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Friday Footwear: The Chartres Edition

Years ago, while in pre-production, I was working with our brilliant but mercurial Wardrobe Designer, groping towards a specific and unique look for an actress. I kept talking about blouses and skirts, fabric, cut, silhouette. I was, I admit, showing off my knowledge of Hollywood costume design history. I dropped learned references to the great […]

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10,000 Violent Women and One Screenwriter, Part VI

EXT. PRISON YARD – DAY The Screenwriter and the Corrections Officer are chatting about the list of prison movies Robert has promised to compile. Screenwriter and C.O. share a companionable relationship that is occasionally rattled by Cindy’s insatiable curiosity about her visitor’s private life. Cindy: “You a Jew?” INTERTITLE: Oy-vey! Robert: “Why do you ask?” […]

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Stimulus Package for Hamas

Obama has pledged 900 million dollars to Gaza. That’s almost a billion dollars. But who’s counting? The money, ostensibly, is to rebuild infrastructure. As if Hamas have ever been interested in building a functional society. In fact, the Hamas charter explicitly states that they have no interest in building a state, only in destroying Israel […]

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Israeli Princes Were Cut Down

On March 2,2008—a year ago in the Hebrew calendar, eight young students were murdered as they sat in Yeshiva Mercaz Harav learning Torah. The life of every man, woman and child is a universe; here’s a glimpse into the complex universe of one of the murdered children: Avraham David Moses, May His Blood Be Avenged. […]

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Obama Gets Cozy with Jew-haters

In Gaza Jesus, Arafat and Obama are, um, G-ds. Theology gone wild. Obama’s move to participate in Durban 2 is in line with a sharp repositioning of American policy. Where Israel has been treated as the ally it is, now Obama will treat it as an equal to Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, etc. and it […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere #205 Plus The Oscars

Joan Blondell looks for the Jewish Blogosphere. Sarah From Down Under brings us: Haveil Havalim #205 Goodon, Sarah! And what about The Oscars? I’ll be live-blogging—Karen will be at my side reminding me not to get too snarky—the event at Big Hollywood. Here’s Editor-in-Chief John Nolte’s invitation. This evening, February 22nd, starting around 4:30pm PST/ […]

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The Frum Feminist Steps Out

“What’s taking her so long?” On the set of one of my films a few years ago, our leading lady, a star, a diva, an incredibly beautiful woman, was holding up the shoot. In answer to my question, our director threw up his hands in despair. He and Leading Lady had stopped speaking to one […]

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10,000 Violent Women and One Screenwriter, Part V

Virginia Lee Corbin as a wild young flapper in “Lilies of the Streets,” 1925. EXT. PRISON – DAY The Screenwriter, alternately known to the inmates as Mr. Hollywood, Mr. Screenplay Writer and Mr. Clueless, sits with Eden, an attractive prisoner who is: mother to three children, an admirer of Jane Austen, and a fine dog […]

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Welcome to the Palestinian State

Warning: Graphic Arab Muslim violence. As if there’s un-graphic Arab Muslim violence. Memo to PETA: Relax. No animals were injured or killed in the making of the video. Hamas terrorists beat a suspected “Israeli collaborator.” As the club swings, shatters bone and flesh, the terrorists and the crowd scream: “Allahhu Akhbar.” G-d is great. This […]

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They Are Here

Orchard Park police are investigating a particularly gruesome killing, the beheading of a woman, after her husband — an influential member of the local Muslim community — reported her death to police Thursday. Police identified the victim as Aasiya Z. Hassan, 37. Detectives have charged her husband, Muzzammil Hassan, 44, with second-degree murder. “He came […]

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Hamas: What You See is What You See

As the great American abstract painter Frank Stella once observed regarding art: “What you see is what you see.” I see that we are living in 1938. Terrorist Islam threatens Western civilization. And once again the chattering classes—ascendant in the Obama administration—urge appeasement and deny the Jew-hatred that motivates this grotesque ideology.

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Masterpiece Jew Haters

Timothy Spall as Fagin: “Never trustthe goyim.” Gotta check the Cliff notes. I must have missed a few subtle literary points in college when I was taking a Charles Dickens seminar. I missed the spot where Fagin, in Oliver Twist, is wearing a gigoondo yarmulke. Also, blasting right by yours truly—alas, never the best of […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere

“Citizen Gish has been reading The Best of the Jewish Blogosphere—off with her head!” Here in HP presents Haveil Havalim: The Lots to Read Edition. Lots and lots to read, and gee, there is no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Great job HP! Also:From Soccer Dad: Shiny Happy Dhimmi # Bar Mitzvah

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Friday Footwear: The Not Cute Edition

Karen says: “Those are nice shoes.” Huh? I’m like totally confused. Is the earth being devoured by a White Dwarf? What happened to “cute?” Everyone knows that the accepted compliment on ladies footwear is: “Your shoes are really cute.” Or: “Fab-u-lous shoes, soooo cute.” Cute is—really kids, this is basic as gravity—the gold standard of […]

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True Hollywood Confession: I am a Dope Fiend But Not a Jewess

Alma Rubens, Early Studio Portrait Rubens starred in Humoresque (1920) according to silent film historian Kevin Brownlow, the “first [Hollywood] Jewish classic,” produced and financed by William Randolph Hurst’s Cosmopolitan Pictures. The movie was directed by the twenty-seven year old Frank Borzage, an Italian-American from Salt Lake City. Borzage, one of Hollywood’s finest directors, was […]

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Hamas TV: Mothers Urged to Kill Their Children

This clip from Hamas TV brings into sharp focus the death cult that is Palestinian society. In normal societies, mothers love, nurture and protect their children. The Palestinian death cult redefines motherhood: love means raising your child to die in the act of cold-blooded murder. Imagine if such a woman was your next door neighbor […]

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Israeli Elections 2009

As you can see, Israeli ballots are incredibly high-tech. A few notes about the elections in Israel. And I’m going to keep it simple. 1. Contrary to what you’ve heard in the MSM, Livni’s Kadima party has not won. All the ballots have not been counted. The military vote is not yet in. Sound familiar? […]

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10,000 Violent Women and One Screenwriter, Part IV

Jean Harlow, Clark Gable, Hold Your Man, 1933. “They seem to do a good job,” I say to Cindy. “Yeah,” Cindy allows, “what else they got to do with their time.” “They could be plotting a riot.” “Cute.” “Take over the prison system, make you their slave.” “You’ve seen too many movies, Robert.” Sad but […]

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Hollywood, Pallywood: The Moral Landscape

Movies are a moral landscape. From the optimistic and impossibly glamorous Astaire & Rogers, affirming love and the American dream during the depths of the depression, to the evil, moral inversion of the Oscar nominated The Reader—the sympathetic pedophile Nazi played by Kate Winslet can’t read the sign that says: “Do Not Burn The Jews”—all […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere #204

Janet Gaynor begs Charles Farrell to keep up with the Jewish blogosphere. Esser Agaroth presents Haveil Havalim #204. Superb edition. And from Soccer Dad, comes Shiny Happy Dhimmi #12. Do not miss it.

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