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Baby Killer: Hero to the Arabs

Israel has just handed a huge victory to Hizbullah and to the world-wide jihadist movement. Israel has agreed to swap a notorious baby killer, and other terrorists, for the corpses of Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev. Baby killer Samir Quantar, not surprisingly, is a hero to the Arab world. Because he crushed a Jewish child’s […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere # 171

Miriam Cooper says: “We’re gonna readHaveil Havalim no matter what.” Haveil Havalim #171 The Packing for Camp Edition is up and live. We’d like to than Ima on (and off) the Bima—translation: A Mother who is on and off the Pulpit—for including Seraphic Secret’s The Jew Hating Savages of Paris in this excellent round-up.

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Hollywood Hair

So, I’ve been taking a look at portraits of Hollywood stars from the 50’s, a time when the studio system was collapsing, and I noticed a few things. The quality of studio portrait photography was dismal. The images are, for the most part, bland, with little creative inspiration. Everyone seems bored—the photographers and the stars. […]

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Olmert Transferring Millions Directly to Hamas

Hamas speaks The Olmert-Livni-Barak government are directly responsible for enabling Hamas’ reign of terror. The Olmert-Livni-Barak government are directly responsible for the murder of Israeli citizens. This infamous government aids, abets and arms Hamas, a proudly genocidal gang of Jew-haters. This is the second paragraph of the Hamas Covenant: “Israel will exist and will continue […]

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The Jew-Hating Savages of Paris

The Islam you will not see in the mainstream media Phyllis Chesler writes about the savage beating of Rudy Haddad, an orthodox Jew in Paris, and the shocking—but not surprising—silence of the arch-liberal media. Here are several points to consider: 1. The human monsters who committed this atrocity are Muslim. 2. But the French media […]

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Ads 4 Israel

Our friend David Suissa has created a series of ads in support of Israel: Up against the anti-Israel, anti-Semitic machine propelled by the Arab world, it has been hard to fight back and give Israel the image she deserves. As a gift to Israel for her 60th birthday, David Suissa has put his advertising talent […]

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Listen to the 2008 Memorial Lecture

The Fifth Annual Ariel Avrech Z’TL Memorial Lecture by Rabbi Dr. Gil S. Perl is now available. Look at the sidebar to the right of this blog, and click the graphic directly below Ariel’s picture, the video will download and play. Karen and I are happy that we can share this special presentation with all […]

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Israeli Factor in Iraq

Hamas terrorists in Gaza thanking Allah for the recent Hudna Here’s an interesting article from Strategy Page that discusses the counter terrorist measures adopted by American troops from the Israeli model. Perhaps the most vital strategic issue addressed in this analysis is that victory over terrorists can only be achieved when states abandon the notion […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere #170

Louise Brooks says: “Read Haveil Havalim or else!” Haveil Havalim #170 is up and hosted by none other than Soccer Dad AKA Our National Treasure. We’d like to thank Soccer Dad for including Seraphic Secret’s series How I Married Karen, presented on our 31st Wedding anniversary. I’ve rewritten quite a few of the original posts. […]

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Seraphic Wedding Anniversary: 31

Today, June 19, is our 31st wedding anniversary. I have been in love with my wife Karen since I was 9-years-old and we were both students at Yeshiva of Flatbush Elementary School in Brooklyn. I have adored and been devoted to Karen for most of my life. Every morning I wake and say to myself: […]

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Cyd Charisse, 1921 – 2008

The lovely and talented Cyd Charisse passed away last night in Cedars Sinai Medical Center here in Los Angeles. When I heard the news, I experienced a sense of deep loss. I was a high school student the first time I laid eyes on the long-legged, sinuous Hollywood star Cyd Charisse. I cut school and […]

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The Politics of Historical Amnesia

The face of Palestinian nationalism in Gaza—Hamas, an Iranian proxy army. Superb article by the mighty Melanie Phillips. The conference in Berlin which I’ve been attending, organised by the Weidenfeld Foundation and the Axel Springer corporation, was about relations between the EU and Israel. It was simultaneously encouraging — touching, even — and dismaying. Encouraging […]

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Al Jazeera Hears the Truth: Heads Explode

I love this clip from Al Jazeera. No doubt, this is the first time Al Jazeera viewers have been exposed to the truth. I’ll bet there were lots of exploding skulls in an audience habituated to the pathological lies and Jew-hatred that Al Jazeera regularly spews. Hey, I have an idea, somebody should make Ehud […]

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First Time in Shul

Ariel Avrech ZT’L studying Torah during a visit to Camp Morasha, Summer 1998. Our dear friend and blogmother Jackie—check out Qik, Jackie is head of marketing for this amazing service—attended the Ariel Avrech ZT’L Memorial Lecture yesterday. It was her very first time in shul and here’s her lovely and generous report. Bonus footage: A […]

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After the Lecture

The Fifth Annual Ariel Avrech ZT’L Memorial Lecture was well attended, and a resounding sucess. Rabbi Dr. Gil S. Perl’s lecture was informative, compelling and beautifully organized. The audience was held in rapt attention throughout as Rabbi Dr. Perl delivered a thought provoking analysis of a little known corner of vital 19th Century Jewish intellectual […]

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Ariel Avrech ZT’L Memorial Lecture, 2008

Ariel Chaim Avrech ZT’L The Fifth Annual Ariel Avrech ZT’L Yahrtzeit Lecture will take place this Sunday June 15, 2008, at 10 AM at the Young Israel of Century City, followed by a brunch. Young Israel of Century City9317 West Pico BoulevardLos Angeles, CA 90035 We are pleased to announce that we have engaged Rabbi […]

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Olmert’s Gazastan

Hizbullah terrorists give the Nazi salute in Gaza. Caroline Glick, the woman who should be Prime Minister of Israel, analyzes the perfidy of the current Olmert government. The Olmert-Livni-Barak-Yishai government is marching the country into another military confrontation with an Iranian proxy army. As was the case in the last confrontation with an Iranian proxy […]

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Obama: Without the Teleprompter

Obama is great when he’s reading off a teleprompter. But when he has to think on his feet, he’s a complete disaster, and these two clips are a pretty accurate indication of Obama’s rambling cluelessness. That’s why his handlers will never allow Obama to accept McCain’t invitation to a series of town meetings. McCain would […]

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Jewish Democrats Defect to McCain

Who’s the man in the blue shirt? Obama’s paymaster, arch-leftist George Soros. Last week Obama pandered big-time to AIPAC—they claim to be non-partisan, but AIPAC’s leadership is solidly Democratic, quietly shilling for Obama—and he hopes to erase all the blatantly anti-Israel and anti-Semitic material on his official Presidential website. Yup, they’re scrubbing the material now, […]

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Shavuot 2008

Maayan Ariel says: “Have a lovely and meaningful Shavuot.”

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