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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere #180

Veronica Lake says: “Can I get Haveil Havalim in the slammer?” Gila of My Shrapnel has done a fine job of hosting this week’s Haveil Havalim #180 “Please Support me in the Alyn Ride ” Edition. We’d like to thank Gila for including Seraphic Secret’s The Terrorist is Still Dead in this edition. ******* Our […]

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Always Sorry

You know that dopey movie Love Story,where the Ali McGraw, nostrils flaring, says to Ryan O’Neal: “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” This just might be the dumbest thing I ever heard in my life. Truth is, I’m always apologizing to Karen. Eagerly apologizing. “I’m sorry I’m watching The Seven Samurai for the […]

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Montage: Old City, Jerusalem, Part II

A few more photos from our Ateret Cohanim tour of the Old City of Jerusalem. And yup, more colorful doorways. Here’s Part I. Psychedelic doorway and courtyard. My eyeballs felt like they were being stabbed by forks. Observe the lovely rhythmic patterns of the jig-saw stonework. I think it’s Ottoman. Hijab Barbie placed above and […]

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Seraphic Radio Interview

Silent film star Colleen Moore does a radio show with an American soldier. If you’d like to listen to my conversation with talk show host Judean Eve, broadcast on Israel National Radio, Arutz Sheva, here’s the link. I had to get up at 5am in order to daven, eat some breakfast, and guzzle a pot […]

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Montage: Old City, Jerusalem, Part I

Karen and I were led on a tour the old City of Jerusalem by the amazing and articulate Daniel Luria of Ateret Cohanim. If you’ve never taken an Ateret Cohanim tour, well, you have missed one of the the most important experiences in all Israel. Just the day before, Daniel Luria led Governor Mike Huckabee […]

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Judean Eve to Interview Seraphic Secret on Arutz 7 Radio

Yours truly with Judean Eve. I’m going to be a guest tomorrow morning, 6 am, Pacific Time, on Judean Eve’s radio show broadcast through Israel’s National Radio, Arutz Sheva. You can listen live through Or you can get some much needed sleep. You better believe that I’ll be slurping coffee during the entire conversation. […]

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Olmert’s Hands: Washed in Blood

Israel has just released another 200 terrorist prisoners as a “goodwill gesture” to Holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas. Again. Because all the confidence building measures in the past have worked out so well. The results of this cowardly policy are clear: close to two-hundred Jews have been murdered by terrorists released from Israeli prisons. This figure […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere #179: The Nefesh B’Nefesh Bloggers Edition

“Earthlings who refuse to read Haveil Havalim must perish!” Haveil Havalim #179 is up and live, hosted by Yehuda. This edition is shorter than normal. There were technical problems with the submission form. But Yehuda managed to put together a nice list of bloggers who covered the First International Jewish Bloggers Convention Hosted by Nefesh […]

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The Terrorist is Still Dead

The Mystical Lights of Efrat Shabbos in the Judean town of Efrat, Israel is a deeply moving experience. As the sun falls it gently folds itself into the surrounding hills and valleys. The same Judean hills where Jews have lived, worked and fought since Biblical times. The unearthly light makes a final golden splash. I […]

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Wall to Wall Bloggers: Part I

Snap Fingers—You’re So Dead! Snick! Someone has snapped a picture of me. I scan the room. ID the Jewparazzi, snap my fingers and point. One of my trusty thugs oozes forward, all crackling menace, grabs the camera, rips out the negative, and then smashes the camera underfoot. Gotta control my image. Gotta keep my face […]

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The Moroccan Amen

Cup used for ritual hand washing FADE IN: My friend Treppenwitz AKA David Bogner, his lovely and lively wife Zehava, Karen and I are starving. We don’t have time for dinner because we have to get to Jerusalem to attend the First International Jewish Blogger’s Conference hosted by Nefesh B’Nefesh and powered by Webads. We […]

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Nefesh B’nefesh: Scenes from a Flight

Mitzvah at High Altitude “We’re having a Sheva B’rachos at seat 24, come on over, okay?” I’m on the Nefesh B’Nefesh flight to Israel and one of the NBN staff members have just invited me and my friend, the great blogger Treppenwitz to help celebrate the sheva b’rachos for a young married couple. Soul by […]

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Preflight: Quick Cuts

FADE IN: INT. VIRGIN AMERICA PLANE – NIGHT “So what do you?” I’m on my L.A. to N.Y. flight and I’ve been pecking away at my computer working on a script. There’s a young woman sitting next to me, and she’s so obviously an actress I feel embarrassed labeling her so quickly. But hey, twenty-five […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere #178: The Tu b’Av Edition

Ma’ayan Ariel reads Haveil Havalim every week, and so should you. I should be packing for my trip to Israel on the Nefesh B’nefesh flight and to attend the First International Jewish Blogger’s Conference, but Haveil Havalim #178, The Tu b’Av edition, hosted by The Rebbetzin’s Husband, just popped up so now I have an […]

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Secret Confessions of a Hollywood Movie Star

A Hollywood Republican meets his fate “Robert, explain it to me, I simply don’t understand such Jews.” I’m having lunch with a movie/television star. A few years ago he starred in one of the most popular series on network TV. Popular and infamous for its arch leftist agenda. “Must have been hard for you,” I […]

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Seraphic Secret Rocks the Vote

“He said what to her?” “Oh yeah, at least that’s what I heard and it was like blah, blah, blah.” Offspring #3 is sitting next to me on the couch. The MacBook is all snuggly in her lap as she and a Stern College friend chat via the built-in webcam. Yenta that I am, I […]

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My Infidel Jewish Doctor

Saudi physicians prepare to perform surgery on a member of the Royal family. “They booked the entire top floor of the hotel.” “Expensive.” “Oh yes. Beverly Hills expensive. So: I’m escorted by a couple of huge bodyguards into one of the suites and there must be fifty courtiers hanging around. And then I see him, […]

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Jihad Against Sexy Fruit & Vegetables: Seriously

“Hi, I’m a secret counterterrorist agent. Robert is writing a screenplay about my thrilling adventures fighting Islamo Fruit Nazis.” A few observations; 1. We will be told that the barbaric edicts imposed by the Taliban have nothing to do with Islam. Apologists for Islamic terror will assure us that Islam is being “hijacked” by a […]

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Pickup on South Street

Don’t miss Sam Fuller’s great Pickup on South Street, (1953) broadcast this evening on Turner Classic Movies. It’s a beautifully crafted hard-boiled drama, and Fuller is at the top of his form in this tale of an amoral pickpocket, Richard Widmark, mixed up in international Communist espionage. Jean Peters does a great turn as B-girl—that’s […]

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Israel Sending Millions to Terrorists

Hamas parade in beautiful, downtown Gaza City, sponsored by the State of Israel Israel is sending 20 million dollars into Gazastan. Here’s where the money goes: 1. To an educational system that teaches Jew-hatred. 2. To a death-cult society that elevates the killing of Jews to a religious and national imperative. 3. The money supports […]

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