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Obama: High School Geopolitics

Barack Hussein Obama grovels to the Saudi tyrant. Barry Rubin, an astute analyst of Middle Eastern politics, takes a look at Obama’s approach to the despotic Muslim world and predicts an unhappy outcome. Yup, first was Obama’s apology tour in Europe, which accomplished zero for America, and no doubt, next up is Obama’s grovel tour […]

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Obama Takes Hard Line—Against Jewish Babies

Coming soon to your neighborhood. The notion that so-called settlements in the land of Israel are the obstacle to peace in the Middle East, is one of many big lies perpetrated by the Arab Muslim world, subsequently taken up with uncritical acceptance by Western liberals. Seraphic Secret believes that Jews have the right to live […]

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Hey Kids, We Got Rid of the Jews, Time to Slaughter Christians

H/T Aussie Dave from Israellycool. First Hamas insisted that Gaza be made Judenrein. The Jewish State agreed to this infamous and racist demand. Naturally, the first actions taken by the good citizens of Gaza were to burn the synagogues and rip apart the state of the art greenhouses that were purchased by some dopey American […]

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Jihad Against Starbucks

A Manhattan Starbucks was bombed early this morning. It’s not widely reported but Jihadists have targeted the Starbucks chain because the logo, according to these Jew-haters, represents the Jewish Queen Esther. It’s easy to laugh at such obvious lunacy, but this conspiracy world view—Jews control everything—is the norm in the Muslim world. Such easy narratives […]

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Hollywood Celebrates U.S. Military: Flashback

Joan Crawford as Miss Liberty. During this Memorial Day Weekend we pay tribute those who have fallen, and those who sacrifice so much in the cause of freedom. Remember when Hollywood celebrities flocked across the globe to entertain and support American troops? Remember when Hollywood—as a community—denounced tyrants, Jew-haters, and mass murderers? My father was […]

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Memorial Day 2009

My father, Chaplain Abraham Avrech, 42nd Division, Col. Ret., conductsservices for Jewish soldiers during the Korean War. On this Memorial Day weekend, Seraphic Secret pays tribute to all American servicemen, past, present and future. Without our armed services we would not be a free people. Never Forget What War Zone presents: Haveil Havalim, The Best […]

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Friday Flickers: The Lady Eve

Preston Sturges (1898 – 1959) was probably the greatest writer, director, producer—emphasis on writer—Hollywood ever produced. Sturges, in a series of brilliant comedies, refined the screwball comedy to an almost perfect sheen. As the great critic and painter Manny Farber suggested, Sturges is the Mark Twain of Hollywood. His characters are pragmatic Americans who, at […]

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Jerusalem Liberation Day

A Hasid prays at the Western WallPhoto: © Robert J. Avrech. All rights reserved. Today is Yom Yerushalayim, Jerusalem Day. I vividly remember when Jerusalem was cruelly divided by barbed wire. After Israel’s 1948 War of Independence, the Jordanians annexed Judea and Samaria—hey, what a shock, not a peep from the so-called Palestinians—and, naturally, ethnically […]

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Denuke Iran

There is only one issue that concerns Bibi Netanyahu and the Israeli people at the moment. The Persian march to nuclear power. All the talk about the so-called Palestinians is a distraction. 1. The so-called two-state solution is a diplomatic chimera, a mantra with no substance. Already, there are two Palestinian states: Jordan and Gaza. […]

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Mae Clarke: Gangster, Grapefruit, Forty One Seconds to Immortality

Jimmy Cagney smashes a grapefruit in Mae Clarke’s face, The Public Enemy, 1931. Most actors are remembered for their unique personae. Clark Gable was a man’s man. The humorous gleam in his eye sent daggers to the knees of women everywhere. Bette Davis practically cornered the market on the deeply neurotic woman clawing at the […]

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Letter From Kosova: Thank You, America

Kosova, primarily Muslim, was rescued by America, thus NEWBORN into a free country. Dr. Carol, long time Seraphic Secret reader and valued commenter, a Professor in an American University, traveled to Israel for the very first time in August ’08, and graced this blog with a deeply moving letter about her experiences as a faithful […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere #217

My grandmother, Chana Gittel, usd to read Charles Dickensout loud to me. It was one of the ways she learned English.She would have adored Haveil Havalim.Shiloh Muse presents Haveil Havalim #217 The Discount Edition. And here’s a fine illustration of the, ahem, cycle of violence in Gaza.

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Friday Footwear: Ma’ayan Ariel Says, “I’m Almost Walking.”

Clara Bow adores men who appreciate Friday Footwear. Ma’ayan Ariel is learning to walk. It looks like she’s skipping the interim crawling stage. She’s still gripping furniture like a wary rock climber shuffling along a precarious ledge on Yellowstone’s Half Dome. Ma’ayan Ariel smiles and jabbers away in her private language, feeling glory and power […]

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Screenwriters often signal a dramatic turn of events in Act I, and then pay it off in Act II. The classic example is: CLOSE-UP: A hand opens a desk drawer, revealing a PISTOL. Later, the same pistol is used to kill someone. This is called foreshadowing. Israel is foreshadowing like crazy. 1. The IAF borrowed […]

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The New-Old War Against the Jews

There is no question in my mind that so-called anti-Zionism serves as a fig-leaf for Jew hatred. There is no other explanation. I’ve never heard of any other country’s legitimacy relentlessly questioned and undermined. You would think that those who espouse the love of human rights and rejection of violence and government oppression would attack, […]

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Hollywood: The Head Game

In shul the other day, I noticed some spectacular hats on the married ladies. Summer is almost here and Orthodox Jewish women are busting out their best millinery. Hollywood stars were once devoted to elegant head gear. Here are some compelling examples. Betty Grable was best known for her legs and for her tempestuous marriage […]

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We’re Shocked, Shocked That Hope & Change = Moral Equivalence

Image courtesy of Wolf Howling. Seraphic Secret is shocked, shocked that a man who was a proud member of a Jew and America-hating Church would, as POTUS, turn against Israel, America’s only dependable ally in the middle east. Seraphic Secret is shocked, shocked that President Barack Obama is making purring noises to Hugo Chavez, a […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere #216

MM sings: “Happy Birthday Jack! Haveil Havalim #216, Happy 40th Birthday Jack Edition, is up and live. The last birthday I remember was when I turned 25-years old and I still wasn’t married. My parents looked at me like, y’know, dead man walking. Well, Baruch HaShem, Karen popped up in my life soon after and […]

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Friday Flickers: The Awful Truth

Seraphic Secret is introducing a new feature: Friday Flickers, in which we present clips from some of our favorite movies along with personal commentary. We hope that you will run out and rent or purchase our Friday Flicker recommendations. We guarantee that your life will be enriched beyond measure. Do not despair, Friday Footwear is […]

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Obama to Throw Israel Under the Islamist Bus

The Dear Leader (Graphic courtesy of Wolf Howling) Take one Junior U.S. Senator with the most left-wing voting record—when he bothered to vote—mix in membership in a racist, Jew-and America hating Church for over 20-years, stir in friendships with American terrorists and Arab radicals, sprinkle in a healthy dose of crypto-Socialist rhetoric, and what have […]

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