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California Inferno

Here’s a view from the end of my street looking north. The mushroom of smoke is enormous, indicating a deadly inferno below. California is burning. Over 100,000 acres are being reduced to ash and smoke. North of my home in the Pico-Robertson section of Los Angeles wild fires are raging. My house and neighborhood are […]

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I Feel Like I’m in a Frank Capra Movie

“You know how I like to have a cup of tea before getting on a plane?” “Uh-huh.” “Well, before boarding I ran over to the Starbucks, but it was closing…” Karen is calling from LAX, she’s flying to New York. I dropped Karen off at the airport twenty minutes ago and already this is our […]

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Dear Karen:

Cartoon by Hugh MacLeod Visual: Slumped over, head in hands. Audio: Dramatic sigh. I guess I’ll keep myself occupied with Haveil Havalim, #232 The Back to School Edition, presented by West Bank Mama. Oh, yeah, and let’s send Soccer Dad to Israel.

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Friday Footwear: The Frum Feminist Edition

A few days ago, Frum Feminist, a Friday Footwear star—for a flashback, click here—called with some very exciting news. “I got a new pair of shoes.” “Mazal Tov.” “I was at Nordstrom’s and they just, you know, called out to me.” “Were they on sale?” “I wish.” “What brand?” I know, I know, I’m sooooo […]

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And Now a Word About Missile Defense

Pershing I nuclear missile. Among Seraphic Secret’s faithful readers are scores of Americans from all branches of our armed services. One of our best friends is “Frank,” a Captain who deals with things that fly through the air and go BOOM when they land. Nuclear boom, that is. Frank is thoughtful, highly educated, and at […]

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U.S. Borrowing 5 Billion Dollars a Day

Hugh MacLeod is one of the best cartoonists in the business. More of his work can be found at Gaping Void Cartoons. Thanks to my friend Jackie Danicki for bringing his work to my attention. Wall Street Journal financial reporter Steve Moore explains that Obama is leading the United States towards a financial train wreck. […]

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Kindness to the Cruel

The animal who was found guilty of the Lockerbie atrocity should have been prosecuted in the U.S. But the oh-so-compassionate Europeans would not allow it because we American barbarians still have the death penalty. We were assured that justice would be served—whatever that means. Now, the mass murderer is free, a hero to the Arab/Muslim […]

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Whole Foods Reevaluated

On Friday we suggested that our readers support Whole Foods and take part in an anti-anti Boycott movement. We assumed that the totalitarin left was beating up on an innocent party. But it turns out that the totalitarian left is just eating one of its own. Many of our readers have brought our attention to […]

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Friday Fotos

Here’s another glimpse at the spectacular cityscape of our little shtetl here in Los Angeles. Everywhere I focus the lens of my camera I discover shimmering colors, unique forms, and delicious textures layered one upon the next. Right on Pico Boulevard, just a few blocks from Casa Avrech, you can find this stunning storefront in […]

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Obama: Gimmee That Ol’ Time Religion, Plus Details of Obama’s Call With Jewish Proxies

Robert Mitchum as the deadly preacher in Night of the Hunter, 1955, directed by Charles Laughton, script by James Agee. Yesterday, President Barack Hussein Obama, in a conference call with liberal and, ahem, progressive religious leaders, sermonized against those who are “bearing false witness” in the debate over his plan for a government take-over of […]

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Memories of a Jewish Childhood in Poland Before the Holocaust

The Black Wedding The memorial book for Apt recounts how a holy rabbi helped the town during a cholera epidemic in 1892. Every few days someone died. In a community of about six thousand, that was a calamity. Prominent citizens went to the holy rabbi, imploring him to say a few prayers to the Almighty. […]

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Huckabee: “Jews Ought to be Able to Live Anywhere They Want to in Their Own Homeland.”

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is a Conservative Christian and an outspoken supporter of Israel. Recently, on his 11th trip to Israel—I know tons of U.S. Jews who have never been to Israel—speaks articulately about Obama’s demand for a so-called settlement freeze—segregation on steroids. Unfortunately, Netanyahu has already capitulated, which will, I guarantee, prove to […]

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Death of Language = Death of Jews

The Munich Massacre, according to Human Rights Watch official Joe Stork, was an “important morale booster.” Language used by the left has been devalued, debased, raped. A noble sounding term like “human rights” is code for Jew-hatred. Joe Stork, the Human Rights Watch official who recently authored a report—a tissue of lies—accusing Israeli soldiers of […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere #230

MM dreams of the Jewish Blogosphere. Haveil Havalim #230 is up and live, lovingly edited by newly married—Mazal Tov!—Letters of Thought.

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Friday Footwear: The Hillcrest Edition

A blogger friend and I were discussing shidduchim and the instant extended families that are created. “All I ask,” said my friend, “is for the other family to be normal.” Imagine my delight when I met Offspring #3’s new family, a generous and warm—I get lots and lots of hugs—couple from Hillcrest with three lovely […]

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My Twenty-seven Minutes in the U.S. Post Office

I have to go to the post office. In New York, we dropped by my Aunt Ethel’s apartment in Long Beach where I saw an old family photo of my paternal grandmother, Miriam, z’l, with my father and his brother, my Uncle Chaim, z’l. “Aunt Ethel, I never saw this photo. It’s amazing.” “Yes, I […]

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Obama Explains It All: “Now… I… if… um… if you think about it… uh…”

Sans his beloved teleprompter the Dear Leader babbles incoherently. Obama’s analysis goes something like this: UPS and Fed-Ex—private companies operating in a free market—are doing just fine. But the government run Post Office kind of stinks. Conclusion: What America really needs is government run health care. Man, I wish I went to Harvard so I […]

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Obama: Nothing Sacred

Durban, presided over by Mary Robinson, Obama’s pick forThe Medal of Freedom. Seraphic Secret has long maintained that Jews are the canary in the coal mine of civilization. If a society treats its Jewish citizens with equal rights and civility then that society will be a decent and productive place for all its citizens. Just […]

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Endless Love: A Brief Treatise

Scene One: Saturday “Yes, but how can you really know someone? How can you know that the love is real?” I go: “I knew, I always knew.” Karen and I are hosting the Los Angeles Sheva B’rachot for Offspring #3 and her wonderful husband. A close friend, the wife of a fine physician, happily married […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere #229

Charlie Chaplin and Paulette Goddard, born Marion Pauline Levy, search for the Jewish Blogosphere. Best of the Jewish Blogosphere #229, The Modi’in Edition is up and live. Check it out if you want to know what’s happening in Jewish cyberspace. Correction: A few days ago Seraphic Secret reported on child brides in Gaza. Since that […]

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