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Joy to These Loving Companions

A traditional Chuppah, Jewish wedding ceremony. Karen and I are in New York. This Shabbat we celebrate the Aufruf of our wonderful, soon-to-be, son-in-law. And then on Monday the chuppah where Offspring#3 will stand under the wedding canopy with her Bashert. The first Sheva B’rachot will take place in New York, and then we all […]

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Stars With Pluck

Hedy Lamarr’s perfectly arched eyebrows emphasize her symmetrical features. Considered the most beautiful woman in Hollywood, Lamarr was also incredibly bright, co-inventing, in 1941, a “frequency-hopping device that now serves as the basis for modern spread-spectrum communication technology.” That quote is grabbed from Wikipedia. I have absolutely no idea what it means, but darn, I’m […]

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Anti-Obama Rally in Israel

You know what’s weird—hugely ironic, even—about this whole Obama policy initiative where Obama decides where Jews can and cannot live in the Jewish homeland? Obama is black, right? So, you would think that there would be just a little sensitivity on the issue of ghettoizing a specific group of people based on ethnicity or religion? […]

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Hamas summer campers reenact thekidnapping of Cpl. Gilad Schalit. I lived for the Summer. That’s because I hated school. I hated the cruel teachers and administrators , the boring classes, the schoolyard bullies, the long hours of home work. And I dreaded bringing home those grim report cards that invariably conveyed a single message to […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere #227

Jimmy Cagney—who was Irish Catholic, but fluent in Yiddish—insists that Mae Clarke read Haveil Havalim. Haveil Havalim #227, presented for the first time by Jewschool.

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Friday Footwear Goes Extra Tiny Formal

Now that Ma’ayan Ariel is walking—at first a Charlie Chaplin shuffle, now a much smoother gait—the big question arises: What footwear is Ma’ayan going to wear at Offspring #3’s wedding? Offspring #2 scours the N.J. malls for formal footwear. Nothing. Nada. Zero. Apparently there isn’t great demand for Extra Tiny formal footwear. Offspring #2 skips […]

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The Great Obama Traveling Patent Medicine Show

In the old days, Medicine Shows rattled along the back roads of rural America dispensing patent medicines that cured, well, everything. The Medicine Man, invariably called Professor, was a talented showman and raconteur. He lectured about his miraculous elixir, mixing grandiose claims with folksy anecdotes. At some point during the show, one of the rubes […]

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Obamacare: It’s Your Patriotic Duty to Die

Democracies can only function properly when systems of fair arrangements are in place for the majority of its citizens. Currently, 84% of Americans are covered by health care. Most are satisfied with their individual health insurance. Do we allow Obama and the Democrats to institute a system in the name of 16% of the population? […]

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Rabbis To Obama: Hands Off Jerusalem

Praying at the Kotel, The Western Wall.Photo: Copyright © Robert J. Avrech Barack Hussein Obama is, by now, accustomed to a phalanx of obsequious court Jews, among them, David Axelrod, and Rahm Emanuel. And of course there are the compliant Jewish, ahem, leaders, hand picked by Axelrod and Emanuel, to meet the Dear Leader and […]

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Hollywood: The Head Game

Lilyan Tashman, considered one of Hollywood’s most stylish stars in the 20’s, was born and raised in Brooklyn to an Orthodox Jewish family. Before breaking into the movies, Lilyan was a Ziegfeld girl with Marion Davies and Peggy Hopkins Joyce. Here, Lilyan appears properly elegant in a hat that looks like a yarmulke on steroids. […]

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Rape the Virgins or They’ll Go to Paradise

I’m no longer shocked by human cruelty. History is a wheel that plays reruns of human depravity 24/7. What does surprise me is the extent of denial in the West regarding Iran and the mullahs who rule that unhappy land. When Barack Hussein Obama insists that dialog with these butchers is necessary, he is, in […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere #226

The Girl’s Rifle Team, U. of Maryland, 1925 are big supporters of the 2nd Amendment and Haveil Havalim. Jack is on deck. He takes a few practice swings, then steps up to the plate to present Haveil Havalim #226. Home run. In Communist dictatorships the past is constantly being erased and revised to suit the […]

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Friday Flickers: Bombshell

Bombshell, (1933) starring Jean Harlow, Lee Tracy, Frank Morgan, Una Merkel and Franchot Tone. Harlow plays Harlow. That’s what this film is all about. Jean Harlow, spitting world-weary wisecracks and fed-up with Hollywood’s merry-go-round insanity, is Lola Burns, a Hollywood sexpot. Her father and brother are always looking for handouts, and the studio publicity flack […]

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Dems Make War on the War Against Islamic Terror

Four Dear Leaders: Barack Hussein Obama, Yasser Arafat, Abu Maazen, andKhalid Meshal. Hope n’ Change in Gaza. The CIA actually had a top secret program to assassinate Al Qaeda leaders. Shocking. That a program existed to assassinate al Qaeda leaders should certainly come as no surprise to anyone. It has been well-publicized that the Clinton […]

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Jewish Sex Gum Destroying Palestinian Youth

Beware Arab youth, the International Zionist Conspiracy will chew you up and spit you out. Hey, I have a fab-u-lous idea, let’s give these lunatics a state of their very own. What could possibly go wrong? Is Israel targeting the Palestinian population in Gaza by distributing libido-increasing chewing gum in the Strip? A Hamas police […]

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Apocalypse Now and Then

Nothing to worry about here. Just another culture expressing its timeless values. When I was a kid growing up in Brooklyn, there was this guy who used to climb up on one of the benches on Ocean Parkway and Avenue N where he would rant and rave, warning us that the end of the world […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere #225

Karen’s thinking: “I’d rather be reading Haveil Havalim.” Haveil Havalim #225, is up and live. Maya, from How to Be Israeli, has done a wonderful job of organizing this round-up of the best of the Jewish Blogosphere.

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Friday Footwear: Born to Bop

Ma’ayan Ariel loved these shoes, but they don’t come in her size. It happens in the blink of an eye. Karen and I were in Teaneck just a few weeks ago and Ma’ayan Ariel was cruising along, gripping couches, chairs, walls, using our legs as support. Two days after arriving home, Karen and I are […]

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Art as Prayer, Prayer as Art

Moshe Hammer, Z’L. True genius is a rare commodity. Five years ago, 26-year-old Moshe Hammer, z”l, a Lubavitch artist who frequently worked through the night, stepped outside for a walk in Los Angeles, to clear his head and recharge his creative batteries. As was his custom, Moshe rambled miles from his apartment in the Fairfax […]

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Stimulus #1 Fails: It’s All Sarah Palin’s Fault

Quick Hollywood story regarding incompetence and the necessity of shouldering responsibility. A few years ago I was Executive Producer of a TV pilot that I wrote. I had an efficient and creative director, a good cast, and, I thought, a fine DP, Director of Photography. First day’s rushes were murky. The lighting on our leading […]

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