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Ten Best Movies of 2008, Part I

Seraphic Secret is taking a short break from blogging the Gaza War to look back at the ten best movies I screened in 2008. I have to admit that I did not see one contemporary release that comes close to the quality and passion of these older films. And keep in mind that most of […]

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And the Oscar Goes To…

Here’s the feel-good movie of the year: the IAF targeting and taking out a cell of Hamas terrorists as they load Grad missiles—manufactured by Iran, smuggled into Gaza via tunnels from Egypt—to the back of a truck. This compelling and suspenseful film—very Hitchcock—was up on the IDF’s new You Tube account, but, naturally, a bunch […]

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Honest if Unlettered Arab Rhetoric

A pro-terrorist, i.e. Palestinian supporter, displays his ideological convictions at a Jew-hating, er Juice-hating rally, in Manhattan yesterday. H/T Little Green Footballs Seraphic Secret is worried that Israel will suspend Operation Cast Lead in order to send “humanitarian aid” into Gaza. Israeli government spokesman claim that Hamas have hijacked the peaceful residents of Gaza. This […]

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Why We Fight

Israel is unable or unwilling to expend much energy in the propaganda war against her Arab Muslim enemies and the mainstream media who enable the Jew-hating Muslim world. But Arab television does the job for the Jewish State quite nicely. They produce and broadcast—round the clock—the most ghoulish, blood-thirsty, genocidal films since the Third Reich. […]

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Egypt: “Hamas is to Blame”

In the back-stabbing world of Arab politics where “death to Israel” is the only common cause, this official statement from the Egyptian Foreign Minister is a blazing neon sign that Hamas is perceived as a greater danger to the region than the evil Jooz. Too bad the European Jew-haters can’t come up with the same […]

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IDF Targets Hamas Military Targets

The IDF on Saturday night released aerial photos of Hamas facilities targeted by IAF fighter pilots on Saturday in Operation ‘Cast Lead.’ The photos show the military training facilities Hamas has developed in Gaza, from where Israel forcibly evicted close to 10,000 of its Jewish citizens in August 2005 in hopes of establishing peace with […]

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My Beautiful Neighborhood VIII

I went through this period were I photographed richly textured details of roofs, sides of buildings, steel grates, and other stuff in my neighborhood. I printed the photo twice, paired them as mirror images, rephotographed the assemblage to highlight compositional elements, and then, whew, printed them again. I created hundreds of these compositions before switching […]

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A (somewhat clumsy) Merry Christmas

Marceline Day waits for Santa. Karen and I founded Seraphic Secret as a memorial for our son, Ariel Chaim ZT’L. Inevitably, as time passed, we widened our topics to include politics, religion, Hollywood, family life, how I married Karen, and of course, the Arab Muslim terrorist threat to Israel and the West. We always assumed […]

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Christmas Message

The Persian Christmas message for suspected homosexuals. This is what you get when the chattering classes, deeply steeped in Jew hatred, embrace multi-culturalism and moral relativity: an alternative Christmas message from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad , in, what a shock, Britain, where Jew-haters sing anti-Israeli Christmas Carols in Church. But Dorothy Byrne, Channel 4’s head […]

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Where is the Peace?

No on two-state. There is already a Palestinian state and it is called Gaza, an Islamic terrorist state dedicated to the destruction of Israel and the elimination of Jews everywhere. It’s in their official covenant, perhaps the most racist, genocidal, Jew-hating document of modern times. Establishing another Palestinian reich in Judea and Samaria would be […]

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Islam = Terrorism? Duh

FBI Most Wanted Terrorists. But, of course, according to an opinion piece in (where else) the New York Times, it’s sinister to link Islam with terrorism. Sigh. Seraphic Secret is proudly sinister. Karen and I wish all our friends and relatives a happy second night of Chanuka. And if you want the perfect Chanukah gift—also […]

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Shiny Happy Dhimmi

Henry Fonda says: “After guard duty I’mgoing to read Shiny Happy Dhimmi.” Soccer Dad is up and live with Shiny Happy Dhimmi #6. Tonight is the first night of Chanukah, a joyous holiday that celebrates the military and spiritual victories of loyal Jews against Jew-hating tyrants and their Hellenized Jewish collaborators. Nothing much has changed […]

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My Beautiful Neighborhood VII

Great signage right off Pico Blvd. This is the store where I buyall my American and Israeli flags and lapel pins. As I’ve said, I love to roam the alleyways here in my neighborhood.This row of garages has layers of texture topped by wonderfully muted colors. Self-portrait in concrete. They don’t build hinges like they […]

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Gary Sinise: Great Star, Great American

President Bush awards Hollywood star Gary Sinise with the Presidential Citizens Medal. This war’s Bob Hope is Gary Sinise. Gary tirelessly supports our troops and children’s educational programs in Iraq—without a retinue of PR people and reporters trailing his every move and calling attention to his good deeds. Go to my buddy Dirty Harry for […]

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20 Favorite Actresses

This MEME is ripping through the film blogosphere like a prairie fire. I have not been tagged, but it’s too compelling a list to ignore, therefore I’m jumping in. So: What is my criteria for a favorite actress? After much thought, it comes down to this: If yours truly will sit down and screen a […]

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The Drowning Cell Phone (s)

Two weeks ago: Offspring #3: “I, um, need a new cell phone.” Me: What happened? Offspring #3: “My phone got damaged. Water damage.” Me: Water? Offspring #3: “Yeah, I dropped it in the toilet.” Me: “The toilet.” Offspring #3: “Uh-huh.” I desperately try not think about the unfortunate scenario; details, time sequences, etc. Me: “Okay, […]

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Change We’ve Seen Again and Again and Again

Hey, kids, let’s turn even more of the middle-east into a Judenrein,totalitarian Islamic reich. As the map shows, Israel—the tiny red dot—already takes up way too much real estate. President-elect Barack Hussein Obama’s promise for change certainly seems to be taking root in his Middle Eastern appointments. He’s heading back to the very worst interlocutors […]

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“Now We Are All Lubavitch”

The other day, Seraphic Secret received a note from Chabad Headquarters in Crown Heights, N.Y. expressing appreciation for our coverage of the pogrom on the Jews of India. Chabad also thanked us for our “unabashed love for Klal Yisroel [World Jewry] and your clearheaded insight into matters of Israel’s well being and security.” Chabad informed […]

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Silence = Acceptance

Seraphic Secret is one of the 18. H/T Treppenwitz The Mumbai terror massacres and the selection of Mumbai’s Jews for murder should alert the free world to the Jew-hatred that is at the core of Islamo Nazism. Not territorial disputes, the demarcation of national boundaries or refugees. These are just fig-leafs for a genocidal transnational […]

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Tagged: Five Things

Zahava tags Seraphic Secret. Homework. I mean, tagged by Zahava AKA Mrs. Treppenwitz. 5 things I was doing 10 years ago: 1) Karen and I were dealing with Ariel’s ZT’L cancer. 2) Trying to keep life as normal as possible for the girlses. 3) Writing and producing in Hollywood. 4) Spending way too much time […]

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