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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere

Fay Wray and Joel McCrea search for The Jewish Blogosphere. Haveil Havalim #254, The Tu B’shvat Edition is up and live, this week presented by The Israel Situation.

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Friday Fotos

Recently, Ma’ayan Ariel and her parents visited Israel. Offspring #2 and her husband both spent a full year as religious seminary students in Jerusalem, but this was Ma’ayan’s very first visit. They rented an apartment in Jerusalem, stayed with friends in Mo’din, visited with cousins in the Galilee, and spent a Shabbat in Efrat with […]

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The Two Tablets

Steve Jobs unveils the Apple iPad tablet. Yesterday delivered a remarkable study in contrasts. Two leaders presented their, um, tablets, to a world audience. Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, introduced the iPad, a sleek, multifunctional tablet. Barack Hussein Obama introduced, well, Barack Hussein Obama. Steve Jobs handed down his tablet to the world press as […]

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Here’s the trailer for Procession, a gem of a short film written and directed by Beth Spitalny. This is a tenderly rendered portrait of love, loss and grief. The film relies on wonderfully observed details and a classic, restrained style. There are no explosions, no special effects, no sex or nudity. Ms. Spitany is a […]

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Jean Simmons, 1929 – 2010

Jean Simmons There are movie stars who who are movie stars because of the longevity of their careers, the high quality of their work, the charisma they project. I recognize the greatness of, say, Bette Davis and Joan Crawford without feeling any particular affection for these actresses. Their craft, their tenacity, and their ability to […]

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I am Israel

H/T Israel Matzav

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Friday Fotos

Designed by Frank Gehry, the Walt Disney Concert Hall is an architectural gem in downtown Los Angeles. The acoustics are wonderful and the hall seats 2, 265. The shiny, undulating surface is stunning. The building looks like a post-modern alien space ship parked regally at 111 South Grand Avenue. Initially, the computer-designed surfaces caused problems […]

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Jewish Supermodel Joins Super Jewish Army

Let’s all salute Private Esti. I have to tell you, this story has all the ingredients for a delightful screwball comedy. She’s young, she’s beautiful, she’s Jewish and she’s in the army. International supermodel Esti Ginzburg has joined the Israel Defense Forces while still juggling a career as a model and actress. There aren’t many […]

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Rebellion in Massachusetts

A week ago, Karen and I sent money to the Scott Brown campaign. Sitting on the sidelines we felt a bit helpless. Maybe, we reasoned, our contribution will help Brown’s noble effort. Or at least make us feel a bit less helpless. But, I cautioned myself, this is Mass., the state that went for McGovern. […]

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Haiti: No One But the Israelis Has Come to Help

The IDF field hospital in Haiti has been set up in the soccer field, which is located close to the airport. I am delighted that CNN—an aggressively anti-Israel network—reported on the Israeli presence in Haiti. In fact, Elizabeth Cohen, CNN’s medical correspondent, visibly shaken, reports that only the Israelis have set up a proper medical […]

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Haiti: A Child Named Israel

The IDF, Israel Defense Forces, are in Haiti with their most excellent rapid response emergency and medical teams. Here, IDF soldiers arrive at the airport. The Oketz Canine Unit searches for survivors, and Israeli soldiers speak with Haitians in the capital of Port Au- Prince. Here’s an IDF team extracting a Haitian from the rubble […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere

Marilyn says, “I don’t know jack abut Jack but I’ll drink to him anyway.” Up and live, Haveil Havalim, The Year of Jack Edition, presented by our leader, Jack.

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Friday Fotos

For today’s edition of Friday Fotos, I had these ambitious plans to explore a new and novel—at least for me—Los Angeles neighborhood. Perhaps Little Tokyo or Koreatown. And there’s an Indian enclave that I’ve been meaning to visit for years. But for the past few days I’ve been looking at my food and it occurred […]

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Joan Crawford: An Obvious Strumpet

Joan Crawford, an obvious strumpet, plays Sadie Thompson, another obvious strumpet, in Rain, 1932. In her fascinating but frequently scathing Hollywood memoir, The Shocking Miss Pilgrim, screenwriter Frederica Sagor Maas recalls a young starlet’s arrival in Hollywood in 1925. Eddie Goulding [prominent director] called me one morning and asked if I would like to join […]

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G-d, Guns, Guts and American Pick-Up Trucks

Embedded video from CNN Video This segment from CNN is a perfect illustration of the enormous gulf that exists between the sophisticates—code for Liberals—in this country, and the ordinary, common sense American citizen—code for Republicans. The issue is, naturally, guns. Or more precisely, the relevance of the Second Amendment, the Right to Bear Arms. On […]

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Obama Nominee: It’s the Fault of the Jews

Terrorism: The War On Terror Erroll Southers, President Obama’s nominee to head the Transportation Security Administration, claimed in 2008 that America is targeted by terrorists because of alliances with countries like Israel and France. Due to connectivity that we have with countries such as Israel, France — countries that are seen by groups, by al […]

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The Last Jews of Yemen

Josh Berer, 24, invites Rachael Strecher, 23, to taste Camel’s milk, a Yemeni delicacy. Seraphic Secret has been writing about the Jews of Yemen for quite a while. An ancient Jewish community, The Jews of Yemen have long been oppressed by their government and their Muslim neighbors. Soon, Yemen, like the rest of the Arab […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere

Ima on and off the Bima presents Haveil Havalim #251. And here’s a great “educational” short from 1937. Screen star Constance Bennett demonstrates her daily beauty routine. Who knew?

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Friday Fotos

“Nice cars.” The downtown gangbanger stares at me through opaque shades. I’m kind of terrified. These Latino guys are big as refrigerators. Nasty prison tats snake up and down their muscled arms. “Um, looks like you guys put a lot of work into your cars.” “Yeah, these our things, man.” “Is it okay for me […]

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The Ten Best Movies (I Screened) in 2009, Part II

Continuing from last week, here’s my list of the Ten Best Classic Hollywood Movies I screened during the past year. I realize that this list seems a bit, er, obscure, maybe even esoteric, but in truth, all these films are hugely entertaining and suitable for most everyone. Here are my top five films. 5. The […]

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