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Name the Movie Star #1

Seraphic Secret has, in the past few weeks, posted a series of quizzes asking our readers to identify Jewish movie stars. The response was gratifying. However, quite a few readers wrote privately telling us that though they enjoyed the posts, the quizzes are just too darn hard. Can’t Seraphic Secret create a Hollywood quiz that’s […]

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The Mortal Threat: Western Relativism

Magdi Christian Allam Italian journalist and Muslim convert to Catholicism, Magdi Allam, warned this week that Islam is growing as a result of the ideology of relativism that pervades the West and claims that there are many truths instead of one unique Truth. In an article published by the magazine Mundo Cristiano and quoted by […]

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The New and Improved Hollywood

Quick, what country produces the highest volume of movies in the world? America, good ol’ Hollywood, right? Nope. The correct answer is India, affectionately known as Bollywood. In fact, Bollywood produces some of the most dazzling movies we have ever seen. Whereas Hollywood long ago abandoned musicals—the quintessential American art form—Bollywood cranks out one amazing […]

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Hamas + Iran: “Never Forego Jihad Against Israel”

Terrorists embrace: Khaled Mashaal and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The other day Seraphic Secret suggested that in the war against terror one should always listen to what the terrorists are saying. Too many in the west take refuge in the delusion that the terrorists don’t really mean what they say; it’s just overblown rhetoric, insist […]

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The Price of Appeasement: Again

Hamas terrorist displays Qassam rocket. It’s really quite amazing. The delusional peaceniks who keep calling for Israel to make, ahem, painful concessions, never seem to notice that each concession leads to a withering of Israel’s deterrent capabilities, and more threats of annihilation from her jihadist enemies. Here’s a simple rule for Israel—for Jews—to keep in […]

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Memorial Day, 2008

During this Memorial Day Weekend Seraphic Secret remembers those who have fallen, and those who sacrifice so much in the cause of freedom. Remember when Hollywood celebrities flocked all across the globe to entertain and support American troops? Here’s just a brief sampler of what Hollywood patriotism once looked like. In February 1954, on her […]

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The Fall of Lebanon

Hizbullah terrorist in Lebanon displays hisideological playbook: The Koran. A few days ago, in our Idiot’s Guide to the Israeli-Syrian Negotiations, Seraphic Secret wrote: Syria has no intention of moving away from Iran’s orbit. In fact, Syria’s intelligence services are busier than ever in Lebanon helping Hizbullah—Persia’s proxy—extend its dominance over the country. This is […]

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Lillian Gish: Dying for her Audience

Lillian Gish and John Gilbert in La Boheme, 1926. One of the great tragedies of the fate of silent films in the modern era—indifference and ignorance—but for those who have seen clips from silent films, they invariably view muddy, degraded prints projected at the wrong speed, hence the jerky motions that give the impression that […]

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The Idiot’s Guide to the Israeli-Syrian Negotiations

A view from the Golan Heights. The public is all shook up about the latest news that Israel and Syria are negotiating over the Golan Heights. I’ve read some incredibly scholarly pieces in the MSM and in the blogosphere explaining what’s on the table, why now, and what to expect from these negotiations. The consensus […]

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8 Seconds at an IDFCheckpoint

Time: Monday evening, 6:50 PM. Location: Chawara IDF Checkpoint, Road 60 IDF Unit: Nachal Brigade Situation: Routine checks on Palestinian population for weapons. The following is based on a radio interview this morning on IDF radio (Galei Tzahal) between the checkpoint commander and Radio interviewer, Razi Barkai. The checkpoint commander is a 22-year old officer […]

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Intrafrada: Welcome to Gruesome Gaza

Preparing the next “image” for Gaza’s popular pastime. Obviously, all the fault of the Zionist enterprise, code for: Jooz. A popular pastime in Gaza is swapping gruesome footage of dead or dying victims of the Strip’s incessant violence. The images used to be almost exclusive legacies of clashes with Israeli forces but last year that […]

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Officer Rot in the Unites States Air Force

Introduction First I’d like to thank Robert for the opportunity to scribble on his page. When you have a writer as accomplished as Robert asking you to fill space on his website… well, that’s quite an honor. I’ll do my best not to wreck the place. Robert and I frequently talk military. And as I’m […]

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Who’s the Jewish Movie Star? Take 5: Answer

Florence Vidor and Ricardo Cortez in The Eagle of the Sea, 1926. The Jewish movie star is Ricardo Cortez (1899 – 1977) a handsome and talented leading man whose image, in the silent era, was sold to the public as a hot-blooded Latin lover. In truth, he was Jacob Krantz, born in Vienna, the son […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere #166

Clara Bow says: “Any man that doesn’t read Haveil Havalim brings out the savage in me!” Still from Call Her Savage, 1932. Okay, it’s live, Haveil Havalim #166, The Mommy Blogger Edition. Founded by Soccer Dad, Haveil Havalim is a carnival of Jewish blogs — a weekly collection of Jewish & Israeli blog highlights, tidbits […]

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So Proudly We Hail

Robert and I have been Internet correspondents for some time now. I suggested that he review one of my favorite World War II patriotic tearjerkers, So Proudly We Hail (1943). Robert, very kindly, suggested that I review the movie. Caution this does CONTAIN SPOILERS! —Miranda Rose Smith Veronica Lake, Paulette Goddard and Claudette Colbert, So […]

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Hamas: We Will Persecute and Burn the Zionists to Eternity

Olmert’s peace partners give the official Palestinian Nazi salute. Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar said Wednesday that a Palestinian state will be established on all of the land of Palestine and not only on parts of it, and that it will include “Jaffa, Lod and Haifa.” Zahar also reiterated Hamas’ unwillingness to recognize the State of […]

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Jon Voight Visits Israeli Terror Victims

Photo, Associated Press/Sebastian Scheiner, was taken during Voight’s visit with victims of Palestinian rocket attacks. Have you noticed all the Hollywood stars rushing to Israel on her 60th birthday? Doesn’t your heart swell with pride as Hollywood stars and moguls—many of them Jewish—publicly voice their support for the Jewish State? Isn’t it wonderful how so […]

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The Fleet Positions Itself for War Against Iran

Currently, there is a large U.S. naval deployment that points to a an overwhelming military strike against the Persian nuclear facilities. The carrier rotations indicate a clear tactical pattern for war. Why now? Iran will not willingly give up her nuclear ambitions. That much is clear. Iran is intent in spreading its hegemony throughout the […]

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Who’s the Jewish Movie Star? Take 4: Answer

The Jewish movie star is Max Aaronson, who changed his name to Gilbert Anderson, and was known to millions of early movie goers as Broncho Billy Anderson . Yup, the first cowboy hero of the motion pictures was a Jewish kid from Little Rock, Arkansas. Not one correct guess from dozens of brave attempts from […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere # 165

Haveil Havalim #165, “Happy 6oth Birthday Israel” is now live. We’d like to thank Jack for including Seraphic Secret’s 1948, Israel, The Palestinians: The True Story. This is a fine round-up with an excellent balance of scholarly and deeply personal articles about Eretz Yisroel and her people. Enjoy.

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