Die

Grill Express Restaurant Palestinian restaurant workers planned to serve, gee, what a shock, dishes laced with poison to Jewish patrons. Here’s another stunner. The terrorists are aligned with Fatah, the very group with whom Prime Minister Olmert is negotiating. Yup, Olmert and Livni are propping up a genocidal Arab regime who are no different than […]

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Anti-Semitic Obama Supporter Attacks Jewish Philanthropist

Daphna Ziman Daphna Ziman is a Jewish philanthropist in Los Angles. Her work with the African American community is well known. Last night, she was supposed to be honored. Instead she was subjected to a vicious Jew-hating diatribe by a supporter of Barack Obama. It’s no secret: the black community is riddled with Jew-hatred. And […]

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To Destroy Gaza

Hamas marches in Gaza reminding citizens of their duty to kill Jews. Two Jews, Oleg Lipson 37, and Lev Cerniak 55, were murdered by Palestinian terrorists in Nahal Oz. What were these Jews doing? What was their crime? They were providing fuel to the citizens of Gaza. Who were the terrorists who committed this deed? […]

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