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Hollywood: The Head Game

Attend an Orthodox shul on Shabbat and you’ll notice that married women cover their hair, donning hats, scarves, or sometimes just an elegant slip of lace. Hat variations are endless, and to yours truly, fascinating. In Israel, you can usually pinpoint a woman’s hashkafah, religious perspective, by noting what type of head covering she favors. […]

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My (Phone) Schlep to Florida

Rabbi Abraham Avrech prepares to pull the trigger for…Vital Stats: Gender: MaleReligion: JewishAge: 89Marital Status: HappyResidence: Miami Beach, Fl.Hobbies: Golf, and, er, more Golf.Occupation: Orthodox Rabbi, Col. U.S. Army, 42nd Division, Retired.Political Party Affiliation: Democrat; the other party is feh! “So listen, I’m calling to find out if you’ve made up your mind about whom […]

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Another Terrorist on Obamaland

The LA Times refuses to release a videotape of a dinner Obama attended in honor of PLO terrorist Rashid Khalidi. Their excuses are beyond lame. The truth is simple: the video is probably horribly damaging and if released would present a mortal wound to the Obama campaign. The LA Times is in the tank for […]

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How to Get So Dead in This Town

Great script conference on the set of Red Dust. Left to right: director Victor Fleming, Jean Harlow, Clark Gable, Mary Astor. In the spacious, well-appointed conference, I’m at the tail end of a script conference with a group of high-powered studio executives. It’s a good meeting. The company is enthusiastic about my latest spec script. […]

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Obama: Tragedy, Redistribution of Wealth Not Pursued

In this radio interview from 2001, Barack Obama laments the fact that “the Supreme Court never ventured into the issues of redistribution of wealth.” This is the ideology of the former Soviet Union, Mao’s China, Cuba and every Communist, Socialist sink hole on planet earth. It’s a classic Socialist belief that government should control private […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere #188

“Honey, after I dig out this bullet, can we read Haveil Havalim?” Haveil Havalim #188 is up and live hosted this week by the very witty What War Zone.

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Teaneck Footwear Plus My Dougie’s Flip-Out

So: we’re back in Los Angeles. Visiting with our girlses for Chol Ha Moed Succos was revitalizing and, um, fattening. When Offspring #2 and #3 get busy in the kitchen—watch out ye mortal Jews. But between the joy of Succos and spending time with our granddaughter Ma’ayan Ariel, your faithful correspondent noticed that the girlses […]

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Farewell N.Y. Times

Outraged by the porous journalistic ethics of the New York Times, Karen e-mailed the following letter to their editors and circulation department: I have subscribed to your newspaper for many years but I can no longer trust your news reportage as unbiased since your radical leftist politics permeate every aspect of your newspaper from fashion […]

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Obama Campaign Against Free Speech in the Jewish Community

The Obama campaign is using every tool at its disposal to ban the Republican Jewish Coalition from speaking to the public. My friend Omri Ceren of Mere Rhetoric has posted an extensively researched and meticulously cited expose on how this tactic is part and parcel of the Obama campaign’s attack on dissent and free speech. […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere #187, Sukkot 5769

Mary Astor says: “Without my weekly dose of Haveil Havalim, I turn deeply self-destructive.” Haveil Havalim #187, The Succot 5769 Edition is up and live, and hosted this week by I’ll Call Baila. We’d like to thank Baila for including Seraphic Secret’s The Last Kaddish: Redux in this week’s most excellent round-up.

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Ma’ayan says: Hiya!

Karen and I are in Teaneck with Offspring #2, her wonderful husband, and our granddaughter Ma’ayan Ariel. Ma’ayan says: “Now I’m famous!” We wish a beautiful Shabbat and a joyous Moed to all our friends.

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Packing, Traveling, Enjoying

Karen has packing lists for every eventuality. She’s got lists for trips to NY, lists for trips to Florida, lists for trips to Israel, lists of lists. The love of my life is organized. Days before we’re set to depart, I schlep our suitcases down from the high shelf in the closet and Karen goes […]

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Dwelling in my Hollywood Succah

The Avrech Succah. A temporary dwelling. I was asked to attend a script conference tomorrow, Tuesday morning. I told the producer that it was a Jewish holiday and I couldn’t attend. “Wait, the holidays are over, your Yom Kee-pur just ended, right?” “Uh, yeah, but now we have Succot, Shemini Atzeret and then Simchat Torah.” […]

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The Last Kaddish, Redux

Ariel ZT’L, on his Bar Mitzvah, 1994 On Yom Kippur, Karen, the girls and I will be reciting Yizkor, “Remember” the memorial prayer, for Ariel ZT’L. I am taking this opportunity to publish, once again, with minor editing, a short piece I wrote, back in 2004, when the period of official mourning was over and […]

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McCain Hammers Obama—Finally

It’s about time. Hat Tip: Wolf Howling Smoking Gun Alert! Read about Obama’s attempts to destroy the Second Amendment.

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Yom Kippur Headache

“Yom Kippur” by Maurycy Gottlieb I always get a ferocious migraine when, as an observant Jew, I fast five times a year. The Yom Kippur fast is easily the most difficult because we spend all day in shul davening, praying. At some point, the migraine gets so bad that I can no longer concentrate on […]

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The Ad Obama is Trying to Ban

Barack Obama’s handlers are desperately trying to get this ad banned. Good to know that liberals support free speech, but only when it’s convenient.

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What Just Happened?

John McCain and Sarah Palin need to go on the offensive immediately about the sub-prime crisis. This crisis was engineered by the Democrats in order to make it possible for marginal borrowers to own homes. All in the name of, you know, social justice. But when social justice leads to world-wide financial chaos, well, it’s […]

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J-Pix is Back

Charlton Heston commands you to look upon J-Pix. J-Pix has been resurrected. Yup, this is photography by Jewish Bloggers from the four corners of the earth.Here’s J-Pix #19, the Indivisible and Rather Zaftig Edition. We’d like to thank Me-Ander for including Seraphic Secret’s My Beautiful Neighborhood, Part II in this handsome round-up. Let’s not forget […]

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Meet the Seraphic Secret Girlses From a Distinctly but Purposefully Skewed Angle, Part II

As I explained in Part I, I started taking snapshots of the my girlses footwear when they balked at posing for regular portraits. The girlses claimed that they didn’t look good. That they were having a bad hair day. That they weren’t wearing any make-up. That I was soooo annoying. Whatever. After snapping over a […]

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