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Jew-Hunting in Mumbai

Last night, my heart sank as I watched an Indian commando raise his automatic weapon above his head and blindly spray gunfire towards Chabad House. I turned to Karen and said: “That is not good, that is not how special-ops roll. Not the real guys.” Spraying and praying in a hostage situation? My head was […]

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Commandos Storm Chabad House in Mumbai

Indian special forces rappel from a helicopter to the Chabad house in Mumbai. Storming strongly fortified positions held by terrorists who have no moral compunctions about slaughtering innocent men, women and children is, at best, playing the devil’s arithmetic. We can only hope that the Indian special forces have the proper intel and are well […]

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Child of the Pilgrims

Barbara Bates contemplates a yummy Thanksgiving. We are all the children of the Pilgrims, a deeply religious people who considered making Hebrew the official language of this new land. “Shalom y’all.” The Pilgrims, as learned in the Torah, as they were in the Christian Bible, saw themselves in the mold of the Children of Israel […]

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Jews Targeted by Muslim Terrorists in Mumbai

From Arutz Sheva: Muslim terrorists in Mumbai reportedly have abducted Chabad Rabbi Gabriel Holtzberg, his wife Rivka and their child. Indian television reported that six Israelis are being held hostage. The Foreign Ministry has not confirmed the report, and its last official statement was that no contact has been made with them. It added that […]

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Hollywood Blacklist: Hard Left

Day of Wrath, 1943, falsely accusedof witchcraft, a woman is about to beburned alive. This, from my good friend Dirty Harry: The blacklist is alive and well in Hollywood. Los Angeles Film Festival director Rich Raddon, who seemed to have survived the left wing, fascist witch hunt finally buckled and turned in his resignation. Not […]

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Holy Land Foundation Guilty On All Counts

A cartoon from the peace-loving Palestinian moderatesshowing how Jooz feast on Arab blood. Hey, definitely hand overEast Jerusalem to the Arabs. And sure, expel a few hundredthousand Jews from their homes in Judea and Samaria,because experience has shown how brilliantly that worked outin Gaza. What could possibly go wrong?H/T Weasel Zippers Money from the Holy […]

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Surprise! CAIR Get Slapped With Summons

This is shocking, just shocking. Terror-linked Muslim lobby’s dinner turns into public relations nightmare. Nihad Awad, director of CAIR, being serveda subpoena. WASHINGTON – When the Council on American-Islamic Relations held its 14th Annual Banquet at the Marriott Crystal Gateway Hotel tonight, it was planning to raise funds and honor some of its supporters, but […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere #192

Jayne Mansfield says: “As soon as I finish serenading my pets I’mgoing to read the latest Haveil Havalim. Ima on and off the Bima presents Haveil Havalim #192 The Thanks and Giving Edition. ********** Okay folks, it’s that time of year again. Please support Project Valour IT. Here at Seraphic Secret we ask that you […]

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My Beautiful Neighborhood V

I went shopping for new running shoes at the West Side Pavilion. Parked on the top level of the structure. Spent about five minutes taking pictures of this fabulous yellow zip running through a steel grill. Barnett Newman could not have done better. Did you know that the average running shoe costs more than $125.00? […]

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Hollywood Stars and Their Pets

Doris Day and her Poodles, Paris, 1950, Modern Cibachrome Photograph 20 x 16 in. I’ve got a flaming migraine and can barely function. Hence, I’m taking the easy blog-road and posting this almost surrealistic publicity photo of Doris Day and her poodles, by John Florea. Florea was a Life Magazine photojournalist who covered the bloody […]

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Obama: House Negro

“I hate Jews, Christians, Hindus, Catholics, Zoroastrians,Negroes, and Americans. But, it’s all your fault. I keel you! ” I didn’t say it, G-d forbid, nope, Ayman al-Zawahri, Al-Qaida’s #2 cut throat has decided that President-elect Barack Obama is more Barry than Hussein and has opened up with a salvo of trash talk: In al-Qaida’s first […]

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An Alphabet of Movies

Ziegfeld girl and Jewish silent film star Anna Held cranks a Mutoscope. My friend Dirty Harry tagged me to list movies, any movies, using the alphabet as my guide. Now that’s a great idea. Confession: I only list movies that I like or love. As always, I will have nothing to do with propaganda films […]

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My Yeshiva Flatbush Bully, Plus Obama’s Stunning Land for Peace Plan

Fade In: When I was a student in Yeshiva Flatbush elementary school, my mother used to give me a small bag of potato chips as dessert with my lunch. There was this kid in my class; he was huge and mean and absolutely off his rocker, and one day, this was in third grade, he […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere: The Mama Rachel Edition

Ivanka Trump says: “Oy-vey, this conversion is harder than modeling, more difficult than being a socialite, far more intellectually challenging than Wharton. I have to learn the laws of Shabbas, Kashrus, modesty—there go my cute hemlines—and, who knew? the halachos of Family Purity. And listen, “The Apprentice,” why do you think we had all those […]

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My Beautiful Neighborhood IV

I caught this lovely muted composition at one of my favorite places in Los Angeles:The Griffith Observatory. Love the Agnes Martin-like muted tones that are punched through by little black rectangles into another mysterious dimension—the definition of modern art. Ordinarily, I like symmetry. But asymmetry has its charms. I have a feeling that the workers […]

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Change, Well, Not Really

Israel’s friendly Palestinian neighbors prepare for some change along the Gaza border. I’m on my way out the door to a script conference. Oh, please G-d, don’t let the execs sit around bashing Governor Sarah Palin for the chit-chat portion of the meeting. They won. Can’t they just be gracious? Anyhoo. My friend Soccer Dad […]

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School Girl Crush

“Yo, Brother Barack, have I told you how I got my start in race hustling? Two words: Tawana Brawley.” For the past eight years, President Bush has been brutally and mercilessly pilloried by the dinosaur media and the chattering classes. On Nov. 9, The New York Times, true to form when Republicans are in office, […]

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Hey Kids, Let’s Watch Some War Movies

My father, Chaplain Abraham Avrech, conducting Jewish services during the Korean War. Okay, after trying, really trying to cut approximately a million dollars from my latest script—ouch!—and putting in a call to my father, Col. Abraham Avrech, 42nd Division, Retired, and thanking him for his service, I’m gonna plop down on the couch and do […]

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Veteran’s Day ’08

Edward G. Robinson, born Emanuel Goldberg, עמנואל גאלדנבערג visits American combat troops in 1944. Never forget the sacrifices that our servicemen have made for the cause of freedom here and abroad.

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Israel: The One Bomb State

Israel faces grave political and military challenges on all fronts. Terrorism via the Palestinians in Israel, Hamas in Gaza and a powerful Hizbullah in Lebanon are deeply troubling issues. But the greatest existential threat to Israel is Iran’s single-minded pursuit of nuclear weapon technology and Shiite hegemony over the Gulf region. To understand the complex […]

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