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Friday Footwear: Danger Heels Edition

Years ago, while in pre-production on a film, I was working with a brilliant wardrobe designer, groping towards a specific look for an actress. I kept going on and on about blouses and skirts, fabric, cut, texture, silhouette. I was, I sheepishly confess, showing off my knowledge of Hollywood costume design history. I dropped scholarly […]

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Shooting in Los Angeles Synagogue

Adat Yeshurun, an Orthodox Sephardic synagogue in Los Angeles. This story is still breaking, but I’d like to make two quick observations. 1. The entire notion of a hate crime strikes me as a depraved concept where crimes and criminals are categorized by an elite thought police. If the victims were, say, residents in a […]

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Obama’s Jew: George Bush

Charles Krauthammer rips Obama for implementing a permanent strategy of blaming President Bush for, well, everything. This from a man whose party controls all three branches of government—actually four, counting the dinosaur media, that is nothing less than a propaganda arm of Obama’s White House. Obama refuses to shoulder responsibility for his failed policies, foreign […]

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The Truth About Propaganda

Ask a military man to define a defensive war and the answer will be, “Defeat.” And so it is with Israel’s feeble attempts at hasbarah, propaganda. In truth, the Hebrew word hasbarah more closely translates as “clarification.” And therein lies one of the problems. Israel and Jews are engaged in a futile task: rebutting the […]

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The Jews of China

Yours truly binding tefillin at The Great Wall of China. As I wrote in a previous post, a few years ago I was in China conducting research for a script I was hired to write by one of the major Hollywood studios. The script turned out well—an unusual tale of love and loss in 1930’s […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere

Up and live Haveil Havalim #240, The Aliyah Edition, presented this week by Artzeinu.

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Friday Flickers: Swing Time

This clip from Swing Time 1936, in which Fred saves Ginger’s job, is a perfect illustration of why Astaire and Rogers revolutionized dance in movies. Elegant, explosive—watch the amazing shifts in tempo—and deeply romantic, their dance numbers are, Astaire insisted on this, seamlessly integrated into the plot line of their films. Astaire also wisely demanded […]

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Patsy Ruth Miller on Fire—But Not Acting

Lobby card, For Big Stakes, 1922, starring cowboy star Tom Mix and Patsy Ruth Miller. Silent films—especially westerns—were frequently shot on location, under grueling and often dangerous conditions. There were no unions to protect actors and crew, thus safety precautions were routinely sacrificed in order to meet tight shooting schedules and even tighter budgets. There […]

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UK Colonel Richard Kemp Challenges Goldstone Blood Libel

The UN is an organization that thrives on hurling blood libels at Israel. Therefore, when the infamous Goldstone Report accused Israel of war crimes, I shrugged my shoulders. What else is new? But Col. Richard Kemp, a battle hardened Brit, defends the IDF against a world of lies. And though he was only allowed to […]

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My Chinese Spy

This is not a picture of yours truly with My Chinese Spy.It’s star-struck me with the great Chinese actress Gong Li onlocation in China. I confess, I use any excuse to publish this photo.The Death of Journalism Journalism died in America when Barack Hussein Obama was running for President. The dinosaur media gleefully surrendered to […]

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Prisoner of the Taliban

The Taliban publicly executing a woman. Her husband andchildren were forced to watch. David Rohde, a Pulitzer prize winning reporter for The New York Times, has to spend seven hellish months as a prisoner of the fanatic Taliban to finally understand that these Islamists are murderous barbarians intent on creating a world wide Muslim Caliphate. […]

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The Obama Debacle

Charles Krauthammer reviews the results of President Obama’s foreign policy initiatives. This is not just a record of ineptitude, but arrogance combined with ineptitude—the worst combination possible. In the end, Obama’s White House looks not just weak, but silly. And silly in geopolitics can be fatal. What’s come from Obama holding his tongue while Iranian […]

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Friday Fotos: The Seraphic A B C Book

I like to take snapshots of doorways, interesting geometric patterns and textures and, of course, my girlses footwear. But my favorite subjects are signs. Signs announce commerce, civic commands, information, and geography. The best signage is finely crafted art. Most often signs are, um, signs of the times indicating trends in fashion and the changing […]

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Tay Garnett: Hollywood Circumcision

Actress Patsy Ruth Miller with director Tay Garnett. Hollywood director Tay Garnett’s (1894 – 1977) best known film is The Postman Always Rings Twice, 1946. Lana Turner burns through the screen with her cool and murderous sensuality. John Garfield, real name Jacob Julius Garfinkle, gives a towering performance as the cynical chump who allows himself […]

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Jews, Guns and Torah

Jew with gun. An Israeli soldier of the elite Nahal Brigade, during the Second Lebanon War. Before our son Ariel Chaim ZT”L passed away, age twenty-two, in 2003, we spent a good deal of time discussing the Second Amendment, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Ariel was amazed that so many American Jews—overwhelmingly liberal […]

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Obama’s Enemies: You. And You. And Yeah, You.

It’s good to know that the Obama regime is up for a fight. Unfortunately, it’s not against the Taliban, not against Iran, North Korea, a Russia that is now indistinguishable from the former Soviet Union, Syria, and hey Fatah, Hamas and Hizbullah are no problemo. The enemy is Fox News. Yup, Obama and his courtiers […]

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Obamacare is Coming for You!

Obamacare, if it becomes the law of the land, means that the federal government will take over approximately 16% of the American economy. Obamacare will punish patients, physicians, innovation in medical companies, as a maze-like federal bureaucracy calcifies American medical care. Because that’s what federal programs do: stifle competition, destroy innovation, debase human compassion, and […]

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Friday Footwear: Aunt & Niece Edition

Offspring #3, newly married, arrived in Los Angeles with wonderful son-in-law #2, right before Succot. Thus, we had both girlses, both husbands, and one granddaughter in Casa Avrech at the same time. Oh joy. Ever since Ma’ayan Ariel was born a year and a half ago, Offspring #3 has blossomed as a doting and loving […]

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Cartoon by Hugh MacLeod. Okay, time to speak directly to my readers about, uh, stuff. Seraphic Secret started in May 2004 with zero audience. Now, on a daily basis, we have thousands of faithful readers. With high readership comes private correspondence. Numerous emails to yours truly. Here are the five basic categories and my responses: […]

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Obama’s New Leverage Against Israel

President Obama has found a new community to organize: The Jew-haters who congregate—on American tax dollars—at the U.N. President Bush rightly shunned the U.N. Human Rights Council—Orwellian speak for racists, and genociders—refusing to confer legitimacy on a rabid gang who seek Israel’s destruction. But Barack Hussein Obama, always comfortable in the company of Jew-haters, has […]

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