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Seraphic Secret’s Secret Sofer

The secret sofer, scribe, working on a Torah. And you shall write [the words that I command you today] on the doorposts of your house and on your gates. —Deuteronomy 6:9, 11:19 So Karen says that it’s time to check the mezuzahs in the house. The halacha, Jewish law, teaches us that the lettering of […]

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Republican Yarmulkes: Sign of the Times

Who says our yarmulkes have to be yeshivish black velvet or the more modern knit jobs known as kepah s’ruga. The new, must-have fashion items are cooly Conservative, colorful discsthat proudly stake out their side of the aisle with all the force of a shofar on steroids. Here are four new designs that find inspiration […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere #184

“Okay, ladies, let’s get out there and devour the latest Haveil Havalim.” Haveil Havalim # 184 The Barbarian Roars Again is up and live. We’d like to thank The Barbarian—who seems quite civilized—for including two Seraphic Secret posts: Israeli War Hero Meets Sarah Palin, and our analysis of Islamic Fanatics and their Democrat Enablers. And […]

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Paul Newman 1925 – 2008

A moment of silence for Paul Newman, a great actor, a great star, and a good man. My friend John Nolte has written a fine obituary for the legendary actor here at Pajamas Media. Let’s watch one of Paul Newman’s greatest moments from The Hustler, 1961, The Final Game.

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Seraphic Book of A,B,C

I like to take snapshots of doorways, interesting geometric patterns, my girlses footwear—and signs. I love signs. Signs and billboards serve to announce commerce, civic commands, information, and geography. The best of them are finely crafted art. Most often signs are, um, signs of the times indicating trends in fashion and the changing face of […]

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Shirley Temple Shoots Eleanor Roosevelt

Shirley Temple, at the height of her fame. In 1936, child star Shirley Temple created the Shirley Temple Police Force and minted the official Shirley Temple Badge. Little Shirley awarded the precious badges to friends, kings, queens, presidents, and to Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt. Attending a picnic at Val Kill, the 180-acre Roosevelt family estate near […]

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Obama and Terrorist Bill Ayres

Terrorist and Obama supporter Bill Ayres tramples the American flag. Character and judgment are important, in ordinary citizens, and of course for the man who holds the office of President of the United States and Commander in Chief. Thus, it’s important to explore Barack Obama’s history. Barack Obama seems more than comfortable with Pentagon bombers […]

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The Fanatics of Islam and their Democrat Enablers

Iran represents a self-proclaimed existential threat to the state of Israel and a regional danger to the Gulf Sunni states. Iran has been murdering Americans and Jews for over thirty years. Armed with a nuclear weapon Iran would tip the balance of power in the Middle East and bring this genocidal state one step closer […]

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Israeli War Hero Meets Sarah Palin

A fine and informative article by my good friend David Suissa, an authentic advertising genius, and the man the Israeli Ministry of Tourism should have hired to create their new advertising campaign designed to “brand” Israel. Gov. Sarah Palin with Israeli war hero and filmmaker, Elan Frank. Photo courtesy Elan Frank. I was visiting with […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere #183

Buster Keaton says: “I’d dive to the bottom of the ocean to read Haveil Havalim.” Haveil Havalim #183, The Lost But Found Again Edition, is live. This week, the best of the Jewish Blogosphere is hosted by none other than our fearless leader, Jack. We’d like to thank Jack for including Seraphic Secret’s The Hacking […]

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Meet the Seraphic Secret Girlses From a Distinctly but Purposefully Skewed Angle

Several years ago, spotting a soft-focus Kodak moment, I whipped out my trusty Canon and focused on one of my girlses. “No, don’t shoot me, I look horrible!” What’s going on here, I thought to myself, am I on a film set, dealing with some high-strung movie star? This happened again and again with Offsprings […]

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Outrage: Palin Disinvited to UN Iranian Protest

“Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadenijad has been quite clear of his intentions to acquire nuclear weapons; his anti-Semitic rants and desire to annihilate Israel are well-known. Today Senators Obama and Biden and their supporters have handed Ahmadenijad a big win. What should have been a strong effort by the Jewish community to stand up and show […]

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Dietrich Notices Streisand’s Nose

Maria Riva’s biography of her mother Marlene Dietrich is refreshingly honest and beautifully written. One of the most fascinating Hollywood biographies was written by Maria Riva, Marlene Dietrich’s daughter. Riva’s book reveals a monstrously self-absorbed woman whose every moment was devoted to the glamorous Dietrich image, and perpetuating the legend of a noble and selfless […]

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The Hacking of Sarah Palin

The Lipstick Brigade: not welcome at Barbra Streisand’s bash. A left wing group has hacked Sarah Palin’s private e-mail account, and published the contents on-line, including private family photos. This is the totalitarian left at work. This is what they will do to acquire power. Imagine what the left will do if they gain power. […]

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Dear Mr. Obama: Economics 101

Hat Tip: Joshua Pundit And our articulate friend Wolf Howling continues Eco 101 by explaining that the current financial crisis is a direct result of President Clinton’s policies and Democratic big government ideology. We are in a fiscal crisis today largely because of the sub-prime lending crisis. At the intersection of the crisis is Fannie […]

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The Angels of The City of Angels

Cruisin’ Mom, my shooting buddy, says: It’s not often that death and destruction comes to your own back yard…

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The Wisdom of Joe Biden

“Israel will have to reconcile itself with the nuclearization of Iran.” —Democratic vice-presidential candidate Joseph Biden, quoted by Israel Army Radio Monday, Sept. 1, 2008 Hat Tip: Israel Insider

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Obama and American Terrorist Bill Ayres

Sarah Palin and John McCain are being slimed by the mainstream media at every turn. Charles Gibson’s condescending interview with Governor Palin is only a glimpse of things to come. Except for Fox’s Bill O’Reilly, we’re still waiting for MSM journalists to interview Obama with anything approaching vigor. And we’re still waiting for BO to […]

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Peace Now Activist No Longer

Yuval Steinitz at the Jerusalem Post offices.Photo: Ariel Jerozolimski It’s rare that a hard-core member of the EU financed Peace Now admits that the radical leftist organization is not just intellectualy bankrupt, but aids and abets the Jew-hating terrorists, and fosters policies which are leading Israel towards annihilation. After a decade of attending rallies and […]

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Why Obama Might Lose the Election

Speechmaker Obama talks about an era of bipartisanship, He speaks powerfully about the destructive politics of red and blue states. Politician Obama has toed his party’s line more reliably than almost any other Democrat in US politics. He has a near-perfect record of voting with his side. He has the most solidly left-wing voting history […]

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