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Friday Footwear: The Guess Who Edition

Charles “Buddy” Rogers checks out Mary Pickford’sfootwear, My Best Girl, 1928. We should write about: Gaza, or Hamas, or Hizbullah, or Iran, or Pakistan, or Wazirastan, or Londonistan, or Amsterdan, or the ahem, stimulus package, or the temper tantrum at Davos, or the jihad enabling mainstream media, or Samantha “We Should Invade Israel” Power, or […]

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The 18: Call President Obama

Our friend Michael Fenenbock of The 18, leads the charge against a so-called two state solution, which, in reality, is a Final Solution aimed at the Jewish people. Here’s the new video: Contact: The 18

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The Third Jihad

This is a must see video, a 30-minute digest of a longer film. A few observations: 1. There is a libel popular among the chattering classes that goes something like this: mid-east terrorism is caused by the Arab-Israeli conflict. Resolve the Palestinian conflict and all troubles will vanish. This is false. Israel is, and has […]

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Thanks to Allah for the Holocaust

An Egyptian cleric speaking over horrifying images of the Holocaust “Hopes It Will Happen Again, Allah Willing, At The Hand Of Muslims.” Let’s take note of a few important points: 1. Egyptian TV is run by the state, opinions expressed have to be vetted by government censors—who obviously have no problem with the genocidal yearnings […]

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10,000 Violent Women and One Screenwriter, Part II

Chapter II of my prison series, 10,000 Violent Women and One Screenwriter, is up at Big Hollywood: “In high school,” says Cindy, “there were always these chicks, boosters and cheerleaders, the girls who wore different outfits every single day of the week; chicks who made you feel like crap; and they enjoyed your misery. You […]

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There Are Cults and There Are Cults

Corbusier Pony Skin Lounger. But viewed in a different light—a Tallis Bag. I’m in LAX. Karen was in Teaneck for Shabbos visiting Offspring #2, her wonderful husband, and our beautiful granddaughter Ma’yan Ariel. Now, I’m picking up Karen and her mother, who will be staying with us for a few weeks, escaping the frigid East—oh […]

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And the Ladies of Gaza

The women in my life, Karen and Offsprings #2 & 3, lead full and busy lives. There are book clubs where ladies sip tea and discuss a novel, there are Torah study groups, prayer groups. The girls get together with their friends and go to the movies or to the theater. I thought it was […]

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Sunday Morning: Bagels & Blogs

Soccer Dad’s Shiny Happy Dhimmi #10 is up and live.Don’t miss this cutting edge round-up of blogs dealingwith the pressing threat facing civilization—no, notso-called global warming. Ann Sheridan prepares a hearty dinner. Great actress,great cook, great, um, rifle. Confession. I’m unforgivably inept in the kitchen. Here’s the culinary memo: 1. Ask Offspring #2 and #3 […]

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Friday Footwear and, Um, Covert Ops

Lilyan Tashman says: “You go girl!” Obama, Gaza, Obama, Gitmo, Obama, Geithner, Obama, Kennedy, Obama, Sulzberger, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama. Bet you thought Seraphic Secret was going to write about you know who. Well no, sorry, today is Friday Footwear and even the Anointed One gets bumped. We do have our priorities. “I’m in Bloomingdale’s.” […]

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Remembering the Mercaz Harav Martyrs

Top row, left to right: Avraham David Moses, Ro’i Aharon Roth, Neria Cohen, Yonatan Yitzchak Eldar. Bottom, left to right: Yochai Lifshitz, Segev Peniel Avichail, Yonadav Chaim Hirschfeld, Doron Meherete, May Their Blood Be Avenged. Last week Offspring #3 came home for winter vacation with four lovely guests, friends from Stern College for Women. One […]

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Liberals Are, Um, Liberal Till the End

Seraphic Secret has received a dozen notes asking us what we thought of President Obama’s inauguration. Here are some brief impressions: 1. It was a coronation. President and Mrs. Obama were treated like royalty. 2. President Obama’s speech went like this: on the one hand big government is not the complete solution, on the other […]

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Real Battle of Algiers, Part II

Algerian Jews Finally, we turn our gaze to the Jews of Algeria for they were truly stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place. Needless to say, director Gillo Pontecorvo—born Jewish but his real religion was Communism—cleanses The Battle of Algiers of all references to the Jews of Algeria and their treatment at the […]

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The BBC are not exactly known for their love of Israel or of the Jewish people, so when this interview with senior British military adviser, Col. Kemp, was broadcast, we can only assume the producers were in the dark as to what would happen. I’ll bet bet that Col. Kemp will never again appear on […]

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Cease The Stupidity, Please

Seraphic Secret will be updating throughout the day, so just keep scrolling downward. Let’s review: 1. Israel declared a unilateral cease fire late Saturday. 2. Olmert states that all of Israel’s objectives have been achieved. 3. The Hamas continue firing missiles into Israel. 4. Gilad Shalit, kdnapped by the Hamas and never seen by the […]

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Goodbye (Elite?) Iran Unit

Day 21 of the Gaza War IDF soldiers in urban, three dimensional battlefields, must smash holes in walls between buildings in order to avoid booby traps. So expert are the IDF at this form of warfare that Israeli officers were dispatched to Iraq to train American troops. Thus, numerous lives were spared. Seraphic Secret will […]

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Dear World

Day 20 of The Gaza War Seraphic Secret will update throughout the day, so just keep scrolling down. This video says it all. Oscar worthy! H/T Aussie Dave 9:28 am PST Jack checks in with Gaza War Update #17. 9:37 am PST One more impressive hit from The IDF’s Greatest Hits. No wonder Hamas are […]

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Marriage Hamas Style

IDF soldier praying. Photo via The Muqata. Day 19 of the Gaza War Seraphic Secret will update this post throughout the day, so just keep scrolling down. Our apologies for not responding to comments and private e-mail. We’re just really short on time, trying hard to keep up with work, blogging, and family life. Seraphic […]

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The Mosque of Red Death

Day 18 of The War.Seraphic Secret will update this post throughout the day, so just keep scrolling down. Christians attend Church, where they worship, sing, listen to a sermon, and when they leave, generally, feel closer to G-d, closer to their family, closer to their fellow man. Jews go to shul, Synagogue, pray, listen (okay, […]

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Gaza Flashback

Day 17 of The War. Seraphic Secret will try and update regularly, so just keep scrolling down. Before the State of Israel expelled 9,000 Jews from Gaza, creating yet another Judenrein Arab Muslim paradise—hey, twenty-two Judenrein Arab Muslim states are not enough!—the Israeli Knesset debated the expulsion and various politicians promised peace and security. We, […]

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Hamas and their Many, Many, Human Shields

Day 16 of the war. A source in Israel—an IDF soldier—has sent word to Seraphic Secret that Hamas are forcing civilians to stay in homes and apartment buildings that are weapons depots. The IDF has warned these residents to leave because these buildings are now military targets and the IDF is doing everything possible to […]

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