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How Arab Children Spend Their Summer Vacations: Learning to Kill Jews

Arab girls in Gaza summer practice killing Jews with a model of a Quds missile. I’m sitting here working on a script. There’s a Reluctant Hero overcoming all sorts of impossible obstacles in order to achieve his goal. There’s The Love Interest, a wise-cracking babe who’s like totally messing with Reluctant Hero’s head. She’s Gloria […]

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The Madge Bellamy Acting Workshop

Madge Bellamy postcard A few years ago, I was up in Toronto, on location for Within These Walls, a film the Academy Award winning actress Ellen Burstyn, acting as producer and star, asked me to write. Ellen, one of the great actresses in Hollywood, past and present, discovered the true story and immediately realized its […]

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Everyone’s Got a Story

About twice a week I get e-mails from aspiring screenwriters that go something like this: Dear Mr. Avrech: I have a great idea for a movie, can I tell it to you? I just need someone to write it down for me. Are you available? Maybe we can collaborate and then split the profits. Here’s […]

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Moshe Hammer: A Life Interrupted

It’s not often you come across genius. Four years ago, 26 year-old Moshe Hammer, Z’L a Lubavitch Chasid and an intensely private artist, took a break from work on his drawings, and stepped outside for a long walk in Los Angeles—to clear his head. Moshe rambled miles from his apartment in the Fairfax district and […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere #175

The new Haveil Havalim has arrived and Zhang Ziyi dances for joyHaveil Havalim #175 is up and live, hosted this week by Frume Sarah’s World. We’d like to thank Frume Sarah for including Seraphic Secret’s post announcing our participation in the upcoming Nefesh B’Nefesh Blogger’s Conference.Warning: The post contains graphic and disturbing video of—hold on […]

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Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner’s Wonderful Time

Ava Gardner, publicity photo for The Killers The love affair between Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra—and I’m using that term loosely—was a legendary tsunami of high drama. Both stars were emotionally immature with little impulse control. Both stars were alcoholics. And both had a history of affairs with equally unstable partners. And so it should […]

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Joan Crawford: Untouched/Retouched

Here’s what happens: I snap a picture and she—every she I’ve ever photographed—takes a look at the raw digital image and recoils in horror. No matter how beautiful the woman or girl she always says: “Is that what I really look like?” “I look so old.” “Delete it.” On location, I’ve taken photographs of gorgeous […]

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New York Times Sinking

Graphic courtesy of Wolf Howling When New York Times editor David Shipley rejected Senator McCain’s Op-Ed piece on Iraq, the blogosphere reacted with outrage. How dare the New York Times publish Barack Obama’s essay on Iraq and not give equal time to presidential opponent John McCain? Duh. I mean, come on, in what universe is […]

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Copycat Terror Attack in Jerusalem

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Nefesh B’Nefesh International Blogger Conference

Mary Carlisle spreads the word about the Nefesh B’Nefesh JBlogger Convention “You have to come with me,” I tell Karen. “Why?” “Gosh, there’s no telling what kind of trouble I’ll get into without you.” Karen gives me a long, penetrating stare. When she does this I immediately become ten years old—a helpless dork. “What kind […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere # 174

Screenwriters Ben Hecht & Charles MacArthur urge you to read Haveil Havalim Haveil Havalim #174 is up, this week hosted by Yaaquov Ben Yehuda author of that fine blog Esser Agaroth. Today is The Fast of the 17th of Tammuz, in which we remember the breaching of the walls of Jerusalem which led to the […]

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Change in Iraq Obama Style

Watch Obama switch positions on Iraq, endlessly, for about eight minutes. It would be funny but for the fact that he aspires to be Commander-in-Chief. Wolf Howling, one of the most perceptive bloggers in the known universe, masterfully Critiques Obama’s New York Times Manifesto on Iraq. Bu-rutal. And from my friend Dirty Harry, breaking news […]

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Notable Hollywood Eyebrows Part II

Marsha Hunt applies her own make-up As a model, I had always applied my own make-up. For my screen test at Paramount I was sent to the Make-Up Department, inwardly thrilled to be in the hands of the very experts who prepared so many famous faces for work each day. But when they finished, what […]

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“Swap Teaches Us to Kidnap More”

The murdered Haran family: Danny, Einat and Yael.May Their Blood be Avenged The Second Lebanon war ended in a disgraceful cease-fire. In truth, it was Israel’s surrender to Hizbullah. Ehud Olmert declared that Israel went to war to recover kidnapped IDF soldiers Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev. As we all know this goal was not […]

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Comrade Obama Purges Website

As in the old Soviet Union where history was constantly revised to suit the political ends of the Communist rulers, Barak Obama is trying to rewrite history in regard to his dead-wrong predictions about the surge in Iraq. Not surprising when you consider that this is the candidate who spent over 20-years as an active […]

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Lebanon Celebrates Evil

Lebanese with posters of their hero, a child-murderer The Lebanese government is preparing official celebrations in honor of the evil and of brutal terrorist who will be swapped tomorrow for the corpses of IDF soldiers Ehud Goldwasset and Eldad Regev. The swap is a victory for Hizbullah, and a statement by the present Israeli government […]

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Obama AWOL

From Wolf Howling: Obama is refusing to appear in a Town Hall debate with McCain before a crowd of military service members and their families. The debate was organized by Disabled American Veterans, Military Order of the Purple Heart and the Military Spouse Corporate Career Network, among others. This man is devoid of substance and […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere #173

“Ladies, this is Jack, the man who hosts Haveil Havalim!” Haveil Havalim # 173: The Wait for Avrech to Name it Edition is up and live, and hosted by the ever resourceful Jack. Gee willikers, more work! Well, as Orson Welles used to say at the end of his Mercury Theater broadcasts: “I am your […]

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Mina Avrech Z’L

My mother, Mina K. Avrech, at about the time she met my father. The yahrtzeit of my beloved mother, Mirka bat David A’H, will be observed starting tonight and continue until Shabbos evening. The date corresponds to the 9th of Tammuz on the Jewish calendar. But today, July 11 is also the date she passed […]

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Two Hostages

Ingrid Betancourt, center, rescued from a five-year captivity The mighty Caroline Glick analyzes the daring Columbian hostage rescue, and Columbia’s winning strategy against the leftist, narco terrorist group, FARC. Israel, Glick correctly points out, no longer believes in defeating her genocidal enemies, but in coming to some sort of political accommodation. This is, of course, […]

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