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The Obama Afghanistan Option: Nuanced Surrender

While campaigning for the Presidency, Barack Hussein Obama stated that the war in Iraq is a distraction. The real war—“a war of necessity”—claimed Obama, is actually in Afghanistan. He charged that President Bush had taken his eye off the ball, and was not even successful in eliminating Usama Bin Laden. This from the man who […]

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Before Yom Kippur…

Before every major Jewish holiday, Karen and I visit our son, Ariel’s ZT’L, grave. Yom Kippur begins Sunday night and so, in advance of this most holy of days, we made sure to set aside time and drive to the cemetery in Simi Valley, about forty minutes from our home in Los Angeles. The afternoon […]

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Netanyahu to U.N. Have You No Shame?

Bibi rips the rogues, tyrants, Jew-haters and genociders of the U.N. The disgusting institution that Obama seeks to elevate, and continue to support with our tax dollars. Remember, Obama made a point of reminding this odious body that the U.S. has paid up all outstanding dues. More important, Obama promised to run American foreign policy […]

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Zelaya: Obama’s Jew Hating Ally

Please submit your caption for this photo to the comments section. Manuel Zelaya was legally ousted by the Honduran Supreme Court because he was seeking a second term, a clear violation of the Honduran constitution. Obama’s White House labeled this a “military coup.” Thus, the United States backed a hard-line Marxist, a friend of tyrant […]

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Bolton: Obama Has Put Israel on the Chopping Block

Ambassador John Bolton analyzes Obama’s U.N. speech. No wonder Qaddafi wants Obama to be President for Life. Is it really possible that we have to endure three more years of the Dear Leader. I actually feel a migraine coming on.

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Obama and the Politics of Concession

World leaders prepare for summits with other heads of state by, among other things, studying in-depth psychological profiles prepared by analysts in their security divisions. If authored by skillful psy-op analysts, these profiles are predictive of likely future behavior. The Mossad dossiers are famous for containing deep information that other services have missed. For instance, […]

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The Jewish Jew Haters

“Awesome. Daddy is letting me attend the J Street Conference.” Jewish history, from time immemorial, is littered with Jewish Jew-haters. Sometimes they come in the guise of religious reformers, Korach’s revolt is a prime example. At other times, Jewish Jew-haters are more forthright, claiming that Torah Judaism is a fossil that must be discarded in […]

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Breaking Scandal: National Endowment for the Arts in Service to Obama

Soviet Realism celebrated the cult of mass murderer Joseph Stalin Art in service to the state is not art but propaganda. The role of art is to steep the viewer in a transcendent space. Propaganda aims at buttressing a narrow political and social agenda. Totalitarian regimes always follow a strategy of using art to spread […]

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Friday Flickers: Sadie McKee

Earlier this week we published a profile of Hollywood star Esther Ralston. So beautiful was Esther, she was dubbed The American Venus, after the film of the same name in which she starred. Sadly, Esther had a weakness for bad men and her career was seriously derailed by three failed marriages to: an emotionally unstable […]

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ACORN To, um, “Organize” Child Sex Slaves in Mexico

Want to open up a brothel staffed by underage girls smuggled in from Mexico? No problem. Juan Carlos, a community organizer from the San Diego branch of ACORN will help with housing, and taxes. And to show just how open and diverse they are, ACORN helpfully suggests opening the brothel in Tijuana—to avoid American law […]

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Jon Stewart Blasts Dinosaur Media for Ignoring ACORN Story.

Barack Obama brainstorms with his ACORN friends. Jon Stewart, by any standard, a Hollywood Liberal, is, thankfully, outraged at ACORN and the dinosaur media: “You mean to tell me that two kids from the cast of “High School Musical III” broke this story with a video camera and their grandmother’s chinchilla coat and you’ve got […]

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ACORN Investigation Reaches San Bernadino

Behold, another ACORN community organizer in action: Offering to help set up housing for a brothel for underage, illegal, immigrant girls from El Salvador. ACORN was slated to receive 8 billion—not million, BILLION!—dollars in stimulus funds. Here’s more undercover work by journalists James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles, whose national ACORN expose is being featured on […]

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Obama: ACORN Will Help Shape My Policy

Back in 2007, when Barack Obama was still a faithful member of Jeremiah Wright’s Jew-hating church, when he was BFF with American terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, when he was doing lunch with Palestinian Jew-hater Khalid Rashidi, he was also—big shock—sucking up to ACORN. In this video, Presidential candidate Barack Obama solemnly vows to […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere

The Reform Shuckle* (great name!) presents the latest Haveil Havalim. And let’s not forget Jewish photography: Check out the latest Jpix, presented by Me-Ander. Shuckle: Yiddish, swaying while in prayer.

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9-11: Not a Tragedy

Offspring#2 steps into our bedroom and says: “Do you know what’s going on in New York?” Puzzled, Karen and I look at each other. “Better turn on the TV,” says Offspring#2. Black smoke is rising from one of the Twin Towers. A newscaster tells us that a passenger jet airliner has hit the World Trade […]

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Dore Gold: The Rise of Nuclear Iran

Ambassador Dore Gold.Photo: Copyright © Robert J. Avrech Last week, I was invited by One Jerusalem, to attend a private briefing by Ambassador Dore Gold, whose important new book, The Rise of Nuclear Iran: How Tehran Defies the West, has just been published. There were about fifteen of us—bloggers mostly, including my good friend Omri […]

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The Myth of the Two State Solution

The Arab Israeli conflict is not about land or refugees. It’s about the Arab Muslim world’s rejection of a Jewish state. Okay, kids, pop the popcorn, sink into your Barcalounger and pay attention to the ferociously articulate and learned Caroline Glick as she explains why the so-called two-state solution is a chimera, a tediously foolish […]

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Jew-hatred: The New Cool

Cartoon by Hugh MacLeod. As the Van Jones scandal broke—on the blogosphere via Gateway Pundit, and on Fox’s Glenn Beck—I turned to Karen and said: “Guaranteed, this guy is also a gold-played Jew-hater.” Not a hard call. As you move leftward on the political scale so does the level and tolerance of Jew-hatred. This oldest […]

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Wide-Angle: Toronto Film Festival Jew-Haters

Yesterday we asked: Why Are Jews Liberals? Today we observe that the left is a comfortable home for Jew-hatred. I know the defense: these creatures are not really Jew-haters, they are, ahem, “nuanced thinkers,” protesting the policies of the state of Israel. Yeah, the way Iran, Hamas and Hizbullah protest. Look, 50,000 people die in […]

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Why Are Jews Liberals?

The question most often posed to me by my Christian Conservative friends is: Why do a majority of American Jews continue to support Liberal policies and the Democrat party when it is clear that the Democrats are overwhelmingly hostile to Israel and to Judaism? President Barack Obama—demonstrably anti-Israel with a host of Jew hating friends […]

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